What is longer, the Callaway Epic Flash Driver (Standard Length) or a Callaway XR Long Drive Driver? The results may surprise you!

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Alex Etches tests a Long Drive Driver and compares it again a one of the best 2019 golf drivers, The Callaway Epic Flash Driver.

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The Average Golfer Sway Baez says:

I fun love your videos! Your the best

Bobby Fisher says:

Really like these type reviews. Id be interested to see crazy drivers like “The Hammer” or older illegal clubs and their workability. Great videos!

Adam Overton says:

Brilliant mate!

Micky Doppo says:

Tee it higher and swing like a mad man. That’s what they seem to do

walton market says:

Joe Miller uses a super high TEE and hits way up.. You Hit that long driver very straight . Take it to the course..

Michael Pasvantis says:

Good to see you back at full power and swinging freely. Would love to see you get your hands on some non conforming equipment, clubs, balls etc

Michael Walsh says:

Guess your back must be better to knock that many drives out. Reckon higher tee might have got you over 340 the long drive guys have then tee’d right up I think

mrchineseable says:

I could really go for a xxxx right now.

Tipsy McStagger says:

Great video. I have wanted to have a go with a 48″ driver for a while. I think it should go in your bag, the dispersion didn’t look like you would be visiting the public BBQs anymore then usual.

That tee height is basically hitting it off the deck for a long drive driver. I would be very interested to see you hit it off a proper tee or even a tee claw.

Michael Ticehurst says:

Had a little rest now Alex? A fun topic very well done mate….XXXX funny!

Rob Biles says:

Geez you got some big balls out there Al.

beaney56 says:

You got tired at the end. You could see you were noticeably slowing down. Must be really difficult to swing full spank like that.


Love fact #5 lol.

Benjamin Toups says:

Love this guy

teeitup says:

dude get on with it you talk way too much

Ian Styring says:

Tee. It. Up.

Graham Rolton says:

Thanks, 00B, for another great vid. You probably need to move the ball forward, use a higher tee and increase your angle of attack to +5 or +6. I read somewhere that Joe Miller hits around +9 (9 degrees up) with a 4-inch tee.

Tj Arneson says:

I like your videos you always seem to be enjoying yourself makes it relaxing to watch

Bandit Baker says:

So extra length DOES matter………..Damn!!!!!!!!!!

John Aiduck says:

Awesome video. Keep it up

Jamie Robertson says:

Tee it up more

ripyerballs says:

Great fun video Alex brilliant

mal guest says:

If I’m correct I’ve seen you smash the old epic 350yds into that curve net

el060248 says:

What red button?

Darren Cossey says:

tee it higher…

Nick Millar says:

Fun video

Simon Hirst says:

Longest driver? My Uncle Jack delivering tomatoes to Shang Hai from Lisbon, Portugal lol. Seriously though don’t the long drivers use a very high tee?

hbyrdut says:

Did you try teeing it higher and hitting up more to increase launch and reduce spin?

anthphoto says:

Who would dislike this video?

Nick Millar says:

I’m tired just watching Are you gaming the callaway epic flash

Rodney Mounsey says:


Mark Blair says:

I once hit a long drive driver with a 48 inch xxx shaft. My best shot went about 120 yards.

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