Mizuno ST180 Driver Review

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http://txg.ca – Testing and reviewing the Mizuno ST180 driver on GC Quad, find out how it compares to the other top drivers released in 2018! Would you game a blue driver? Let us know in the comments!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Kim Nathan Inwon says:

Thanks for the video. I will not bag their driver until Luke starts to use them. lol

john yi says:

Great review Matt and Ian. Could you do a follow-up head to head with the Ping G400? I hope the other manufacturers follow suit with the premium stock shaft. The price of drivers these days is really off putting to say the least and I think consumers deserve absolute quality for that price. Cheers!

hbyrdut says:

I would like to see the GT.

Thunder says:

I’ve got a blue Cobra and a blue Mizuno. Guess I’m on the “love it” side.

Roy Kullick says:

Definitely want to see your opinions on the GT as well.
….. would also like to see those drivers in black or maybe a dark grey instead of the blue, but hey…. that’s up to Mizuno

wardpr68 says:

I tried it just this last weekend. I play MP-18 blades, so I’m a Mizuno fanboy. I wanted to love it… and I just didn’t like it at all. My 2016 M2 will stay where it is.

Gavin Clancy says:

Great review guys.

Eesskil says:

Great beard Matt! Keep it up.

DB George says:

I play Mizuno irons and tested this driver but in the end went with the Ping G400Max and glad I did. Have to admit if the Mizuno had offered a black option the choice would have been a little tougher.

Mike Cook says:

Great Info!!! Nice job!!

Bert Fukuda says:

Glad you did this. I have the JPX900 and it’s an incredible driver.

Mark Kirk says:

On the list to try

Thomas Kuhn says:

I thought Matt had been fit into the G400 Max, has he since switched over to the LST?

Mark J. Yule says:

I’d definitely play it. Always been a Mizuno fan, ever since my first set of their clubs (TP19s).

Keep meaning to visit their fitting centre as it’s in my hometown of Cumbernauld. Speaking of Scottish towns – where does your accent originate Ian?


Tony Brown says:

Love the blue, but can’t get over the sound..

Shawn Dennis says:

Please do review the GT180. Wanted to love the ST (as I personally love the blue), but found the same as you…I couldn’t turn it over, even though it sits a bit closed at 9.5 (standard). Switched to the GT180 and haven’t looked back. Feel/sound is better, great shape, and once customized, was giving me nearly identical spin numbers to the ST

gordygolf c says:

top club and love the brighter colour. Few tour players use it though, does that speak volumes or have other companies just paid too much for market share?

Daniel Roby says:

Hey Guys
Could you please help me with this driver problem.

Basically I’m carrying the ball 250 meters with an Epic sub zero but the ball flight is very loopy … goes up high and fast and has a steep decent angle. Looked up what to do and everything says loft up. Lofted up +2 … so now 11 degrees and the ball just dropped out the air at about 160 meters.

What do I do? @TXG Tour Experience Golf

wardpr68 says:

GT-180 next please.

alexandre cassini says:

Wonder how the Mizuno driver would perform for Matt with a higher launching window..?

ianbutch1 says:

Excellent review

Chris I says:

So if you cranked the loft up a degree or two are you saying the spin would probably increase and it would start to alter the direction bias more towards a draw than it is in the stock setting? I’d be curious to see if the ball speed were about equal if the carry would increase at a higher loft setting. Thanks.

Keith Finley says:

That’s intriguing. Different shaft and higher loft might make a Matt monster… Bubba power fades

walter s says:

What is the loft of Matt’s LST and what was the loft of the ST180. Are they both at the neutral setting.

Anthony Bennett says:

You boys needed to add loft to that bad boy!!!

Rohan Mostert says:

GT180 yes please. Next brand to add – wilson staff?

Michael Osborne says:

Guys please do the GT.
I’m still hitting their 850 model and love it.

O. G. says:

How is Mizuno still a company and yet Nike is not? Both are multisport companies. Does Mizzy sell a ton of irons to subsidize wood designs?

Geoff Perez says:

Is I have a quick question about wedges. What are the advantages of using a specialized wedge over your iron set wedge if any? Thank you great videos

Son Goku says:

Would you ever do a fitting for one of your viewers? I live in Austin, Tx and there are no reputable places to go for a proper fitting.

Claudio Perfetti says:

Hi guys- if Matt is faced with a dogleg left, does his Ping driver allow him to not draw the ball (ie. maybe not a fade but straighter)?

Robert Hampton says:

Would like to see a set up to suit a high handicap/ low swing speed combination, please guys.

Matthew Rice says:

I have the ST180. Weight is not removable or interchangeable. I contacted Mizuno about it after trying to remove. I’m pretty sure it’s a soft metal (maybe aluminum,) and strips almost immediately. Mizuno informed me that removal of the weight voids warranty. I wanted to remove screw and add hot melt into the head since I play driver at 44 inches. I was also hoping the hot melt would deaden the sound a bit. I thought the driver was great but Mizuno really needs to allow for interchangeable weight. Not everyone plays the same length or swing weight

ESikora12 says:

I may have missed it, but what loft were you set at? I actually played this driver for about a month and really enjoyed it, but to your point, it was giving me a push/cut flight more than any other driver I’ve tried. Also, to your point, Mizuno putting actual aftermarket versions of shafts at their standard offerings is a nice feature. Their JPX 850 was one of my favorites with a Motore Speeder VC Tour Spec 6.3 coming stock. My only complaint is that as I get up to about 10.5* of loft, the face becomes quite closed at address. For someone who fights the overdraw/hook, that is a scary sight.

Great stuff as always!

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