Mizuno ST190G Driver Review – The Best Driver Of 2019??

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Mizuno ST190G Driver Review with launch monitor data and my personal feedback on it’s looks and feel. Is this latest driver as good as Mizuno forged irons?? Watch and see….

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Matthew Begbie says:

Excellent review. Have you thought about doing a driver comparison with each club specifically set up for your swing rather than comparing the same loft and shaft in different heads?

Steve Richardson says:

Great stuff as usual… by far my favorite reviewer on YouTube..

Ryan says:

The only thing missing from this review Michael is the driver from address behind the ball to see the footprint in relation to the ball. Great review – this is the one I’ve been keen for.

My OpenMind says:

The dispersion looks wider in the low spin setting as you might expect. One at 26 yard offline.

Marcos Cado says:

It’s either F9 or Flash Sub Zero for me. Flawless review as usual.

Ian Brougham says:

Great club great review !! Only one you haven’t reviewed is the new PXG – all similar in price now – is it coming ?

Peter Choma says:

Looks much better than last years but I really want to try the new Pxg driver, specially at its new lower price point.

Paul Bown says:

Another great video
Many thanks

Jpx St180s says:

What shafts are in it?
What were you using mike ?

Gnash says:

Looks like the underdogs are dominating the driver segment this year… Mizunos Cobra

Jessie Caples says:

Michael whats your pick for best driver of 2019 ? Cobra ? Mizuno ?

Jerry Updike says:

Long and amazing dispersion even with the weights forward which is typically when things get squirrely. There might be longer drivers, but I would be interested to see if they can compete against the total package.

goodswen mark says:

beautifull f9 longer

Mike Farrell says:

Just not sure about the white shaft, is there another choice in shafts.

William Russell says:

This going in the bag Mike?

sss 4me says:

no left hand option…there’s 10 mins off my life i’ll never get back

Maurice Whalley says:

Great review as always, surprised how impressive the Mizuno performed for you, like to see the test between ping 410 and Mizuno.

Jason Olds says:

Mizuno’s 2019 advertising slogan:
Instead of “Nothing feels like a Mizuno”, should be
“It’s Different Gravy”

Graham Skeff says:

The white shaft looks dreadful on it. The head looks stunning though.

Alex Hernandez says:

Amazing looking driver did you know some about the shafts options ?awesome review

Zachary Milos says:

F9 vs ST190 for driver of the year.

chance melo says:

This driver is in my own opinion the best looking driver I’ve seen so far from the new releases it is just gorgeous Mizuno changing to the black with the carbon i know I know it’s kind of used alot now but I really think they have done it just absolutely perfectly not crazy with colors and not crazy with adjustability just clean sleek and absolutely sounds amazing from what I felt and heard when I hit it so Mizuno is definitely deserving of a top spot in the driver category this year for 2019 and it’s not even February yet.. thanks so much for the review of this I know now how simplicity is a real winner for drivers this year

Malcolm Jones says:

Great review Michael. You were hitting the ball amazing. What shaft were you using and what shaft options are available? Thanks.

Andy Bibby says:

Newts, are you stocking this at lga for fitting???

Donnie Corrigan says:

Great as usual

thomas ross says:

Just picked up last year’s ST-180 fairways, surprised by excellent performance. I was waiting for this, always a Taylormade woods player with MIzuno irons. Might be close to 100% Mizuno player in the future. Good review!

mlb shark says:

I have a nike covert tour , do you think I’ll see a difference if I upgrade to this one

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