Expensive Driver Vs Low Cost Driver

Golf clubs are now costing more than ever. The Taylormade M3 Driver, The Titleist TS2 and TS3 Drivers, Callaway Rogue Driver, The Ping G400, they all cost near enough £400 or more. So how would they compare against an independently manufactured driver by a start up company that costs as little as £169? I put probably the best driver of 2018 – the Taylormade M3 driver, against the “Old Tom” Driver. manufactured by Ryan, a normal guy with a normal job… but a big dream. Do these all singing all dancing golf clubs warrant the money? or can you find similar… OR BETTER results with something less than half the price and SAVE MONEY? lets find out… and lets do it now.

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Chris Waller says:

Nice to have a go, but Benross are cheap and they aren’t massive.
Hope it sells, just can’t see it

Andy Rimmer says:

Get your drift but a key point is residual value after say 18 months. TM or Titleist will hold a good value for trade in or sale. Old Tom probably worthless. There is your difference in cost James.

Gregg Linnell says:

Expensive would be my M2’s. Cheapest would be my first driver, which was a Donnay one. I think I broke at least 2 of them whilst on the range. The shafts would just fracture near the head. So a rather big difference 😉

Garry Wilcox says:

James I have a g 30 ping driver it’s been very safe ,I do wonder if it’s time for a change.

Ian Ross says:

Crap with drivers so I stick with my Benross evolution r 3 wood

Michael Stewart says:

Got an old Dunlop one I paid £3 for in a charity shop in hunstanton. I will eventually be getting a new one or decent one when I get fitting. Never had an expensive one but I played cross handed since I began playing golf. I’ve just started having lessons with proper grip and starting again from scratch so will develop my swing and get one best suited.

steve cornibert says:

Looked for a web site or other internet reference for this drive. Didn’t see any. Do you know of a link? Thought it might be fun

Michael Harrison says:

Most expensive, 2017 Taylor Made M1. Least expensive, a pre-owned Adams Fast 12 LS, which is an absolute beast when hit well. When I grooved that driver, it was longer than anything I’ve hit.

Alan Thomson says:

I am going to say- if you find a great club, you will keep it many years, so the price is really irrelevant. My advice, do the blind test and pick the best for you, if it is low cost great, but trust me a good club suits you that costs 500 is still a bargain.

brianmcg321 says:

Does anyone know how old the designer is?

frank frank says:

Um, didn’t justin hit arnie’s old persimmon 1 wood about 290 yards, on the fly?

Mark Santo says:

Hi James good video as always, I sold my Taylor made m2 of driver bought a cheaper Cleveland got fitted, right shaft went up to 10.5 my driving from my weakness to my go to club.

David Boddy says:

Great video, love these types of comparisons, and good on the young guy and his Old Tom.

Golf stuff says:

A branded shaft will make a big difference, but a branded head will not? Can’t go both ways…

Keith Finley says:

James, reshaft the adaptor with the same shaft as the M3

James Lovering says:

Golf is about confidence which is why I suspect many people buy the “best brands”, it’s clear that technology has peaked years ago.
We still want to believe the latest driver will give us that elusive power and control we desire. Something the marketing departments are masterful at exploiting with these beautiful new designs and promotional material.
I was nearly caught with the new TS 3, was informed by the pro shop that the last guy found 30 to 40 more yards. I thought about it for a while and decided that I already hit my old TM Burner Superfast 280 -300 and why would I introduce a change.

But dam those new designs look good :-).
If I had the money spare maybe I would have gone for it, much more important things for the 700 AUD in my life.

ian koch says:

Cheapest Driver PGF 20 year old set, 2nd hand from my boss $50 for lot, about same size as todays hybrids, distance hit 200 -240mts, so a newer club would be nice one day.
cheers and great vlog, keep up the great work

stangcobr says:

I see lots of comments about changing shafts, doing that sometimes will result in very little yardage gains if the firmness is the same..

Scott Warner says:

A good review. My advice would be spend your money on the best secondhand driver you can afford. Companies like Golfbidder resell older gear at really good prices. All drivers since about 2004 have to pass a COR face test to comply with the R&A , so any 5 or 6 year old driver will perform OK. If you want new driver & are prepared to try Old Tom go for it.

andy h says:

I would also say that the m3 will be fitted for you as well

Miceal Howell says:

The most expensive driver I have had is the titleist 915 and the cheapest driver I had second hand taylormade R9 and there was a massive difference I went from hitting the ball 195 to hitting it 240-250

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Spent £50 on a MD golf driver (brand new inc. delivery) in a stiff shaft – awesome but a bit noisy.

Ryan Ragan says:

Had an old Powerbilt I got at Big 5 sporting goods for 35 bucks, I now have a Ping G…….. so yeah….. take that how you will lol.

MATTI Helenius says:

Hi James. I’m using Callaway FT 9, my first and still only one, I have no idea how old is it.. thought. 🙂 it seems like 07/08? might be even earlier. Have a great day!

oliver izzard says:

Never bought an expensive driver. 2nd hand never looked better than now.

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