Check out PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels review of the brand new Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver, using ProV1 and Gc2 and HMT launch monitor.

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wongeun Jang says:

That is “THE” most straight driver I’ve seen you hit!!

Michael Thornton says:

if your not low single figure handicap or scratch and dont generally hit driver in the middle regular this Epic Driver wont make the slightest difference to your distance a waste of money

Bruce Chiu says:

The big swoosh on your cap looks really odd!


What can an average golfer expect from this club!  Great video!  I would love to try it1  Give the commenters a FREE giveaway for testing and surveying!

Josh Schoen says:

I think it’s hilarious how everyone in Europe can’t seem to handle the name “epic”. Why do you give a shit? Endless schoolboy giggles anytime they say the name out loud.

Daniel Mosias says:

Rick I’ve also seen your reviews on the the Ping G and the Taylormade M2 drivers and IMO there is no way that this club is worth over £450. In fact you hit the other 2 drivers further than this one and just as straight. I wonder what the next gimmick will be to help rid us poor golfers of our money!!!

Joe Dubiel says:

Still liking the Ping G much better. 🙂

Michael Parsons says:

Sorry Rick, but you gotta go back to Under Armour, those Nike shoes look hideous.

Nich Byers says:

I hit the new M Family and cobra and Callaway was the best for me loved the Epic over the Sub Zero got fitted just waiting on it to come in.

oviemstr822 says:

For any baseball guys it sounds like this is a BBCOR vs a BESR

Alan Bonner says:

Jailbreak? wtf? Phil Lynott once sang about a jailbreak ” tonight there’s going to be a jailbreak, somewhere in this town….” Somewhere in this town?? try the freakin jail mate!

ge10good says:

marc leishman likes it a lot this week. 1.5 million likes from him

Pro Zone says:

Thanks for the reviews Rick. Can you ask Callaway why they don’t disclose the GC location of each driver. I have found the regular Epic to be very draw bias, and the Epic SZ a tad hooky ‘for me’. I feel they are marketing to the wider market of OTT players. Why do we find this out after we buy it?. I feel like I have a GC battle going on with the weight (or lead tape) toe side…yet the ball wants to go left. Its a slight hold off swing. Please include GC locations in your testing, this will help us understand side spin data. Thankyou

Eric says:

I know what I will be trading my krank for!

MissyLaMotte says:

Whoa … just that we are older does not make us uncool. Of course I would play a driver that is called “epic”. To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass what the thing is called, as long as it works, but I kinda like the name “epic” …

Douglas Brown says:

Loving the new nike air max, rick.

R Owens says:

Ready to see the Epic iron and hybrid reviews.

Follyfour says:

Hi Rick a little off topic but when you was at Trafford range how far would it have been to drive a ball out of the far end of the range.The reason I ask is last week me and my Mrs were in the car park at the Chill factor and someone was hitting balls on to car park from the range, with range balls too and all carry distance.

Charlie Stammers says:

This is a great driver, better than my M2 2016… longer, straighter and more consistent.

tnoons91 says:

I have this in my bag, and I love it. Not the sub zero though, need the weight to reduce my slice lol

James Flynn says:

What loft?

Garyth Bridgeman says:

Going through a mid life crisis Rick? Beard, ditched the classic underarmour, picked up some new age air max 90’s, Nike flat bill! What’s going on!?

Julio Lopez says:

Great Review. Callaway stopped by my local shop to have some of the regulars stop by to test out the Epic. I agree with just about everything in the review: the build of the club has a different feel when driving. I dont think i felt a hard hit upon contact, but there is definitely a different feel. It just feels more solid that gives you an indication of a good center hit. The club itself is light and looks great (the green definitely stands out). The adjustment weight made a difference for those who may want a loft or draw on a certain drive or for those (like some at the shop) who needed a little extra help in straightening out their shot. I would definitely recommend for a more experienced golfer who has some experience with adjustable heads who could use a little more forgiveness. Last but not least, this ball launches. Just on a slower swing, i saw a difference. When i really took a whack at it, it was easily launching 250, but couldn’t give you an exact number.

MrStianw says:

Wow! haven’t seen your videos for a while, and I must say that the I like the changes you have done with your swing. seems like the lessons with Dan has worked out for you 🙂
(lovely ballflight btw).


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