Rick Shiels tests the NEW COBRA F7+ DRIVER REVIEW at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software

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gunnergolfer22 says:

Cobra drivers have the lowest CG. So the top and bottom think you keep talking about is nonsense. Please do a test with HMT against another driver

Lloyd Young says:

Would that tracking system even work if your other clubs did not have same tech in handle?

Mike Oxley says:

Sorry Rick but if you’re supposedly good enough to hit the top part of the club face intensionally then you should be good enough to miss the bottom part of the club face as well. A poor swing is a poor swing so don’t blame the club. ALL drivers suffer significant distance loss when struck low on the face.

gustustus says:

Do a test removing the draw weight completely to see if it creates easier fade..?

Kristian Oakes says:

Is the driver fade bias standard? I would imagine that would be the case as the weight i the heel as an option is more likely to go to neutral as with other pro models. By the way the word you were looking for was Volume, not maths.

Dave Fogel says:

Might be my new driver to replace my Amp cell Pro

RobCat says:

haha Rick you must be getting old! ur ballspeed is down quite a bit from last year! lol

Jae Yup Chung says:

hey rick do you mind testing it with more loft? ur launch seems a bit low for optimal distance

Matt Parsons says:

Arccos is fantastic. Only couple of issues are that you need to keep your phone on you (which if you are typically on call, that shouldn’t be a problem), and I don’t think you care technically allowed to use it during competitive play.

Quick addition: The User Interface on the Arccos via the Web and app are really slick. It adds a fantastic dimension to the game. Example: I had always thought of myself missing targets right. As it turns out, I tend to miss left. I’ve been adjusting my target line and made drastic improvements on the course.

Arccos is also coming out with a new version of their hardware, so if you are looking to purchase, you may want to hold out on that.

Raymond M says:

Rick seems to have a comprehension issue with where he is actually striking the ball. If you watch the video of him with the Cobra rep trying out the King LTD, he has to be corrected constantly about where he is actually hitting the ball. Rick thinks these need to be hit high on the face. No Rick, they need to be hit in the center. You’re catching them low and blaming the club. You need to understand that the weight back position in most clubs is better suited for your miss as well. Loft down with the weight back is where you should be. It seems you have some fascination with weight forward positions favoring better players. That certainly doesn’t explain why most Ping staffers use the regular G driver or does it? They hit the center more often than not. They’re not looking for club head adjustments to lower spin. I love your reviews, but you need to stop getting locked in on these ridiculous conclusions. Maybe you should have someone set up drivers different ways and have the hand them to you without you knowing. It’ll take your preconceived notions completely out of the mix.

Michael Ackerman says:

I play the f6 and would love to see a comparison.

Austin Bush says:

Does this F7 Plus driver have a fade feature on the loft? I know the F6 plus pro does. I just watched that review on your channel. If so could you remove the weight on the draw setting and put the loft in the fade setting?

Clay Fleming says:

Based on your last couple of driver reviews something seems off. Not sure if your swing changes are reducing club head speed or some other factor. I would love to see the M1 vs 917 D3 vs F7+ in a comparison.

George Adey says:

Rick why is it strange, you want to hit slightly above the equator of the club! Hitting more out of the bottom increases spin and lower smash factor so of course its not going to go far. Not because its a cobra club!

Chris S says:

Anyone tested the technology in the grip for shot tracking? Does it work well?

dick gregory says:

COULD YOU COMPARE THE F7+ WITH F6+ i think you bombed the f6+ not so much with the f7+

Daniel Schiavello says:

Hey Rick, will you be testing the Mizuno JPX900 Driver? It is the best driver I have ever used!

Mike B says:

Why is it, even with low spin rates of 2200, you are only getting a dozen or so yards of run out? I watch the pros on TV like everyone else, and consistently see these bounding balls running down the fairway 20,30,40 yards off the tee. Yes, I realize they hit the ball with more speed than the average weekend duffer, but I have 110 mph club head speed, 150 mph ball speed. and only get 10-15 yards of roll. Do I need lower loft (from 10.5) or a stiffer tipped shaft?

Rob Pittaway says:

Rick, your and my idea of “no distrance at all” are very different haha 260 yards!!

Larry Corum says:

My guess is the F8 will have the 4th weight.

Italy Vibe says:

i like the f6+ miles better

Cielo says:

But what if you are standing next to your buddy as he plays his second shot before you. The distance sensor will think he is you.

Joey Morris says:

lets see the new Mizuno driver! you’re killing me bro!

Anthony Pasture says:

can you do the new mizuno driver pls

Lee Scowen says:

hi Rick i have just watched your review of the bio cell plus which i currenty play and you seem to get the same numbers with the bio cell plus over the new cobra drivers whats your toughts seems to me the new driver is no better than a 2014 model i play the biocell plus and cannot find a driver to match it

Ken Attaway says:

Seems to me, all the stats for these modern clubs detracts from the game of golf…if a new game is being developed, count me out…I prefer the old way…

Gareth Lockhart says:

Could you review f7 ti??

Andeeh says:

I love the heads that Cobra makes, I hate the loft sleeve. 8.5 Launch is a MUST for me

Michael Ackerman says:

Ricky Fowler was using this driver today at the Honda Classic.

Ove Berthling says:

is the draw-setting about the same as Ping sft ?

Mark Scott says:

Losing 30 yards on a poor strike is commonplace particularly if you’ve hit it as poor as you said. Dreadful strike = dreadful distance. That’s my experience of all drivers

Kris Benson says:

Won’t see that rubbish in anyone’s bag

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