PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels reviews the LATEST COBRA F8+ DRIVER using GCQuad and Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls!

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Joe Dubiel says:

I like the review RIck. Looks like Cobra has another winner. 🙂 Spider Dubiel said that.

Tony Broad head says:

Rick you had better numbers with 2016 m1

Mitchell Thurner says:

Cobra Fate (F8)

John Lawson says:

Club Manufacturers really have, “Maxed out” as far as distances are concerned. The Bio Cell from 2014 does the same as this one with the added benefit of it actually looking like a Cobra Driver.

Stephen DiBari says:

Great review…

Frank Wren says:

Put it the bag Rick, your numbers are amazing. Keep up the amazing video’s.

Greg Williams says:

So there is great performance from higher center hits, as a pro, can’t you always aim to hit it out this area and accept the slightly less performance from lower hits? Surely it’s only like knowing the sweet spot is in the middle and you play to hit it? Also, wouldn’t hitting slightly more level vs 5 degrees up calm down the strong draw a little?

Nick P229 says:

Bag that baby!

Toon Linkie says:

Really excited to see the irons… Might be looking for a space in my bag haha

Mike Rodrigues says:


atomant830 says:

Good review Mr Shiels. I wonder if that milled face makes it easier to shape shots. You should hit some purposeful fades and draws with it.

Mesa Whitehurst says:

Great stuff! That driver looks awesome…

MN snow says:

3:22 That’s one hairy Prov-1!!!! lol

Victor Daniel Traverso says:

Better numbers whit the normal F8 460c. Another same distance driver

Todd Rozens says:

Maybe move the weights for a couple more shots on both models.

Jordan says:

pxg with tour ad stays in bag 110%

RequiemDead says:

I think you should game it!

Yovin Jaimangal says:

I would love to see a comparison between this driver and the Callaway Epic Sub Zero.

Ben Randall says:


Maximiliano Castellanos says:

Hey rick when are you gonna review that Mizuno st180

Johan Linnebjerg Christensen says:

Get it in the bag, Rick!

George Panoussis says:

How about damage to the golf Ball ?

Andy V says:

Rick please when testing new drivers can you hit a few with current driver so we get good feel of how they compare and go

Josh G says:

Rick you hit the F8 better then the F8 plus.

Kevin Arnold says:

Cobra stepped their game up. The looks are amazing.

Jadon Block says:

do a review on the m2 lift please!!!

scott yule says:

Looks like a Autobot,to much going on for me I’m afraid.

Maxime Lapierre says:


Jo Leonard says:


Art Ford says:

Bag it!

Justin Markillie says:

That puppy should go in the bag! Those spin numbers are great even on lower struck shots. Great video, Rick!

Andy V says:

Your hitting ball very straight even if low on head went 20 short

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Cobra effay plus

Hishaam Bompoint says:

It’s incredible how far we’ve (or the golf industry) have come in terms of club sophistication. These clubs are basically magical whereas if you took a look at maybe Player’s, Palmer’s or Hogan’s set of clubs, they were basically branches off a tree and nothing more. Great review rick BTW. Who knows. Maybe the Cobra F8 series might have its top place in your 2018 bets drivers review!!!! Keep it up

Zachary Milos says:

Rick, I’ll say it again but you need to understand gear effect. All drivers will drop off in spin when hit slightly high on the face, and will ramp up when struck low. Stop misleading consumers who trust you and don’t know any better.

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Nice looking club, but the stats are identical to the 2014 Bio Cell Driver. Your reviews. Found one for $56. I am just amazed how little improvement there has been over the years. I bet the new Cobra driver sells for over $500. Doesn’t the golf association control how hot a driver can be off the face?

Joseph Aponte says:

Put it in the bag

Jimmy Huynh says:

Wow lots going on with the F8+. Informative video as always Rick, best driver reviews on the planet.

Dubbytheman says:

is this going in the bag rick??

Harry Flower Golf says:

Definitely prefer the smaller head

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