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In this series of videos Rick and Mid Handicapper (13) Rob Potter test the latest drivers to see what technology can offer the average golfer. Rob lacks power and want to hit the ball further. See how Rob gets on testing the TaylorMade R15, Titleist 915 D2, TaylorMade AeroBurner, Mixuno JPX 850 and Ping G30

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Michael Ackerman says:

Rob. What a great series of hits! You looked so excited. Having lost distance myself after surgery I know how you feel. A big thank you to Rick for doing the mid handicappers series. It makes it easier for us mere mortals to relate.

Brock Fisher says:

i hear rob talk about something he has wrong with him in some videos. what is it that’s limiting him?

Ronny Kay says:

250 yards what a patter

Robert Haack says:

I get the feeling you’re sponsored by taylormade

Arjan Billan says:

What is the music involved in this video?

TheJhaley12 says:

Hey Rob, I got the Aero Burner in black and it looks great, longer than every thing else I tested.

Rene Sanchez says:

Excellent video. Relevant. Cool background music. Robert, great swing and new record. Sorry if you answered below somewhere. What shaft flex were you mostly using?

Tkollie3g says:

What does 13 handicap mean

aemluck says:

of course AeroBurner is the winner it’s got 0.75″ longer shaft than other drivers 😀 TM and their tricks, they did it again…:D (Mizuno, Cobra, Titleist r the best – longest/ most consistent)

Anthony Stewart says:

curious? what are the stickers on the face of all the clubs? been seeing this for a while and can’t find out what they are for

York MacPherson says:

Awesome! Atta boy Rob. Going to give the AeroBurner a go today!

Aaron Frechette says:

makes me feel good!! Just grabbed an 850 driver. See how much dif than  my SLDR

bilynguyen159 says:

I think he would hit a longer shot with the aeroburner driver 12 or 10.5, yea?

Mathias Rubensson says:

Put the M2 in his hands. I really wanna see how it performs for a mid hcp dude like myself.

Taco_Republic says:

loved this video as i do them all, and i hate my guts for asking this but… i would appreciate it if anyone would mind checking out my channel im 13 and play for my middle school team blah buh blah blah blah…. i hate my guts.

Bernd Dreilich says:

Love to see more of u and rob in 2016! U gotta test the new Drivers coming out and see if he beats his longest drive record!

sean craig says:

no callaway?

Ben Chang says:

woo hoo rob! smashing my friend!

Mark Leach says:

Very impressive results. I just ordered the 12 degree with a regular shaft to replace my HL Rocketballz. Looking for a little more clubbed speed and distance. I have a 8.2 index HC and I can’t hit the ball that far.

That is one extremely accurate 13 handicap golfer. If you can hit the ball 250+ down the middle like that he must must have a terrible short game to get to a 13 handicap.

Duncan Kim says:

+Robert Potter I was intrigued by your test but I was in doubt whether it would work for me. After a few months of thinking about it, in the end I decided to have a go with an Aeroburner driver. I got s standard 9.5 deg stiff, the same one you used without custom fitting. My driver distance is usually around 210-240 depend on the time of year. Last Saturday on a far 5, I drove 285 yard! I actually run out of fairway (being slight dog left). I could not believe and was over the moon! I wonder whether i should have gone to custom fitting. Anyways, thanks for the video.

Rob Prater says:

thanks again

Peter Fisher says:

why not include the Cobra Z-fly + in the Comp?

Ernest Benoit says:

Great job guys. Love the vids Rick. Very informative for a 10 hdcp like me. Cheers.

TheJhaley12 says:

One more thought here that I haven’t seen addressed, the Taylormade shaft is an inch longer than the Mizuno so wouldn’t that be where the extra yardage is coming from?

susubear13 says:

My aeroburner came in the mail today and after hitting it at the range I am not surprised it won this competition. Great driver with minimum 200 yards each time

Mike Hebert says:

I have never been a long hitter of any driver (+- 25 drivers played over the years) but always down the middle of the fairway. I’m a 4 handicap at age 72. I bought the Arrow Burner after watching your reviews ($75.00 off eBay). After 36 holes and no practice, this driver is 20-30 yards farther than my SLDR, Big Bertha, Cobra Amp and my old FTIQ. The shaft is a regular flex 50gm shaft where as my other drivers had a stiff shaft. Thus, I am off the fairway on about twenty percent of the drives. Teeing height and ball placement are still an issue with this longer and lighter shaft club. But the most amazing thing is I’ve hit it all over the club face and lost no actual distance just minor direction. This is truly an amazing club that no one talks about these days. This is the driver JV Singh used for years on tour. I feel a player of any handicap can enjoy this over all the “new” drivers with the myriad of adjustments. Taylor Made a great driver in the Arrow Burner but for marketing moved quickly to new adjustable M1’s and M2’s. After all they really don’t want Mister average golfer opting for a $75 used Arrow Burner in place of a $499 M1 or $399 M2. I just say if your having distance issues try the Arrow. If it doesn’t work you can always resale it on eBay.

Martin Horner says:

How do todays clubs stack up against older ones from a few years ago? Are they really longer or just with fancier adjustments?  I have a Cleveland Launcher 9.5 degrees.  Would I hit longer with a modern club?

Ronny Kay says:

Although a lovely swing

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