PGA GOLF PRO RICK SHIELS sees and hits the latest Callaway Rogue Driver and the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver for the very first time. Full review will come in 2-3 weeks time

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InsaneGolfer2002 says:

do you think the hourglass shape of the jailbreak helped the moi or dispurtion rate at all?

Golfer says:

Surely when you hit it so poorly it’s a bit pointless ?

Aaron___ says:

What about the DRAW version will u test it to rick ?

Mauricio Orozco says:

Big Rick fan, but also think the video is super rushed, and even breathing hard and talking fast. Not much use to see the ball being hit in a rush and specially with no data. Still a fan, bit slow it down and show some numbers

Andrew Rivera says:

Rick, I am really hoping you put up a Rogue vs M2 video soon. I have been saving up for the new M2 driver as I have the fairway wood and hybrid and love them; but this Rogue driver is having me look the other way. I have been leaning towards Callaway for my preferred ball choice and I have the Mack Daddy Forged Wedges and love both. So I am definitely mixed between the two and hoping the video could help answer questions

bartolongsleeve says:

Will be sticking to my callaway xr 16 driver, this driver looks and sounds cheap , I suppose if I ever need a new driver I could swap my xr 16 head for an epic one , love callaway shafts,

Ken Howard says:

Hey Rick. Would like to see if the Jailbreak Tech makes a significant difference in the fairway woods, from last years models. Let us know. 🙂

J Crb8 says:

Best looking driver of 2018 imo

Dustin Zhu says:

I hit those couple weeks ago really really solid clubs

Kyle t says:

why 12 driver models in under 2 years

Danny H says:

I’m looking to buy a new epic or rogue driver. Any way you can do a head to head video?

Jacob Weigand says:

Actually starting to really like the driver but I thought the hybrid was ugly

Steven Vaughan says:

Is the sub zero a better club than the m3 and m4?

Robert Salazar says:

Thanks for the review no need to to change my epic for it just yet. ill wait two weeks for your next review.

Emil Olson says:

I think it looks like a womens driver.

Kevin R says:

Does it matter what loft you get depending on your swing? Or is it personal preference?

Ian Nicol says:

Hey, you going to test the draw one as well please. Thanks.

Becki O'Grady says:

My question is. What is the ball spin rate compared to the Epic. When I tested the Epic against my XR driver the spin rate was very high resulting in me losing distance. Interested to know as my XR is 4 years old and want to upgrade. Thanks Becki

darryl richardson says:

Rick will you be changing drivers to match your outfits in your forthcoming vlogs.

Captain Matt says:

Would love to see a comparison of the weight settings during full review. Like weight forward spin and dispersion v. weight back spin and dispersion numbers. And which you’d use if you had to play it for money

Alex Betts says:

Golfers aren’t supposed to move the weight if I do my job as a fitter.

MarioValdesE says:

Your the go to Rick, but, I liked the previous testing type videos better, just my 2 cents.

Ted Waga says:


You were the first golf Youtuber I watched and you are still my #1 but I have to agree with many others that I prefer your old way of reviewing clubs. And PLEASE do the head to head videos again.

j walker says:

Wow rick need to do some cardio out of breath hitting a few shots !!

Darren Cossey says:

How can these companies justify the retail prices they sell for. £480 for ordinary club player and working class man is ridiculous.
They all seem to come out at about the same price whether its a Taylormade, Titleist or Callaway. guess there all in Cahoots with each other… one seems to be hitting it further or straighter than 10 years ago. Pro’s are fitter and stronger now.

Sean Uryu says:

Spin numbers from epic sz vs rogue sz

Waqar Ghulam says:

Since Sergio has moved to Callaway, I am going to get one,

Michael VLOGS says:

Think you’ll find same distance as Epic with more Rogue forgiveness

wilelorf1 says:

Can you have your mid handicap or another that typically hits a slice hit the draw one vs their normal club to see the difference. Also can you hit them vs their epic counterparts and compare the 2 types from Calloway. Both standard and sub zero compare epic vs rogue?

danny turpin says:

Quality over quantity Rick

Finley Cairns says:

Rick what camera do you use??

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