PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the PING G400 MAX DRIVER over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible

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Zach Svec says:

interesting that this is the game improvement driver for a higher handicapper but tony finau has it in the bad on tour

Vegard Lilleås says:

Brilliant reviews as always. Keep it up!

How about reviewing shafts? For different kind of players. Arguably at least as important, if not (way) more, than driver heads.

Malcolm A. says:

Excellent review Rick; the club looks great but sounds like a biscuit box on a stick. That said, I could put up with the sound if it performed well for me.

krusher74 says:

Does anyone thing they should just be releasing heads so you can just buy a new head and put it on your old shaft? (cheaper upgrade)

Marcel Volz says:

Really nice new format, like it a lot!!!!! 🙂

Boolin says:

Rick any chance of an ST 180 Driver review?

David W says:

Great review. As a higher handicapper I am looking forward to hitting this one along with a few others like the Rogue & Epic. Liking the new review format and seeing outdoor experience as well. Thanks Rick!

laurent plas says:

no need to change from M1 440, forgiving enough and easier to manipulate. 460 are too big

The Gromster says:

I wonder how often weekend players actually buy a new driver

Jason Alcock says:

This is super high quality review format Rick. Huge kudos.

My feeling is that average golfers were a little scared by they looks of smaller head G400. Ping may have felt losing sales on that front, and that they needed to respond ASAP to market feel.

halloween Dolbeau says:

Marketing, marketing,marketing, ‘MARKETING’….That’s the name of the game!!!!

Tempo says:

do titleist avx review next

the1big1matt says:

Looks like ping went for the G30 hearing-destroying sound in the max.

Michael Pope says:

Can you do a comparison against the G30 and G400 Max? I say this because there is a lot of us who stay with G30 when the G came out.

Barry Hamilton says:

Rick. Loving the new review style very professional indeed. Keep up the good work sir.

Curtis Polysou says:

Always gotta love when an OEM creates a driver in the name of “having more options”, but if they don’t release them at the same time they aren’t really giving the buyer an option are they?
Good review Rick!

Clay Fleming says:

Any plans to add one of these full reviews to the F8+?

Christopher LaFreniere says:

I love the baseball bat sound.

Bill Cavanaugh says:

Great review! While it’s unlike Ping to bring out different drivers so close together, I’ve never heard you criticize other mfg’s from bringing out driver after driver!!

Jacob Sever says:

Personally, bigger heads (460cc) turn into slice machines for me. I HAVE to play 430cc or below.

John Weston says:

Love the new format of the reviews. Will you still be doing head to head reviews? If so, great if you could keep this format.

Clem Venable says:

Put the G400 through the paces and just couldn’t pull the trigger on the smaller head. Really looking forward to trying the G400 Max, and likely putting it in the bag, when it comes out in a couple of days. Rick, looking forward to some comparison videos with this, specifically vs. the Rogue and M3/M4.

Colin Brown says:

Excellent review, going to test both suspect max might win as hearing is a bit dodgy!!!

John Yandrasits says:

Rick great reviews, Im fairly new to all these vlogs and such so question,Subscribed 266k does that mean more people watch you than MC and are you two friends.

J Bob says:

Follow the dollars and you will get to the truth. Same old story.

Sam Wells says:

Ugliest driver on the market!

Tariq Kamil says:

What if u turn it down a notch in loft? How were ur numbers?

Lucas Wendel says:

Do you plan on reviewing the Callaway X Forged UT iron?

Zak Sliwka says:

your honesty is very refreshing, fantastic stuff again rick.

Jason Gillespie says:

Just having heard that this club isn’t muted like the Standard G400, I know that I wouldn’t change my lineup. I got the G400 largely due to how it sounds. I could hit my old R7 just fine, but it just kept getting louder and louder as I learned to swing faster. I can’t do LOUD anymore.

Loco Benno says:

Reason = 440cc driver suits better than a 460cc. Just my opinion but all my experience with Ping drivers is the smaller the better. I think they were just trying to join the 460 club, nothing more. It’s all maxed re:RAA/PGA so the marketing makes no sense to me. Dig the review though Rick, love your work, cheers.

Rhys Fletcher says:

Why are so many pros going with the MAX?

John Edmonds says:

Couldn’t agree more Rick. I’m a Ping user. G30 line currently.

Happy Duffer says:

Like the review but disagree as to what they should have released. The only mistake I see is releasing the Max period or not making it absolutely biased towards slow swingers. Perhaps I am biased because I have the SFT and honestly I am very happy it is in the more compact head.

Lee c says:

g400 max for me if they got rid of those speed bumps on-top lol, my bro has the g400 he is like a bull dog chewing a wasp

Erich Leopold Golf says:

great looking driver!

Steve Manser says:

so i spend the best part of 400 quid on the g400 a few months ago, now ping bring out the max. WTF

fergytheprop says:

Great review Rick. It would be interesting to see if you added some hot melt in the toe of the head to reduce the going left tendency and may also deaden the sound. A trip to Tour X must be due or possibly a tour van.

jonathan wright says:

They should have released 460cc first… and THEN released the 440cc.


Lance Sedevie says:

Turn down to 8 degrees?

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