NEW PING G DRIVER REVIEW reviewed by PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Studio in Lytham using GC2 and HMT launch monitor to provide you with the best possible information about the NEW PING G DRIVER for 2016


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Antony Gwynne says:

Another quality review Rick!!!

gavlar rowlands says:

Hi Rick what would you say is the best out of all 2016 drivers.

Johnathan Karahalios says:

can we get a G vs G30?

jim bailey says:

Rick I’m from Canada and I huge fan , I think you should change you mid handy capper lol

James Herrera says:

could you review the ping g sf tech

Emory Russell says:

Quick question Rick, whats the purpose of changing degrees by .6 as opposed to .5?

Lee Haverley says:

Was you up last night reviewing these clubs. My thoughts on the look of them I’m not a fan.

chaveznieves says:

first drive, 326 total distance “You’re not going to be hitting the longest shots”

damn I hate you sometimes….except I’m really just jealous.

Blake Shanayda says:

Actually a correction about the car comparison. BMW does add the same numbers, and they’ve always done so. What they change is, (in the case of the 3 series and 5 series) is the E number. The first M3 was the E30, then the E36, then E46, and the same sort of thing for the rest.

nachospole1 says:

I think the vortec works like the tips of large jet wings that have the tips pointing up it stops the wind from going into a vortex and creating drag if you go on youtube there is videos in aero tunnels showing this

Martyngolfer says:

I tested this today first impression great driver, I slice the driver but I could not slice this, and it was not the SF model, going to have another hit then this could be my new driver. Also hit it long for me.

don blem says:

What happens when they release the new G driver next year and I see a website selling the ping G driver – is it the 2015 G driver or the 2016 G driver?

Tom James says:

why didnt you put this in the bag!!!

Reece Mann says:

i series was dropped because consumers thought it was the tour head and they got scared so ping re-branded as the g30 LS because it was seen as a forgiving driver still not a tour head the G LS is the same thing.

Eric Stribrny says:

What shaft are you hitting in this video?
Tour 65 S/X?
Tour 80 S/X?
I plan to pick up this driver and am having a hard time deciding between the two.

Rob Potter says:

I’m impressed there buddy. I know I was giddy about the G30 last year, but it turned out to be a damp squib in testing for me. Hopefully this ain’t.

gordon o'riordan says:

If u hit the centre is that called the G Spot? That always alludes me lol

Mathijs Fieten says:

Mizuno is the first brand with second generation with the same name. JPX-EZ

Cace Smith says:

Wow! I didn’t think Ping could improve upon the G30 but it looks like they’ve done just that. Very interested to see how the LS-Tec driver works out in comparison.

Snowy says:

I still think you should name these when you first ever hit them A Preview or First Look At and the when you do 30 ball test a review 🙂

You haven’t shown any data to review the club from just how it feels a Preview 🙂

Also more along the YouTube side technical of things you name this Preview people will still watch cause there look they want to see what it feel off to start with no one is ever gonna type into the search bar “Club Name” 30 ball golf review in to the search bar its the same with gaming channels and naming vidoes on mine 🙂

No trying to hate just a thought rick 🙂

Gino Mendoza says:

I still use the G2! I have yet to swing anything that is remarkably better. for whatever reason the old G2 is set up perfectly for my swing.

playdrums says:

Fart at 1:03……You’re welcome.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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john felsenthal says:

Switched from a R 15 to the Ping G about 2 months ago because of to much dispersion in my shots. Result was much more consistency with a small loss in distance. Well worth making the change..

Ross Wayne says:

You going to put this in the bag Rick and replace the m1

The Gordeen says:

Big ping fan and still gaming my g15 driver but it’s time to update. Been waiting for this driver with anticipation since the end of the season but not sure if I’d be just as well served with the still awesome and soon to be discounted g30.

Seán Doolan says:

Are you able to set this driver to a draw or a fade like other drivers from other brands such as Callaway and Taylormade?

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