The format is very simple! Each driver hits 2 rounds of 3 golf shots and which ever sends the golf ball the longest total distance to hit the fairway wins!


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Austin Heilig says:

Can you do a M2 Vs. Ping LS TEC?

Michael Guzzo says:

I’m sorry, but this seems like a worthless review. All this shows was which stock shaft was better for you. In the future, please use the same shaft in each so we get an idea (apples to apples) – unless you are doing a shaft review (in that case, please use the same heads).

djlazerblue says:

Can u hit a straight shot

Alberto5150 says:

you have balls to put a camera in front of you!

Brandon Alan says:

Funny I hit 13 fairways today with an R15 lol

Thatgamingman 3837 says:

Bombtech has no fucking comparison to taylormade

Forrest Parton says:

I was gonna order the bombtech grenade, but I’m glad I didn’t. Seems like it can’t hit a fairway and goes right, and my slice is bad as it is.

Ross Paterson says:

917 vs epic

OL J-bone says:

I’d like to see a review on the grenade 2 driver and possibly their driving irons. Hearing some crazy numbers from those!

Joe Scopelite says:

He kept saying the BT is so much louder and sound is a form of energy so I wonder if there is any correlation between the energy being lost to sound with the deficit in distance. Might have to do with the 2 bottom recesses causing extra vibration?

Geoff Coombs says:

Great vid, nice swing

Ferrari458italia says:

I’m actually quite curious what these would do in the hands of Iron Byron in terms of yardage between them.

iceman91321 says:

@5:50 no good, only 304 yards.

Noland Ryan says:

Bro when ur consistently hitting the same shot with that club why didn’t you put a draw spin by putting it forward and releasing your hands earlier. You don’t have to be Bubba Watson to hit a hook or use a hook to compensate for your slices on that GRENADE.

Edmund Woronicz says:

Don’t believe the numbers he’s generating for a minute… the simulator is jacked!!

Tanner Lang says:

hey Peter review the bombtech wedges!!!

Benjamin Conlin says:

Make an adjustment Jesus

ピーナッツあたま red says:

he’s missing hitting the grenade on purpose.

Trevor Boyd says:

Hits ball over 300 yards…”Yeah, no good”

stats 81 says:

the grenade is a gimmick like the Nike square head drivers, sounds awful, looks awful, does it come with a 24 pack of stella?

TheSib says:

Giving these digital ball flight readers that kind of credibility his more than highly suspicious.

The guy has a great swing, but I’d love to know what his “real world” yardage is.

Good video nonetheless.

Brandon Alan says:

Your machine is clearly wrong lol you didn’t hit shit 334

Matt Heffernan says:

Fuck is up with that software?! 330 out the toe? Yeah alright mate.

Ian Ford says:

I’m wondering if the Bomb tech shaft had weaker tip torque. Face angle and launch angle were more aggressive at impact. Either way good clubs!

xZyvox says:

You have that monitor juiced for sure

Lordeverfall100 says:

would be nice if you could hit the fairway. What a waste of time watching this.

Darin Glover says:

Don’t you just hate those 304 heel shots? Damn those piss me off!!

UltimateHandler says:

Mate, you could just be shit at hitting the driver. so many shots disqualified.

Hooter Bear says:

With Bombtech’s attitude toward Rick who gave it a damn good review when he didn’t HAVE to is NOW …..BUM-tech…imho

Eduardo Martinez says:

Maybe warm up a little next time !!

RandomGuy says:

This doesn’t prove anything. Different clubs can require different experience. You need to know how to hit the long ball with the club.

Nick LaFave says:

put the clubs on the robot thar played rory

Blain Hawkins says:

why the 9? when they have a 10.5 driver

ChingChong_ says:

those 2 vs a honma

DannyDoesGFX says:

Bomb tech is super over rated

Billy Graham says:

Rick Shiels — or anyone reading this: I understand that since the coefficient of restitution (COR) cannot be increased beyond 0.830, that the manufacturers try to get more distance by increasing the time the ball sticks to the clubhead. The longer it sticks (with the 0.830 COR) to the clubhead, the father the ball goes, for some reason. There is a USGA limit for the time a ball sticks to the clubhead, just like a USGA COR limit. Which driver has the longest allowed time to stick to the clubhead??? That would be the longest driver. Yes???

Brandon Alan says:

You’d be on Tour if you hit 340 haha

Steve Brymer says:

Too subjective. Iron Byron is the ONLY true test for equipment ! Great swing though !

Chris McMillen says:

I hit on the simulator yesterday. I was hitting -8degree attack andgle abd got it up to -4 how do i improve this to positive or 0. Also my backspin went from 8000 to 4500, how do i bring that down yo 2k or so

Ryan Komp says:

How aren’t u on the PGA tour

Robin Hoodlum says:

biased as fuk

Alan Telford says:

Where in Lytham is that ? I live in St.Annes.

Mark Ingram says:

Try both drivers in the same shaft. A shaft that fits you.

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