Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review


Cobra F9 Speedback Review – Course Vlog: COMING SOON!

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Mr41134 says:

8 out of 10

Adam Sullivan says:

Switched from the Callaway Rogue to the Cobra F8. The milled face has an incredible feel to it. Great review!

Beta Vulgaris says:

‘speedback’ hahahaha.

Mark Kennedy says:

Absolute bullets! Love cobra drivers, they looks amazing and feel as good

Robert Franks says:

Enjoy this or the 785 more?

Brandon Price says:


Eric Figueroa says:

9 out of 10 for me. I have a Cobra Fly Z Driver in my bag currently. I’ve really enjoyed my current driver. Maybe it may be time to upgrade.

93civiccpe says:


matthewua1 says:


Ryan Maille says:

Was this the 9* or 10.5*?

Chet LovesMer says:

Great video, brother. This is the first of your videos I’ve ever watched. … You have a new subscriber. BTW — I love the look of the flat finish greyish one. Damned you, Cobra… Do I have to buy another driver?

Lee Stockdill says:

Im in love… But probs not with the price

Adrian Lewis says:

Looks very odd, unsure about it, sure it performs great

Collin McKelvey says:


K S says:

12 out of 10

cobra1995xx says:

Did it show on there what your angle of attack is?!

ultimatejay says:

All the hype and the Ts2 and Ts3 blows it away

Barry Vigus says:

5 for looks

Graham Rolton says:


Jonathan Cassidy says:

I like the look of it. People loosing their senses over the yellow bottom. ITS ON THE FUPPING BOTTOM AND YOU WONT SEE IT AT ADDRESS !!!!!!!

James Harrison says:

The only way to noticeably reduce drag is to make the face smaller.

Darrell Johnson says:

Why did you do this? I just love my F8, love the look, love the style, and then you come up with something that looks like it came out of Star Wars. Good grief!

The Bigdog says:

I was going to get the F8 should I wait until the F9 comes out in two months

JC NG says:

Youre always the first !!! Amazing!!

david lockyer says:

great video and good review . not sure about the new look in the f9 but if it works on my list to test my m2 is getting old lol

sebastian medina says:


Aapo Mattsson says:


Wes Hughes says:

130 mph club head speed nice alex.swinging it well

noonster55 says:

Looks of the driver, or you?

anthony hwang says:

8:30min video it took 6mins to see him swing the dang club.

Mango Man says:

7.5 for the yellow, 8 for the arctic white. Not as good looking as F8, but still nice. The yellow won’t be for everyone (though you can’t see it at address), but I think they pulled it off well.

Luke Skywalker says:


Charles Piette says:

Is it me or is this club looking a lot like the last Nike driver made before exiting the golf club industry?

Frank van den Bogaart says:


Neil Gardner says:

‘Definitely me’ on 300+ yard mis-hits!! I cant get one directly ‘out of the screws’ that far!! Great grouping on the trajectories and obviously the right shaft-head combination for your frankly ridiculus clubhead speed. I am just a little bit (well actually a large amount) jealous. 🙂 Great review

Ricardo Murcia says:

Alex is the best and funniest guy in Australia!

The Bigdog says:


PeteC says:

Holy Batman!! 6 shots, 5 on the green next to the pin, one is a tad short, but still there, averaging 279 meters carry. Great video Alex!! And great driver, well done Cobra!

noonster55 says:

I like the black and yellow 8.9 out of 10

Brad van Bakel says:

130 club head speed?! sheeit. Do you not reckon there should be more distance with that sort of speed? The smash factor is pretty low at 1.37.

Jonny Robbo says:

Really wanted to watch this video but could only manage 20 seconds. What a super annoying person.

Peter Webber says:


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