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JarvisBoots1 says:

Just been for a fitting today – and wow! Certainly wouldn’t want to just buy this and be left to work it out for myself – but with some professional advice today, I got to the point where I got consistency, distance and feel. And now Im going to throw the wrench away so Im not tempted to fiddle with the settings!!

Llewellyn Griffith says:

Hi Rick, that club is way too complicated for me

Sam Piper says:

Hi Rick, was hoping you could do a video on tournaments ie how to find ones near you, if you need to pay/prize money, need to be a pro/amateur, need to be a member of the club, and also who can qaulify for the open?! Personally as a layman I would find this all really interesting

Joe G says:

Mizuno aren’t just good for their irons anymore. I bought the 850 and it gave me yards and control. Definitely considering the 900.

Richard Workman says:

I’m. A huge fan of Mizuno clubs, especially the Irons. Can this driver compete with the M2?

VWRabbit2008 says:

Dude relax on the weights crap. First it’s not hard to figure out. Second 3 weights is bull. Hell even 1 weight is bull. Don’t need any of it. More marketing “fine tune”. It’s called loft and shaft. That’s all you need. Plus I saw this in your top 3 pick for 2017. I like your reviews but damn you’re always not in favor of a club, then the next video I see it’s one of your favorite clubs ever. Are you marketing this crap as well? I see it in all your vids actually. The m2 irons you hit unbelievable and the next thing you know you have a completely different irons in your bag (Ben hogan, not even in business anymore)

Dirk M says:

Best looking driver for me…… by far


The Driver does come with a detailed manual for weight redistribution. Great review. I love mine too!

Dínero says:

might sell my m1 for this

Dínero says:

that thing is INCREDIBLE

Jeff Garrett says:

Can replacements be obtained for the weight blocks? If so, where?

gary carter says:

I’ve got this club, brand new still in cellophane wrap… For Sale

Lawrence Williams says:

STRAIGHT? but there’s a prob?

Steve Vegan says:

what the f*ck is that on your face?

Eric says:

Rick, I’m echoing everyone else in the comments but you need to get fitted for this club. You actually hit it straight. Make a switch.

dick gregory says:

hey rick when are you going to test the mizuno st180 i hit it today its pretty nice hit the tensei white x

Marc St-Jean says:

Looks awesome like the fact you were hitting straight.

Rick Shiels Golf says:


Check out the video where I move the weights to improve the performance.

Watch here-

Travis smith says:

rick, i know youve already done reviews on this…but what would the driver do with no weights? think you could test that?

Ken Lightfoot says:

As you say Rick a fantastic looking driver, but very busy on the bottom. I am sure once set up (and left alone) it will perform even better!! It seems to be a straight hitting driver which is what handicap players want.

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Way too much going on for my taste. Great looking driver but I would never, and I mean never, buy one.

tigerbalm says:

CLub for low handis! The piece sticking under should be flush! The only issue I has is that Miz drivers are much more expensive than all other brands and rarely on sale while others are 1/2 the cost after 6 months.

Brian Stratton says:

Should have put it in your bag!!! So Straight!!!

Don McKnight says:

By far the best looking driver out there and when I hit it it was abut 5 yards shorter than the Calloway Epic Subzero but way more straight. This is a great club for mid handicappers

Mitchell Simonet says:

I don’t understand how it is confusing at all.

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