PGA Golf Pro and YouTube Club Reviewer Rick Shiels tests the latest TaylorMade M2 Driver for 2017 using GC2 and HMT

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Kalin Cuyo says:

Lets see another old vs new…. R1 vs M2…. Your swing speed increased since you did the R1 review….. interested in seeing how far the technology progressed over the past 4 years

Tiebreak says:

@Rick, colour of the year 2017 not a coincidence 🙂

Mike Bond says:

When are you going to do the 16 M2 vs 17 M2 ?

Dínero says:


Champion Highlights says:

Nike stopped making golf products and Rory and Tiger switched to Taylormade

Troy Kachor says:

Hey Rick, What kind of mat do you guys use there that accepts tee’s like that?

Crutche says:

Just purchased this for €275 today brand new and gained 15-20 yards. I had the 2016 m2 previously so it works different for everyone

Christopher Coady says:

Looks and sounds? Who fucking cares.

Mika Mesterton says:

What about if you hit this M2 without the weight in back;)

Conner Meehan says:

Please do a 2017 m1 and m2 iron review!!!

Milton Taylor says:

Rick… can you please to a M2 2016 /M2 2017 comparison please?

Kevin Merenger says:

RICK : aren’t you teeing up the ball too high on Driver swing ? more than half the ball is over the clubhead are you moving a bit high at impact during the downswing or ??? seem hard to me you can hit the sweetspot on this all the time

Mikha B says:

the colot that he was comparing to that. didn’t want to say is the the Nike vapor. and yes a coincidence, Taylor made has no motive to copy Nike taylormade is a bigger better name in golf clubs

Backyard Brothers says:

“Let’s not talk, let’s hit.” -after 3 minutes of talking

Ibrahim Muhammad says:

I really like the color scheme. Switched to a new m2, will probably do the same with woods.

Nick Farmer says:

Can’t wait for the M2 2016 vs M2 2017 Rick 😉

Peter Noles48 says:

(Cough) (cough) nike (cough)

Michel Kohler says:

When can i buy it

Robert King says:

You never talk about swing weight. I have a 2016 M2 driver and I have been changing the weight in the back of the club, from DO to D3. Both weights feel OK, have not been able to put both on a monitor so I am not sure if these weights affect the spin and/or other parameters of my ball flight. Have you ever tested the same driver with different swing weights? Do you have any observations about this? I think my game is closer to Rob’s (swing speed wise).

Tyler Smith says:

Would it be worth upgrading from a Taylormade Burner to this?

dean house says:

willing to bet now..the 2016 m2 wins!

SynZ says:

I have this driver and I absolutely love it. Its added over 35 yards to my drive plus it stays much straighter than my old Callaway. On a side note the sound of impact is definitely a head turner when im at the range. Ive actually had people stop their session to watch me swing and hit with my M2. Great Driver!

Ivan Torres says:

Funny, I love the new M2 better than the 16′ and I love the lime color. Also for me, I did not like the sound on M1 (which is kind of the same experience I got from GBB Epic). So I really like what they did with M2 this year.

nicoclause says:

is your chair by the door made by nike lol. good vid rick

Andrew Brook says:

Who cares how far your hitting it, you need to test clubs you can hit the golf course with

Craig Owen says:

Hi Rick, have you done the comparison with the 2016 M2 driver yet? thanks

Patrick Schenner says:

Rick, you kinda hammer the M2 but you get a better ballspeed. Shouldnt you be able to fit the club better (shaft, loft) to translate that to better distance? With my fitting i am struggeling with smash factor (1.4). Just ordered the new M2 for the fun of it.

Bob T says:

I really enjoy watching your videos here across the pond.

Keep up the fun videos.

Bob T

Quantum Gamer says:

The m1 is much better looking

Paul Wrigley says:

Rick, could you do a video trying to get your optimum numbers from this club. I think if you got fitted for this club it could be a great driver… lower loft and maybe a lower launching shaft (maybe black tie) would get this up there with your gamer.

lonestargun says:

Seen other head 2 head vids & it’s exactly the same results. 2016 M2 out performs the 2017 version.

Jacob Sever says:

Do the 2017 M1 & M2 use the same shaft adapter tip as the 2016? So I can use the same shafts I currently own?

Thomas Hickey says:

Nike is working with m2 that’s why it is lime green because all of the nuke golfers switched to taylormade drivers

trust30000 says:


Jason Fisher says:

Crap compared to last year’s model and mega expensive

Brian Stratton says:

My ears hurt after your first hit…

LB says:

I think you need to loft up. 11 degrees LA. Rick show us what this club will do fitted a little better.

Waqar Ghulam says:

Launch angle is low, increase the loft on the driver and it will be fine.

Arny says:

hes intending that it looks like the nike vapor and vapor fly driver color scheme

TXchadTX says:

I have been fit for both and apparently i’m the only one who prefers the new m2. I was fit to the same spec in both heads (that should tell you they aren’t drastically different). The biggest difference really is the sound. New one seems to spin a touch more but it’s more consistent. I’ll take consistent over just about anything.

Chad Holmes says:

Not sure what all the complaints are about. I bought the driver head off of ebay for $150 and a Rogue Black shaft (looks to be as mentioned in the video). Awesome combination! I hit it extremely well and has truly helped my game.

Jake Halverson says:

does anyone know what brand and type of hitting mat Rick uses in his facility?

Ryan G says:

Where is the m2 v m2??

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