PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest NEW PING G400 DRIVER using foresight GCQuad and Tilteist ProV1 golf balls!


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matthew cooper says:

Just bought this club absolutely amazing . Got fitted for the epic bought it hated it .so have swapped to the g400 it is mindblowingly good . Hits long straight and the flight is awesome . The look of the club is stealthy and a thing of beauty . So if anyone is wanting a callaway epic subzero driver let me know .

Julian Roberts says:

Good review as always Rick interesting to see how this didn’t perform any better than the far cheaper Ben Ross driver

Just Golf Swing says:

Always like ur reviews. I don’t know about the looks this time. What do others think?

Todd Wilson says:

please stop saying there is a changing of the guard at Ping.. we get it 🙂

lucas pieruccini says:

I like it a lot feel bad for the people who bought the new black & blue one because this just looks like a better model all around!

Ture Nyman says:

Taylormade R9 460 with a tour spec shaft is still the best driver hands down

larsdan says:

Can you do a comparison between the G400 lstec and the epic subzero.

Kevin Stanley says:

Would love to see you compare the G400 to the Titleist 917 D2 and the LST to the 917 D3.

Timothy Simpson says:

Can’t wait to test this out!

VWRabbit2008 says:

Hey guys, rick shiels here uummmm yup every club I review is brilliant thanks for watching

Stephen Allen says:

Rick, would you mind me asking what level of golfer this is aimed at? I’ve had the Ping I15 driver since launch but allways felt it was a little to hard for me to hit consistantly well. I was thinking investing in the G driver until my club pro hinted at the new 400 range would be coming out in few months, Now not sure to go with the G or give the 400 a look,

alan hunter says:

Think you got just as good if not better results with the Benross drivers you tested last week, makes the cost difference look silly. Guess people are paying for a name only, great test though .

Ben Zielke says:

G400 looks awesome, I think might be worth investment

Ben Zielke says:

one question would you use it during round ?

Rob Potter says:

That is the SEXY driver!

James Flynn says:

What loft?

Brian C says:

Thanks Rick. From  my perspective nothing really new here other than maybe smaller club head.

Travis smith says:

hey rick, been a while since we have seen a long drive competition… maybe an m1/m2 vs jpx900 vs g400 vs epic?

김ᄌ says:

not good

Truman Gregory Sports says:

Y’all subscribe to my channel. I will sub back right away

ThaDoobPlaysGames says:

I love the performance of my Ping G I currently play, but I must say I don’t love the looks of it or the G400. The matte black is nice, but the head of the club is just too busy for me. Not a fan of the copper either.

Zac Hayden says:


ssshawntan says:

Nice review as always. Would be good if you could do a shaft test to demonstrate the effect of a properly fitted shaft on dispersion rates.

Seannie Utah says:

Don’t you think that you should test it with the aldila rogue xstiff to have a better comparison

Bob R says:

Rick great review. Can you have Rob review the G400 line?

Sodthong says:

Dimpling lol

Richard Trevino says:

When is the straight flight video going to come out

Sunday Chombe Olweny says:

Rick the new G400


Hi Rick. How would you compare the Ping tour shaft to the Aldila Rogue and Diamana D+ white?

Joe Perez says:

Pete, according to Golf WRX, the shock shaft in the G400 is the Ping Alta CB (counter-balance). If this shaft is in fact counter-balanced, doesn’t that mean that there is additional weight in the Butt end of the shaft? What will happen if someone wants it custom shortened (I shorten all my drivers to 44″)? Is it even possible to cut through the butt end if there is additional material/thickness there? Stock swingweight with the 45 3/4 inch shaft (absurd!!!) is D1, so if a custom fit goes shorter, will you end up with a swingweight where you can hardly feel the head?

Bob R says:

Where’s Rob’s reviews?

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