Check out PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels review of the brand new NEW CALLAWAY GBB EPIC SUB ZERO DRIVER, using ProV1 and Gc2 and HMT launch monitor.

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Robert Johnsen says:

I see a lot of comments asking about the Callaway Sub Zero vs the 2016 M1. I may be a able to shed some light. I’ve worked as a club fitter for 5 years and haven’t seen a driver this good in that time. I have tried it myself and have had 8 different people on flightscope and the ball flight and numbers are great. The 2016 M1 and Epic SZ was tested with one customer that had a 112 swing speed, the Epic was 3 – 4 mph faster ball speeds. The spin rate with the M1 was around 2900 and Epic was around 2200. The only thing that was close was the 2017 M1 with the HZDUS Yellow in an X-Stiff, but the Epic SZ actually had a better shot dispersion and misses were way more forgiving. On the Epic we were using a Rogue Max 75 X with a 9 loft cranked up to a 10. For someone with a higher swing speed this is an amazing driver.

Anthony DeLuca says:

epic irons review, when… I can’t take it.

nashdaddy75 says:

Just curious if you could tell us what shaft you are using

brian scrip says:

There is an explanation for the difference in distance for the two drivers.  When making a driver head the manufacturer has a choice of making the rebound effect help a high swing speed or lower swing speed.  The sub Zero head is made for the higher swing speeds  that he puts on the ball.  I would be interest in seeing the test at a 100 mile swing speed.  I would bet we would see the reverse.   That is why the major club manufactures make “tour van driver heads”.  These are only available directly from the manufacturers VAN.  Those are for tour level swing speeds and in the right hands would travel much further than the GBB

Bob Houle says:

I’ve had mine for 3 weeks and I couldn’t agree more. It just feels (and works) terrific!

Brian Stratton says:

Sir, good luck with everything you do this year!!!

Jon B says:

from under armour to Nike apparel eh?

Sten torian says:

THANKS FROM THE USA!  Rick, because of your reviews I bought August of 2016 the M2 (I had metal face failure with my 910D).  I love it and can’t imagine why they would mess with a good thing.  COULD YOU COMPARE the 2016 M2 with the two new Epics Please?

Preston Walford says:

Rick, I am a +2 handicap looking for a new driver. My clubhead speed is right at 110, and I tend to struggle with getting the spin rate optimum. I tend to spin almost every driver between 2500-2800 even with an x-stiff shaft. Currently gaming a Titleist 915 D3 with a Graphite Design Tour AD BB shaft. I am usually a Titleist loyalist, but am open to trying something different in 2017. What drivers and shafts would you recommend testing? Do you think I could get the 917 D3 dialed in to getting it spinning around or just under 2000rpms?


Matt Bailey says:

I think it looks stunning. Going to hit one at the weekend & if I like it I’ll buy it.

Max Benzian says:

what is the exact shaft model you use

Juan Escobar says:

Which one of the two clubs is more suited for the higher handicapper?

Clinton Worden says:

Rick I have a huge tendency to hit this driver with a fade as I usually draw the ball is the face slightly open as bought the fairway woods driver has been fitted for me and I’m unsure about driver went to a Callaway fitting day Sub Zero was my fit but unsure can I get your thoughts please Cheers Clint

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks for watching. If you liked the video hit they thumbs up button. Plus don’t forget to subscribe for free!


just sunny says:

Jail break technology? Omg! Wtf is this lol. Callaway so desperate I guess they want some younger frat boys decked in their gear.

Mark Williams says:

Interesting watching this again now (in Jan’18) given that Rogue has come out..and Rick has had his first few hits with Rogue SZ.

Golf Bandits says:

JUST WONDERING if you could give my channel a shout out, only just started and would like to progress over the years on YouTube

Dínero says:


Schrades09 says:

Foresight software right?

Bug Davis says:

check out ” HMiller Golf ” he is a great YouTuber who just started and could really use the support. he is also doing a $500 giveaway

Max Sonnenberg says:

Ric, you should make a vs with the 917

skip campbell says:

your videos have helped me so much !thank you!

Kevin Cass says:

This club is EPIC! 🙂

Kayang Ong says:

long drive challenge up against the m1 would be interesting hehe

Kwame Browner says:

Rick what’s your honest thoughts on whether I would be upgrading at the driver switching from Titleist Driver 917 to the GBB EPIC Sub-0? Thanks Rick!

Jacobel X says:

Looks basically an R15 Rev.2 to me. Most of the weight in front near the face with two reinforcement elements. That is exactly how far apart (slightly off of “N” towards the toe) I positioned them on my R15 430. The difference is that those two elements extend all the way to the top across the face, which R15 was lacking – any contacts above the sweet spot feels very weak and goes nowhere. No surprises for me if the next TMaG drivers come out with something on the top of the crown towards the face… LOL

tony roc says:

Hey Rick, Can you do the GGB epic sub zero long drive vs old M2?

Brian John says:

its not the wond its the wizard

MARTIN says:

Haha rick you are funny! every driver you have tested last few years you always say Wow…And you hit them all the same distance…they’re all the same in the end,,,i watch this vid then look back at a vid 3 years ago and you say the same thing! wow wow wow,,,and hit them all the same distance…..nothings new is it

TJ Shine says:

Those are some EPIC drives (hence the names) 🙂

mratajczak81 says:

I love the videos. Each Winter/Spring it has become a new tradition to watch your reviews of all the new stuff.

What would be the chances of you comparing these new models to some of their counterparts from last year. I am interested to see how they perform. I really like the M2 from last year for it’s forgiveness and would love to see how it stacks up against the Epic SZ that Callaway is claiming has an insane amount of MOI.

Stephen DiBari says:

Love this review, really looking forward to getting fit for this driver !!  Thanks Rick for posting !!

Derek Messer says:

What length was this driver? Stock 46ish?

Scott Dreyfus says:

Loved the feel but it was long and wrong. M10 was a few yards shorter but for me was much straighter.

Goodspeed says:

If people could use a club called “Rocketballz” you can use a club called “Epic”…

Harwinder Bains says:

Hi Rick
Can you review Wilson clubs

Carl-Johan Svensson says:

Give us a Longest drive with the Epic Sub Zero with heavy weight forward !! 🙂

Mark Goodswen says:

It does look the easier model the standard epic looks more beautiful both look great sound good


Name doesn’t bother me, used to it already

Brandon Butler says:

I want to see u test the new Wilson driver

Bryan Thompson says:

I hit the epic my club head speed was 114 my current driver between 95 and 100. Also on the epic spin rate was 1800 to 2000. Mine is 2400 to 2600. I play with the Xr driver. I gained 20 to 25 yards with the epic. I am a 15 handicap. Fell in love with the epic not in love with the price.

jay banbury says:

If your going to review a driver than has movable weights then surely we need to see what effect moving those weights has.

GWHAWK87 says:

Rick, you should get a decal for the side of your desk, that white space would look much better with a massive logo from one of your fav brands #evensellthespace. Love your videos, they have literally changed my game and made me love golf again.

dmsmiedt says:

Rick – when are you going to do a XR16 Sub Zero vs Epic Sub Zero>>

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