EXPENSIVE VS CHEAP: Taylormade M6 Vs Taylormade M2 Driver (Review)

So I test the Expensive Taylormade M6 Driver against the 2016 Taylormade M2 and see what kind of numbers we can get! Let me know which comparison you want to see next.

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Milton Taylor says:

Great great video. That is just what I was looking for. Can you do the Epic Subzero compared to the new epic flash Subzero? I will bet my TS3 the Epic Subzero wins out!

Matthew Boulton says:

Any people giving a thumbs down to this video may just be upset they’ve just wasted £450!

Nate Ross says:

PXG Gen 1 in a 1 Iron vs. PXG Gen 2 in a 1 Iron
TMB 2 Iron vs. Last years.

We pay huge prices for these long irons, can they really change over a year?

Craig Berry says:

55 peak height…lol optimal

gtrock thompson says:

If your swinging 120-122 and only getting 167-170 ball speed then you must be hitting the side of the toe.

Kadér Fraser says:

I find no difference in accuracy/distance with any clubs as long as they are only a few years old.
The marketing hype these manufacturers come with regarding increased distance/accuracy is nothing short of a joke.
The real distance/accuracy gains are generally achieved with better swings …

Cadmodel64 says:

good review.

Arvind Das says:

M1 M2 any day . If you get m1 m2 buy it . Worth it every penny. Same goes for the m2 fairways buy it if you get it.

Pay it Forward says:

I absolutely love your format, it’s very different then what everyone else is doing. Keep up the great work and great job.

chgoalie31 says:

great video as always, just super simple and no bs !

Richard T says:

Your driving is all over the place right now so I don’t know what that test proved.

Darian Chun says:

I don’t agree with this video. I went to get fitted for the M6 yesterday. I currently play with the same M2 driver. Like all of your clubs in your bag, you have to get fitted to make a fair comparison. With different shafts I was able to hit the ball 30 yards farther with the M6. The heads have different technologies and the different shafts do make a huge difference.

Robert Salazar says:

Great review!

marty maness says:

The M2 is legendary.

Paddy McKibbin says:

Simon I am currently gaming a 915D3 do you think I would see an improvement in dispersion and distance with the F9, club head speed is 95 to 100 mph?

Be TheBall says:

have you tried to push the crown down on the m5 yet?

martydoc says:

Could you try the TS2 against say 915D2 or older?

Curtis Corby Golf says:

A great test!!! Keep up the good content!! Inspires me to do more of this kind of content on my channel!!! Good luck with the long drive season!!

Jelly Jams says:

Forget how the 2 clubs were made more importantly: WHO MADE THAT. BEAT

kimmo14 says:

Very interesting to see M2 go 10 yards further

Sam Dicker says:

Im currently gaming a Taylormade R9, every year i wonder about changing drivers but cant justify £400 on a brand new one. Do you think the M2 could be a good upgrade or again is there little to be gained compared to 10 year old driver? Be interested to know

Roy Scott says:

Still playing a second hand 915D2, would like to see it up against the new Titleist drivers.

colin cameron says:

2016 m1 vs 2019 m5 please Simon.

Alan King says:

The M2 just looks sick! And for $250 cheaper it’s DEFINITELY the right club

Joeybago12 says:

Nice review. Is there something wrong with your right leg? Seems to shake a lot.

Bill Malec says:

M6 looks better. Never cared for the looks of the M2. But that doesn’t really matter, does it?

Sween Bean says:

Are you at Oxford driving range there? Rugby posts and the car look very familiar.

Sam Yeager says:

You should have taken a break between the tests. You were obviously fatigued and seemed to be rushing with the M2. Were the shafts the same?

Robert Salazar says:

If you could test the Srixon Z545 vs the Z585 irons I don’t know if it’s worth spending the money to upgrade 4 years with the same irons is it time to switch?

Adrian Lee says:

can I ask a very silly question? I play well with an old R11s driver, handicap 16. should I upgrade to M2?

carlos gomez says:

c’on with that swing, ball flight and that cold weather you cant be hitting 300 average… fix those num ers, make it real

James Sweet says:

Awesome vids

David Bailey says:

M3 vs M5

A B says:

Did you have a tooth out before you did this video??

Nick Millar says:

I have a comparison f9 vs m3 drivers. !!!

Erik Andersen says:

I have a hard time believing you have 309 carry with range balls and close to freezing weather

Alan King says:

The M2 just looks sick! And for $250 cheaper it’s DEFINITELY the right club

Chris Mayor says:

Great video again Simon, with points well made. I used to be a decent golfer ( low cat 1) prior to injury. Age has caught up as well as I approach 60. Swing speed ( shoulder injuries!) is not much over 100, about 104 on average. I hit it pretty straight and find close to the middle fairly often. So, really, would a new tangled all singing driver really change my game? I could do with extra length as much as anyone. But, £300 gets me, what 5 yards? Much better dispersion? Seriously doubt that. Better off with some good wedges and a few lessons to tighten up short game, and I am willing to bet, the vast majority of club golfers would be better served the same way.

Shawn Kislenger says:

The M2 looks better. I think when we look back in a few years the M2 will be considered one of the best drivers of this era. If it’s my $ I’m going with the M2!

Name Last First Name says:

SAS I’m a new subscriber and I loved and liked this vid as well as the ugly F9 COBRA review. I am a Cobra player shhh, because I use Wilson irons during tournament play. I want to see you go head to head with the F9 yellow or grey. LMBO against the Cobra Bio Cell + plus. Thanks for the great golf content! PS, you look like my boy Carson Turner…Course Superintendent at Waterfall @ Lake Burton

David Johnson says:

Can you compare m2 2016 to m4?

M.A.R.V. says:

Can you make a video comparing head to head the M1 2017  vs the M5 2019 driver? I’m using an M2 2017 driver right now and what to upgrade to an adjustable driver (M! 2017, M3 or M5).

KevinS says:

Buying a M2 for a 150 is fine but you need to get lucky on the shaft, so add in a fitting fee and the cost of a shaft and it isn’t a £150 club anymore.

colin cameron says:

Hi Simon, I keep asking M1 Vs M5. living in Australia and no access to technology to do my own head to head test clubs. Lots of us out here with m1. Why bother to change to m5. Shiels, crossfield too busy with corporate speel and out of touch with real golfers out there to bother reviewing a club that’s 4 years old vs a new club like m1. TM producing new drivers every year, help us decide if we should spend our hard earned cash. Keep in touch with REAL golfers

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