Have PING run out of ideas…….PING G410 Driver FULL Review

PGA GOLF Professional Rick Shiels tests the new 2019 PING G410 DRIVER using GCQuad launch monitor and taking the PING G410 PLUS DRIVER out onto the golf course at Worsley Park Marriott, Manchester. Rick Shiels also compared the PING G410 PLUS DRIVER and against last years PING G400 MAX DRIVER


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lewis ellenton says:

Great as always rick!

Andrew Dornbush says:

Rick when are you going to review the G410 irons???

Nicholas Johnson says:

Ping only bring out new versions when they are measurably better than the previous versions, hence the lack of a LS tech now as they said they can’t better the previous LS version yet. And they do not need to revert to marketing guff like twist face, designed by supercomputers, screws on the face to slow it down as it is just too damn hot etc etc to justify a new release. They just make extremely well engineered drivers that always perform.

Vere Hindson says:

You’ve sold it to me Rick however I think the looks of the G400 are better, but obviously not the performance.

Chris Murray says:

Hello Rick, huge fan of your content. Watch every video that you come out with. I am a very brand loyal type person. Just purchased some G400 irons for this next year. Been looking into fairway woods, hybrids, or driving irons. I personally prefer driving irons but I saw you weren’t a big fan of the G400 Crossover irons. Now they have the G410 Crossover irons. I am curious if you will be able to do a review on the improvements from the G400 to the G410. Also, maybe comparing or reviewing the fairway woods and hybrids as well. As stated before, Love your content. Keep up the great work!

Dan Frappier says:

Great review, definitely going for a fitting between this and cobra

Jensen says:

3 wood

Paul Houghton says:

Great video as usual Rick!

Barebare kun says:

That on course footage looked more like a porn than driver review,guess the music and slo mo closeup are to blame.

markthesark says:

Great Vids! I love your equipment reviews, comparing old to new drivers…..Any thought to reviewing old to new irons? I have an old set of Ping ISIs – would love to see how they compare to new irons.

Drew McCann says:

when is the 3 wood review?

Justin Schroeder says:

Play a round with one of those all in one irons!!

David Malone says:

Hey Rick—how about a review of the g410 irons next—I love you reviews—thank you

Jensen says:


Seve Sellors says:

Rick when will you review the Wilson Staff D7 range?

Joshua Tally says:

It bothers me that the smash factor numbers have a degree symbol next to them. It’s a ratio! Love your videos tho.

Dan Fiskett says:

You should get your hands on the Mizuno balls. Hitting the US market next month. Could be a game changer.

Matthew De Ridder says:

Rep at the show said they will release lst and max in summer

Nate Ross says:

The fully detachable weight and open holes does not appeal to me.

Gary Roberts says:

Can you get additional tungsten back weights and what would happen if you put 1 weight in neutral the position and another in the draw position at the same time…..?

Chad King says:


Z. elda says:

Have you ever considered that it is actually you that has improved, and not the technology? As long as you do not hit the last years and this years driver on the same day, the comparison pretty much becomes useless. Cant believe people still fall for this marketing bs.

LIONS !!! says:

Great video Rick!

Sean Uryu says:

Great review!

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