I bought a NEW driver for under £20!

I bought a NEW driver for under £20!

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Mud Max Metal Detecting says:

These clubs are for the fun golfer, and I think it’s brilliant that they are still around. Long live the budget clubs for people who dont care about brands, can’t afford the big names, and just want some fun on a golf course. Being able to play the game is more important than being good at it, or having fancy sticks. Well done mate, great video. ATB MMMD

Lewis Hall says:

Feel a ‘Sports Direct’ challenge coming on with @peterfinch??

Mike B says:

Stick a semi-decent shaft in it, and see what it does.

tony cossey says:

after the 1st shot, you should have quickly said “no it’s shit” and faded to black

Joshua Cogdale says:

Am I wrong or is there a club for 25c on that rack

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Question: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on just one club? Love to hear your thoughts down below!

Also join the #1KClub by smashing like and commenting. One lucky winner will be picked once past 1k comments & like!

Mark Beech says:

It’s not the arrows
It’s the Indian every time

David Thompson says:

For a laugh , i bought a brand new “easy launch Hippo ” make driver to trial against my lady friends Ping Serene 14deg . driver . Very embarrassing to carry in public !

Johnny Waffles says:

I bought a head I tour mx400 set of clubs with a bag included for $99.99 on sale about 10 years ago. Very first time I ever swung the driver I came down on the ball with the base of the head and punctured it.

matthew yonkman says:

This is neat! I’ve been wondering which used clubs to look at for a lower budget point.

Ian Rose says:

Buy 10 for 100 quid and just swap them out when they break…. lol
Most I’ve spent on a club is $5 USD

Joe Fischer says:

Where the hell u get clubs this cheap?

Jakob Landgraf says:

my whole set of clubs was 30 dollars…

Sam Bull says:

Rick, do you think in first sets people just buy the wrong thing? I have struggled to get my score down for years awith some Lynx clubs which I bought for £80. This year invested in Mizuno JPX 900s and have seen a huge difference. What are your thoughts?

Thomas says:

i had a cheap set when i started…. they all broke on me. never again.

Joseph Ray says:

just shows u don’t need hight price clubs if for thoughts who are just starting

Paul Kavanagh says:

It’s as if a million expensive drivers just cried out in horror…

T.S.Dragon says:

Sport Direct.. huh!!!…

Blowfishes YouTube says:

Sports Direct golf items have their place in the market place. I’m seriously considering picking up a Cleveland Smart Square Blade putter from them for £40…

BaltimoreJak says:

Thanks for this video, as a new (and struggling) golfer, I have questioned the quality of my hand-me-down clubs. I don’t want to break the bank, but seeing you (an experienced pro) have similar issues with your initial shots (slicing, low loft, short distance) reinforces my belief that to improve my game, I need to invest in better equipment. Cheers!

nicki vallentgoed says:

Now do the 14 pound one

Average Golfer 92 says:

Rick, I play the v300 set and just like you said I’m new to golf, my plan was to use this set for a year or so and then get fitted with a decent set of clubs, my heart is set on Titelist TP3’s for my irons but have no ideas for the top end of my bag what would you recommend?, Also love your channel and videos I’m watching all your “how to” videos and learning alot. Thanks alot.

Prosper says:

I found a Taylormade r7 460cc driver at the good will for like $10 and it’s lasted me like 4 years with absolutely no problems. The emergency backup turned out to be my best club haha

Krby 101 says:

A $400 Scotty

John Rotten says:

Jesus, you paid 20 pounds for a unused driver??? In America, that would be at least 100 dollars.

dhit62 says:

Rick, everyone knows that the tees are the secret to a good drive. It’s those cheap tees you bought that is preventing you from hitting it over 300 yards with this driver. Save your money on these expensive drivers and get better tees. Lol!!!!

Ben Winstanley says:

Be good see how long it lasts , maybe use it every week till it breaks then report back ur findings? Great video

XxCrazy CousinsxX says:

Rick won’t pin this I bet my driver

Jeff Blake says:

If you buy ANY new golf club off the rack OR off the manufacturer’s website, you’re getting robbed blind. Or actually robbed straight to your face I guess. lol It’s ALL marketing hype. Drivers have a limited COR and every manufacturer is maxing it out. Irons are……well……chunks of metal at the end of a shaft. If you have the correct shaft for you, you could put ANY chunk of metal at the end of it and play decent. It’s all in your head. As much as I love the idea behind this video, Rick still laughs and giggles through the whole thing because he’s obviously not taking the club seriously. How about practicing with it, and gaming with it, the same as you would a Taylormade? I guarantee you there wouldn’t be a noticeable difference other than the weight of your wallet due to all the money you saved.

Troy Stallard says:

I’ve got that same club lol. They ain’t half bad! Slazenger v300

Star Sea says:

this exposes golf industry scam. most likely the lack of distance is from high loft. 10.5 is more like 15 degrees on this driver. titleist used to do the same with their drivers, because average players couldnt really get the ball up in the air high enough due to slower swing speeds, so they would mark the drivers with lower loft and put stiff label on regular shafts to make an average joe feel good about himself.

SkimMilk Collins says:

Are there any shops like this in America??

Freddie and Ashton Vine says:


Fritz Lang says:

well, after having seen this video, I bought a Slazenger V300 wood. What can I say ? It works perfect (for me :))

Johnny Fletcher says:

You said that you we’re excited. Well I’m excited too !!!!!!! :)))

Fun Hammer says:

I want to see you hit this clubhead with different shafts. See how much that shaft affects it, and how much of it is the club head.

dubnessIII says:

Goes to show you that it’s not the clubs…its the swing

Daniel Q says:

I’d like to see the review of this club with a shaft that actually suits your game.

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