PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the CALLAWAY ROGUE DRIVER over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible

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Derek Campbell says:

How about a comparison Rogue V G400 Max?

Colby G says:

What club/clubs were you using to get your average data that you’re comparing the Rogue to?

jerrygenex says:

The only reason I don’t like Callaway driver is there is no open/fade/right setting on this sleeve.

Nicholas Spor says:

So much better than your previous reviews. Data and usage to provide an honest opinion, i dig it.

David Forde says:

Very interesting.I’ll keep my Fusion and XR

Kenneth Prince says:

Wow really like the complete data you are showing!! Outstanding job.

Mark Scott says:

A left bias. Who’d have thought it.

Bryan Bros Golf says:

Boom!! Here were my findings between epic and rogue. So the rogues misses went a little further and a little straighter. The epics misses had a tendency to be way more offline where the rougues misses are all playable!

Charles henry Smith says:

Great review Rick! I still prefer the old review format but that’s just me.

Matty Smith says:

Really liking these new reviews. Very detailed and honest. As for the driver, it would be perfect for my slicey drives!

T.J. Hodnett says:

Rick…. I’m curious how you felt about the Evenflow Blue shaft you were swinging? I like you use the Aldila Rogue shaft in my driver, but I’m intrigued by the Evenflow shaft. Please let me know if you can find 2 minutes to respond. Thank you!!

Anders Pedersen says:

As it beeing drawbased and forgiving… How does it compare to the Ping G400 Max? As a “recovering slicer anonymous” iam soooo hot on the Max (Albert beeing a Titleist fan) but now this peaks my interested too… Yeah yeah, i know “go get fitted”, but I have a 2 hour drive to the nearest fittingcenter from where i live

Donald Mock says:

I think what they are trying to do is align the Epic with M1/M3 adjustable weights and Rogue with M2/M4 no adjustable weights at the same time increase profit on Rogue by not selling it for less compared to M2/M4. I enjoy the new review format.

Dan Johnson says:

ROFL @ the slash grapgic and sound!! Well done.

Adam Stubbs says:

Another great review Rick, keep ’em coming. And another £500 driver that doesn’t really improve on anything.

stacyalancorbin says:

Another great review Rick! Thanks for your time and effort to answer our questions! I’ll hang on to my Epic for a lil bit longer now.

The Rookie Mistake says:

Looks like the sub zero would be bang on! I’m curious which driver will make the bag this year. Any idea Rick Shiels Golf?

David Maclean says:


The new format reviews are great.

For the clubs aimed at the average player like the standard rogue, are you still going to do mid-handicap reviews? To see if it makes a bigger difference in distance and forgiveness with a slower / less consistent swing.

RogersAthletics says:

brilliant review and talking about workability and feel and on course stuff than just number but number still important but fantastic review. honest and covered all points. wont be buying thou as the 2017 m1 driver is awesome lol. hopefully in summer youl have lots course vlogs too when snow goes. keep it up.

BUNCHofxs says:

If there is a limit to how “Good” a club can be, (At least for tournament use) why do they always seem to get better and better? Why haven’t manufacturers hit the limit wall yet? If the speed limit on a highway is 55, why take 100 years to accelerate to that speed?

Jacob Weigand says:

Any chance that you could do this format with the G400 as well even though it came out a while ago?

Fats and Thins Golf says:

Fantastic review Rick, thanks! If only I had a spare £429 lying around…



Bandit Baker says:

Thanks for an excellent review Rick, very thorough and authoritative, your point about stripping tech out yet maintaining a HIGH price is extremely valid . As a life long fader this and its Draw biased cousin may well be worth trying out, but not till next year when the price has dropped because Callaway have brought out the NEW GBB EPIC ROGUE EVOLUTION!!!!!!

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