My Wilson Cortex Driver Review!
PGA Golf Professional Rick Shiels tests the latest Wilson Staff Cortex Driver! The Cortex driver won the very popular Golf Channel TV show Driver Vs Driver 2. Evan Hoffman who designed the driver won $250,000!


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PondBoss Baits says:

Wilson has a winner in this particular design. I personally have hit it and it’s a bug time driver. I do however feel that until they have been in the driver game a bit longer they need to earn that price point. This would fly off the shelves at $400 if they we’re actually given an honest comparison by a buyer. But at the $500 price point 97% of golfers would rather have a PING, Titleist, Callaway, or Taylor Made. Seems like a bit of a shot in the foot by Wilson on this launch.

spookyfish says:

Fair play for the extremely honest review

no9scrum says:

The only way Wilson are going to sell this is by making it cheaper than the other competitors..

If it’s just as good but slightly cheaper then I might think about it…

Matthew Bell says:

Hang on for 6 months and you will pick this up for peanuts.
Looks great and seems to perform, but at the end of the day it’s a Wilson !

Billy Stephens says:

another brilliant review – I really enjoyed watching the series. will you be on it next year

Ben Speer says:

As a lefty, seeing Wilson limit us to one loft and shaft option is very disappointing.

Mike Ferrannini says:

I will try it out for sure now that I have seen this review but that price tag is big. However I have hit Wilson clubs very good in the past.

Bob Seely says:

Great job Rick! I love your club reviews.

Alex Onsurez says:

Rozwell should have won

Roger Sturgeon says:

expensive looks ok

butteredblaa Eire says:

Needs to be at 300 Euro with an upgraded shaft option. Otherwise ……Naaaaaaaa

david Leverton says:

Well that shut the haters up!!

Cody Hahn says:

Your right about that sound. Looks good too.

Boricua Shitsnake says:

Any F9+ reviews in the horizon?

seanvann4life says:

I would definitely use it, but I wouldn’t spend $500, especially over another driver

Rigby says:

Rick we need more course vlogs in the new year

at Golfwithmats says:

Considering that the new taylormade m5/m6 drivers look really really bad… If wilson are smart and keep this driver in stores for a while… I think it’s going to sell ok!

Mika Mesterton says:

Waiting for Cobra F9 speedback driver

Rick Shiels Golf says:

*LIKE & SHARE* the video if you enjoyed!

*Question* – What do you think of the Wilson Cortex Driver?

Living Over Par says:

If golf companies really wanted to grow the sport they wouldnt charge 25% of most Americans monthly income for a driver or more then a months income for a full set of clubs. Thats why I play with 12 year old equipment, I cant afford new

Rolltide56677 says:

I feel like with the price Wilson is charging for this driver they are pricing out thier normal customer demographic.

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Rick, when will you do another podcast? You could talk about the TV show, what it was like, maybe even have Evan as a guest…

hi2meb says:

Rick, thanks for the honest review and staying true to your channel. Personally, for the money, i would not buy a driver designed by an amateur for a TV show with a name that sounds a lot like a feminine hygiene product unless it’s performance was extremely outstanding.

quakecon2009 says:

I tried the Wilson C300 in USA Golf last year vs all the big boys and I left there thinking it was one of the best I hit.
I had no loyalties as I am new to golf, both the C300 and F8 went the best for me.

As for Wilson not being a sexy brand, there are plenty of people like me who prefer that and that makes them sexy.

Regardless I think 400 is a bit steep, I think if they made their top end driver £349.99 it would really tempt a lot of people, as it stands, most people will go with the more known brands cos its similar money and a safer bet for them.

Terry Domnakis says:

Being a Wilson and Wilson Staff fan I can honestly say that, yes, it’s definitely the best driver Wilson have ever made. Have just put this bad boy in my bag and I can say that it’s definitely turning heads.

I truly hope that Wilson establish themselves as a formidable force once again.

You should keep the Cortex in your bag. Definitely complimenting those awesome V6 irons.

#WilsonGolfSA #WilsonStaff #WilsonGolf #Cortex #SouthAfricanFan

Jay cee says:

santa shiels?

Matthew Rice says:

Certainly looks more premium. First Wilson driver I’ve ever wanted to hit. Like the looks more than the Taylormade and Callaway offerings. Solid performance numbers. I’ll definitely try it!

Matthew J says:

Loved the review Rick. Advertising is where they need to make up ground along with more products like this. I was just wondering though you just basically reviewed the head and didn’t include the shaft, which as we all know is where all the magic happens. And I think why the price is so high is because they put a $300.00 shaft in it. I’d like to see a test where you put the shaft that is suited for you into this club and then hit it. Or was the atmos shaft the one you normally play? But yes the head looks phenomenal. And the amount of adjustability is off the charts. Thanks.

Sananda Radhay says:


John Williams says:

Honest review nice job.
Question, is there potential of it going in your bag?

Keegan Moore says:

I work at a golf store in Kansas City, and this driver has had the opposite appeal to people who come in to our store. Nobody seems to like it as much as the other big name brands. I don’t think we have sold a single Cortex driver since they have come out.

Karl Storr says:

Good honest review driver looks great but I wouldn’t pay 400 for a driver just ridiculous money might as well get last year’s model of drivers half the price and probably no difference overall I got a new cobra f6+ for less then 200 quid can’t fault it

J Tomlin says:

Little to pricey for me. Like the look of it just wish that it could come in different colors

Andrew Linch says:

So yet another driver that does not go any further, but is that suprising considering all the driver regulations and design limitations because of that.I will keep playing my Cleveland XL Custom. if you want to hit the ball further you have to swing the club faster period. Though still have my ilegal Hot face Wilson fat shaft deep red 2 driver{ at least 12 yrs old ) and that is as long as my cleveland.

chris williams says:

I hit this driver and honestly thought it was junk! Too light and it’s old technology

Colin Gilmour says:

Hope it does better than the Triton , hated it purely on sound .

Willie says:

What shaft were you using Rick? It seems odd you didn’t point that out.

Grunt Newman says:

Definitely not a fan of the sound or the price. Wilson is pricing itself out of the market. $399 TOPS. Resell value $100 guaranteed. I wish Wilson Great Luck, however you have put yourself behind a rock and a hard place at first step on this one.

jim thomas says:

Just got fitted for this driver! I tried it against cobra f8 and Titleist ts3. Very pleased with its performance! And it is gorgeous!

Donny Crawford says:

Pretty much what i expected from you, honesty. Not the best, but just as good. Of course I believe most of the top players to be all the same. its just finding what works for YOU as far as looks and then the correct shaft for your speed and swing. they all have the MOI and ball speed off the club….

jamie Purvis says:

Ridiculous price , cant argue with the drivers looks , personally i cant see wilson scaring the big boys tm calloway titleist

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