Is THIS The Most Underrated Driver Of 2019? Golf Monthly

►Joel Tadman reviews what he believes to be the most overrated driver launched in 2019.

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chris williams says:

The offline numbers were terrible

Sweswio says:

Badass driver for the money boys, mid-high to high handicappers this would be a great driver for you and me also

Steven Bourque says:

I definitely want to try it!

Kevin May says:

D7 series hybrids I hit extremely easy and long at a demo day.

Kev Gray says:

It’s February?

Craig Allan says:

Interesting to hear about the progressive weighting, but what if you have a “faster swing speed” and are looking for 10.5 loft but not necessarily the heel biased weight ?

John Schneider says:

Did you like the Cortex more or less and why?

edwin lambley says:

Wilson were a very very BIG name when I was young and pleased to see them returning. Their V6 irons are second to non at a very competitive price in today’s market. Thank you for your honest review on a driver from not a perceived top manufacturer.

G man says:

Unless your a pro all those numbers dont mean shit!

Jason Simmonds says:

We bought this driver for my 13 yr old son 3 months ago and he loves it. Averaging 270 metres which is 20 metres more than his triton. Best Buy ever and it was a great price and the sound on impact is great. We tested premium drivers and none of them out performed this one. In fact, the guy at the shop only gave us this one to test because we weren’t happy with the numbers of the premium drivers and weren’t going to buy anything. Very happy purchase

Paul McGee says:

Any views on Yonex?

Bob Davis says:

I ran a head to head test against my Callaway Epic and was shocked. The average carry distance of the Wilson D7 was 220 yards longer than the Epic. Backspin was significantly lower – from 2,400 with the Callaway to 500 with the Wilson. I could also hit green side bunker shots with ease. I was so impressed I tried out and qualified for a PGA event in June. Wilson wanted to sponsor me but they couldn’t come up with enough money.

Cornwall1888 says:

I don’t know

Chester says:

Well, certainly I would consider Wilson.  I have used their irons in the past.

Jaxon Salkil says:

love these vids

Geoffrey O'Brien says:

I still believe that Wilson still holds the record for the greatest number of majors. Their irons have always been great. Good to see.

walter a heller says:

I really do like Wilson staff clubs!

Sungwhan Kim says:

Would you mention what shaft you use? Thank you.

Matthew Rice says:

I’m planning on trying Wilson. Tired of the rising prices of the new drivers and planning on trying Mizuno, Srixon and Cobra as well this year

Rob Hastings says:

This lad really is Mr Charisma

Howie Land says:

I’m glad Wilson has clawed its way back into the conversation. I remember when “Wilson Staff” was a really big deal.


Would you consider putting your fav shaft in this and re testing Joel? Would make a great review!

justin palmer says:

Still overpriced for a driver that will have zero value when the time comes to upgrade it. Would rather get a previous generation of the market leaders second hand knowing that my driver will retain some sort of value a year or two down the line

k9feces says:

They should forget about the game show drivers and focus their marketing on the D7

Gregory Gray says:

Waiting for Friday when my D7 arrives at my pro shop, trading my jpx900 in for it

James Dale Copeland says:

Wait… So you’re telling me I don’t need to spend $500 plus $30 to get my shaft put in 2x a year to get all of Taylormade’s golfing miricles? You mean its all marketing? You mean the longest driving avg on the PGA tour hasn’t been longer than it was in 2003? I don’t believe it.

Robert Davis says:

I tried out and was convinced that I was going to get the Wilson triton driver but ultimately when I got fitted the tm m2 was the best fit for me. I like the Wilson drivers that I have hit but I have no interest in buying another driver for a few more years

Aart van der Molen says:

Underrated or Overrated ??

Andrew Stafford says:

The recent Benross models perform and look great, I will consider one next time I buy.

George Thompson says:

Wilson manufacture many underrated products and this driver is a great example. Great review.

Malcolm Evans says:

I use Wilson forged irons which are great – as good as anything out there. I used to use a Wilson Spine driver 10.5 with reg proforce V2 shaft. Longest driver I have ever hit but very loud. Also the Wilson smooth driver was pretty good. I would certainly try the D7 if I was planning to change…

goodswen mark says:

aussi golf said its the best driver this year my friend bought in 9 s 95 100mph hits long on sale in uk 249

Danny Gee says:

I own and play Wilson V6s. Love them. Just as this club may be the most underrated driver of 2019, the Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons are surely the most underrated irons in the industry.

taime malik says:


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