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Stephen Wartman says:

you should do a video with Titleist irons vs. Taylor made irons I don’t know which ones I want and it is assured to get good views

Karen Slack says:

Would be interesting to do a comparison between the launcher hb and the cobra f max drivers

Slushpuppie55 says:

I have actually just ceased using my old set of Cleveland Launcher Irons (still in pretty good condition really)….but am now fitted with a set of Srixon Z565’s…and absolutely love the looks and feel of the Srixons…of course my wedges are Cleveland RTX’s too.

Lukas Richter says:

At my club there are these plastic balls we hit into the trees between hole 1 and 2. They are so damn loud with my normal driver + this driver is ear ringing!

stuart gogay says:

Rick what about a head to head with the cleveland and the M2 driver

Sheep Sheep says:

I had one of the first Cleveland launcher when I was 16, it was awesome and the sound certainly made a statement on the course.

Hrafn Vanr says:

I love loud contact sounds. Instantly gives me positive feedback when I strike the ball true

Robert Hamilton says:

Are lighter head drivers more prone to helping a draw ?
I hit pretty straight but noticed a cobra and this Cleveland felt much lighter in the head than my stock M2.
Ideas ? (Would like the head to come round a tiny bit more at impact ).
I’m 5’6″ with 240/250m drive average ).

Small Town Golf Academy says:

Would you agree the shaft being a little light for your swing would increase clubhead speed a touch anyway? I think the description of the club is spot on, and I’m happy to see a “High M.O.I.” driver that comes in a lower loft again, but I think with an X shaft Rick might see a slightly larger drop in distance but a better dispersion.

Steve Smith says:

Do you ever nix a product? At least for the average amature with a swing speed between 80 and 90..

We Plants Are Happy Plants says:

I’m so pumped for the CBX irons! please test them!

D Brown says:

What i dont get is on the monitor his worst shots are 14 yards off center, yet on course vlogs he (although not every time) occasionally will send a few 40 yards right

Tartan says:

I had TaylorMade Aeroburner that was loud as hell and it drove me mad. When Iused it in the covered bays at the driving range, I’m pretty sure it drove everyone else mad as well. Big put-off for me.

InQ Affl3ction says:

do a review over some long drive drivers

Eric Briggs says:

the sound is coming from his 114mph swing speed. This driver should be great for most recreational golfers. Im gonna go out and give it a swing.

Martin Dawson says:

Lol Cleveland Luncher! Apt description on the data screen…

Aspect says:

Oh another expensive driver that goes the same distance as every other driver, wow i should really invest in that club, im sure that will make the whole difference


Another great review Rick, can you try and get hold of a Krank Formula 7 to review .

Mud Max Metal Detecting says:

Some golfers are going to love that sound, depends on what you think equates to power maybe?  Pleased to see Cleveland are making more clubs again, they are good at clubs, better than many realise in my opinion.  I bag the Cleveland Launcher driver and 3 wood, the later models, and I love them.

Scott Dreyfus says:

They made this set because the srixon 355 line didn’t sell well. The new srixon drivers are fantastic.

Ben M says:

I think im gonna have to get some lessons off you mate

BrettWrightMedia says:

Hey Rick! Love the videos! I was wondering when you were going to put out the Taylormade Drivers video?

Singh Woodnott says:

Is it just me or does this seem bias??

Robert King says:

My son used Cleveland launchers and had a -2 handicap

Luis Ramirez says:

Yes Rick this is a different Cleveland. They seem to be launching the GI side of the golf spectrum, keeping Srixon for the better player. I love this company I’ve played with their irons for many years. Great products, no nonsense.

Zach Laing says:

Lmao this man struggles to drive over 300 yards, meanwhile there are kids in highschool driving 350+

paul mallon says:

rick what do you think about the new taylormade irons

Steven Mondazzi says:

Hit this driver at a local demo day – first thing I noticed was how loud it was as well, produced a loud ting sound. It hit okay but still prefer my Cobra F6 with the loft adjustability. Tried the 3 wood too and did like that club, wasn’t as loud and launched well from the turf. Reminded me of the new Callaway XR 3 wood. Think I’ll pass though on these clubs.

Josh Richardson says:

I honestly love a loud driver! I used to hit the Nike SQ Machspeed and it was really loud. Recently played golf with my brother in law (who has my old Nike driver) and I miss my loud driver lol

Michael Pasvantis says:

Love it. I still game a HiBore Xl and it is super loud!

Nate Ross says:

XXIO is in the same family. Talk about them.

Joe Dubiel says:

I don’t like this driver. Something is not quite right. Goes way too high for a 9.0 driver. I think there are better drivers available.

Ramel Eskelson says:

Did anyone notice on the top right that he put luncher

Jeff Brennan says:

Rick…you’ve put on a few lbs buddy…time to get back in the gym!  🙂

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