EXPENSIVE VS CHEAP: Taylormade M5 Vs Taylormade SLDR Driver (Review)

So I test the Expensive Taylormade M5 Driver against the 2014 Taylormade SLDR and see what kind of numbers we can get!

Let me know which comparison you want to see next.


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Robert Court says:

Did you say you lofted the sldr down to the same as the m5? Isn’t that going against the idea of the sldr? I get that you’re trying to make it a fair comparison but surely both clubs should be optimised to get the fairest test?

chgoalie31 says:

when i went and did my fitting for the m5, moving the weights around made a large difference for me regarding trajectory and spin etc. i gained almost 25 more yards with the m5 over my 2017 m1 but the proper fitting shaft also played a large role in that of course.

Brandon Weber says:

I picked up my M3 for $225 on Ebay, just wait a year and everything drops in half or more.

allo cromeau says:

i have the 430 R15 tp in lefty(VERY RARE FIND!!!) with speeder 757 evolution shaft xstiff…….and i have the weight just a finger apart for little forgivness more than the SLDR in the middle…what a bombe easy swing..i i can truly feel the heavier head to square everything thing! got it new last season(end) for 200$ Canadian money

Eric Hurt says:

Shoulda did the R1….. that was the first of the first.

Bob Kuralowicz says:

I had bought an SLDR to replace an R1. But found the R1 to be longer and straighter with better feel and sound. I liked it, but hated the useless compass-like dial on the bottom. Any thoughts on the R1?

Simon Hobbs says:

Great video and great result for the under-dog. Would be good to see the SLDR 3 wood v’s the latest TM M fairway. Fairway woods always seem to get forgotten on these sort of tests; Stenson leading the way with oldest fairway…

ajh21313 says:

I still game the SLDR to this day! How do you feel about the weight on the SLDR? Opposite of where you strike on the face? or place the weight under where you strike it on the face?

Sean Coxe says:

How did you get the SLDR to slice? It’s famous for taking the right side of the fairway out of the equation (but it was easy to lose low and left). Despite its Internet reputation, I never found the SLDR that unforgiving. Will you lose yards hitting it off-center? Yes, but that’s true with most drivers, especially if they’re loft-challenged like the SLDR. The SLDR’s biggest problem was TaylorMade’s marketing it to the masses. That said, I’m a 15 hdcp and I still game a 12* (1*+, bottom weight 2 clicks to the heel). Even with all that loft (13*), it doesn’t ‘balloon’ on me and is very accurate.

-90% НА ВСЕ ALIEXPRESS - cashbacka•ru says:

Вы и только вы способны написать ту историю своей жизни, которую вам суждено рассказать. А миру нужна ваша история, потому что ему нужен ваш голос.

MrShanghai34 says:

I just bought an SLDR 430 at TeeTime in NC yesterday. Big bux for it. $60. I just took it outside and hit it. I love it. M2 no longer in my bag. Was replaced with a Cobra that was replace with an old Cleveland x2… I keep switching clubs looking for the one that completes my golf puzzle. Yeah, Im a cheapSk8… proud of it

Albert Curry says:

I ALWAYS buy older versions! So hard to justify $500+. I just retired my Callaway 2009 (I think) FtiZ in 13°. It was new but 2 yr old model. It is a VERY forgiving driver and fairly long. I just picked up a Cobra F6, again new but a 2-3 yr old tech. Adjusted it 12.5° and bombing (for me at 68 yrs old) 240-250 yds on clean strikes. Very forgiving, low launching for 12.5° and really rolls out. I hit a low ball. Compared to the FtiZ it’s much lighter so I think I can swing it faster. I’d encourage the more “mature” golfer to go lightweight.

Michael Ticehurst says:

Some excellent striking there Simon…..Great to see Old Vs New….A comparison that I would love to see would be a 2012 Cleveland Classic Driver (the one that had persimmon colours) 310 head with a Miyazaki Kusala 61S Black shaft Versus Cleveland LAUNCHER HB Driver with similar shaft…..That ‘Classic’ driver was used by Graham MacDowell, and until recently Smilie Kaufman. I still have one, but it’s been superseded by a Rogue Sub Zero (last year)

-90% НА ВСЕ ALIEXPRESS - cashbacka•ru says:

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Kieran Fleming says:

Great video love the new old comparison. Taylormade rbz stage 1 against m6 drivers or 3 wood please.

Gary Brown says:

i got a 75 gram shaft in my f9 cant lift the club and was fitted for me by gloucester golf centre useless golf fitters

SAS Golf says:

Thanks for watching guys! Anyone able to slice the ball further right than me?

Matthew Boulton says:

£99 night out with her indoors? mcds costs about £14 for 2 🙂 love seeing how similar these are in honest hands. I saw second hand epic drivers in OGC for £199, compare that to flash and rogue? how far can a club come in 18 months?

Eoin m says:

I’ve never hit twist face but what I can say is from my m2 2017 a high toe is the killer shot really worst shot I can hit with it anything counteracting that has to be a good thing

Paul Goodier says:

A and 2? A and B or 1 and 2……what launch monitor do you have please? and No club head speed info? can you say why not? is it because the monitor is old? I thought that would be the first item on the list??? On a totally different thought….are you gay? makes no diff to me Its just you seem very camp….

fezzer365 - LIKE and SUBSCRIBE says:

Just bought m3 new for 269 with aldia rogue shaft today, really like the look and happy i waited and saved 200 beans.

Chris Mayor says:

Love it again. Brutally honest. About the forgiveness, bias, sound etc etc. Knowing that, you hear what you are looking for. As I said, I love this. Best driver I ever bought was second hand.

Paul Goodier says:

enjoyed the video If you dont mind a comment? dont stand too close to the camera mate…..better to see head to waist height at closest

Coby Pizzotti says:

I put the weight in the back on my M1.

Elliot Hand says:

Really enjoyed this style of video.

Also good to hear why I’ve always struggled with my R15 which I think is similar to the SLDR, great when you connect but next to no forgiveness so I now think it’s time for me to switch

James Vaughn says:

Good comparison! It exemplified the issue I had with the SLDR, I could hit some real bombs with it, but also drop some real turds at times. I liked the loft up campaign, and I never heard why they dropped it with the R15.

Ed Mc says:

I had a SLDR first driver that I hit a couple over 300 yards at the fitting. I liked the deep face and gray finish but did not like the mis hits now I have the G 400 Max and never hit a driver so good. After a while your swing gets better, not really but you get more confidence so you swing so much more freely.

Niknejm says:

would like to hear your thoughts on the mizuno mx 560!

matthew orge says:

Great vid.
Proving the taylormade yearly propaganda of having a new club that is always straighter and longer, is complete BS

Griffin Hussong says:

Sldr 430 12° opened to 10.5 with the weight thing actually down the middle of the club. Bet you get 315y!

Mike Austin Fan says:

SLDR is the one. Now off to ebay we go.

Bandit Baker says:

Wow, you got the SLDR cheap, “a night out with the missus” usually costs me about £30, which equals 2 Rounds down the pub and a Bag of chips on the way home!

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