Golf Draw Drivers Do They Work or NOT

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Golf Draw Drivers Do They Work or NOT. Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about drivers with draw bias. If your new driver has more weight in the heel will that make it draw more or even calm down your slice. See as AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield hits shots with a draw golf club and looks at the data to show you if they will help you play some better golf.


jeff boorer says:

I’ve been using a Ping G20 driver for about a year and started pushing everything out to the right,borrowed a mates Cobra Amp Cell set at 10.5 draw and didn’t miss a fairway and got back my High soft draw so for me it worked ( off 15)

justpar2012 says:

Are most draw drivers weighted in the heel?

Scott Yule says:

Of subject here a bit,are you going to do a comp of some form for that lovely titleist bag everybody wants in the background.Go on get stuck in.

Ian Westley says:

Interesting. No amount of tech will fix a flawed, inconsistent impact

Blade Blunter says:

Good video as always. I think I’ll get a weighted driver after seeing this. I have a pretty much neutral swing (face and path) as well as a neutral grip. The problem is, because my perfect strike is straight, I’m not sure if my miss will be left or right. Would be nice to have a draw so I can aim down the right of the fairway. If it draws I’m in the middle and if it stays strsight I’m on the right hand side.

Phillios R says:

People need to get off their purist high horse driver bashing band wagon. Yes lessons help. So does playing every day but people can’t always do that….Because we work and have lives with commitments!
Draw biased drivers are just another form of forgiveness for a different kind of golfer…Crossfield plays very forgiving irons but no one tells him to get a lesson! (Judging from his latest blogs he needs one) 
Bottom line….If something helps make this game easier then go for it…after all we aren’t all 14 and hit  it 320yds! Jeez!

Vici Martynov says:

I really cant get my head round this feature at all its like re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, it seems completely pointless. If you are hitting shots too far left or right, you dont need a club with a sliding weight you need to go get a lesson to cure your swing fault, you dont have sliding weights on your irons or wedges, you need to hit your clubs properly in the first place – the only valuable use i have ever seen for this feature is on the new TaylorMade driver where 2 weights allow you to trade distance for forgiveness making it a driver for everybody – now that is your first real game changer TM :-/

Nicholas Taylor says:

Surely rather than spending £250+ on a driver with such a specific purpose it would be better to get some lessons from a pro so that you can either work out why you’re hitting shots right, or learn how to shape shots. It seems to me that a draw-biased driver is simply masking the problem a bit rather than fixing it.

hbyrdut says:

Last summer I demoed the Callaway Alpha and the Taylor Made SLDR. Both drivers were set up neutral and every shot with the SLDR sliced and every shot with the Alpha had a slight draw. The only difference is that the heavier weight was in the heel and the light weight in the toe for the Alpha. 

busa89 says:

I got a draw driver using moron logic to fix a slice. I eventually developed a hook lol. Just stick with a standard driver and learn how to swing it correctly.

Alex Vel says:

Thank you

Mike InWimbledon says:

Really useful. Very clear exposition. Thanks for this.

NZSmall says:

My driver swing is pretty neutral and my ball flight is more or less dead straight. Is there any benefit to getting a draw biased driver to help me hit a slight draw? Specifically into the wind since I play on a links and it can get quite windy.

saintcruzin says:

Adjustable clubs are really good for fine tuning but if you “come over the top” nothing is going to help but…..lessons. Good video…

Kyle Demaine says:

Mark I religiously follow your golf videos which are priceless and really helping my game at the moment, but please mate, you have the ugliest Mizuno golf bag Iv ever seen, please buy a new one. Thanks mate.

breeze787 says:

Yeah, thanks Mark. Since their inception I’ve wondered what a manufacturer can do to a club to make it draw or wind up slightly left of target. I really didn’t think its possible. I have a fixed draw driver a Taylormade R7 and sometimes I can’t help but block it right and it goes . . . . . right. Straight right. So it was nice to hear your opinion based on the data. Its pretty much the opinion I’ve had from the start. It depends on how you swing.

Mark Crossfield says:

Golf Draw Drivers Do They Work or NOT:

cwugrad396 says:

I hit that Ping G30 draw based driver and every single shot was going further left for me than the G30 driver … Good looking driver, loved the sound etc but would not work for my game 

jimbofatplum says:

that’s proof for me then, that small weight comes into play from a pro/robotic swing. a consistant swing.
that little weight will do zilch for a handicap player….apart from the placebo effect.

AJ Scheepers says:

I was struggling with quite a big fade in my driver, was using a Top Flite driver i got in a set. A playing partner lent me his Callaway FT9 draw bias driver and am hitting it great! Driver is probably best club in my bag at the moment. Not sure if its because of the draw bias or just better quality driver though!

Jamie Harper says:

Got to go and see Justin Rose hit shots on the range with the Track Man expert from Taylormade – did not see how his driver was weighted. However did see him swing it at 120mph, with a 18 degree launch angle and a 2500 rpm…………..300 yard carry – pure madness.

Amazing thing is he has put on 30 yards of carry in 18 months – puts it down to dead lifts in the gym……..

darkhorse2reign says:

Absolutely love watching you swing a golf club. Very calm, accurate and repeatable simple swing.

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