Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review -THE MOST WANTED DRIVER OF 2019?

Cobra F9 Speedback Driver Review -THE MOST WANTED DRIVER OF 2019? 2019 has seen the introduction of a load of fantastic new long hitting drivers including the Callaway Epic Flash Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, Titleist Ts3, Titleist TS2, Ping G410, Mizuno ST190, Taylormade M5, Taylormade M6 and many others. But how does the Cobra F9 Speedback fit into this category? its filled with technology and a lot cheaper than all of the above? can it compete against the expensive drivers on the market today? Bryson Dechambeau and Rickie Fowler will tell you it can with 2 wins already world wide Cheap golf clubs vs expensive golf clubs… Lets find out… and lets do it now!


Michael says:

fitted  f9 hazardous smoke driver… f9 tour 3w same shaft

Adam Tuck says:

What is the most forgiving driver so far this year

xrayg1971 says:

I gamed p790s .. Ping g400 max g400 3w last season….p790 were good but not great and 400.max was great when it was great and was not when it was not… Was fit at club champion…… This year . I just got my full cobra bag… One lenth F9 irons… 3 hybrid one lenth… F9 driver and f9 3 wood and I had a f8+ 5 wood last year so. I kept that…. Now I need a cobra hat lol

Azlan, Tengku says:

Are you still gaming your TS3?

Joe Perez says:

Certainly want to try it.

You forgot the most important part of the review… Does it have boxing glove headcover??? #GottaLuvTheGluv

Nick Millar says:

That things longer than a whores dream

Chrissy Sprouse says:

Really nice review James..

Jason Brown says:

ordered mine two weeks ago and still waiting for it to come(fairway as well)

Seamus Maguire says:

I’m still gaming the older f6

Zachary Milos says:

James your a negative AoA guy, no? If so, not shocked you’d get 3200 spin out of a head that’s not really been designed to kill spin like M5 or SZ. Rickie Fowler commented recently that he’s added hot melt up toward the face, I assume to bring spin down even more. Might not be the winner for you personally but for us fellas who swing level or a bit up on the ball, it’s a keeper I think when you consider the lower price tag, and subjectively good looks/feel.

Mike Estok says:

I don’t believe the face is neutral. It’s probably a few degrees closed. Like so many of the drivers. Great video James.

Michael Holton says:

I would game that.

Brian Scott says:

How about a mid handicap test

James Sawyer says:


Cam Dowall says:

Just came to new Zealand will go get on this weekend

Alex Heuston says:

I think the dispersion would be better if the heavier weight was in the back maybe??

Martin Barnes says:

I have just been fitted for the f9 it added 20 yard to my game I think it’s the best driver I have had now just got the f9 3 wood and what a great price Thanks cobra

Chris Harris says:

I have tried Cobra F-9. I wasn’t very impressed. I ended up buying Taylormade M-6. A course I’m a mid to high handicapper. I didn’t find the F-9 very forgiving.

OzzieWanKenobi says:

OMG!!! Tour Edge better and cheaper do a dam review James please!!!!

Tony Critchell says:

Cobra or Ping Driver ?

TideFan01 says:

If I was to buy a new driver this would be what I go for and ain’t it cheaper than other big brand drivers?

Tim Brown says:

Well, I am not sure it was the club but rather the golfer that created the dispersion concerns. I suspect the right shaft and loft settings would improve launch and spin. I would like to see on course testing with the same shaft using the F9, TS2, and 410. The majority of golfers will fit into one of those 3 drivers. Scoring for distance and fairways hit please!!

Rick Peters says:

I would like to see that up against the epic flash, new ping, and the m6.

Anthony Taylor says:

you said not the most forgiving driver of 2019 what is ? forgiveness over distance for me 250yds in to the woods is no good to me!

dogsarefun2 says:

hate spending $$ for the latest driver, just bought an F8 with evenflow shaft in excellent condition for $160

steve shepherd says:

I tried this last week at AG along with the Callaway Epic flash, M6 and a Wilson. Only the M6 went further than my Ping G Driver, but wasn’t particularly straight, it was 12 yards longer though. It wasn’t a proper fitting and the spin rates where huge compared to my driver. I also had a trip to the ping fitting centre and got fitted into a G410 which was straight and 8 yards longer than my G.
At the moment I’m “sat on the fence” with £400 burning a hole in my pocket.

Graham Skeff says:

Would love to try this

Darren bell says:

Also had big misses left with this club and didn’t like the look of the crown as i really wanted to game this driver this year. Spin was high with numerous shafts for me 2900/3000. Ended up with flash sub zero better looking for me and spin around 2100/2200. Perfect combo for me which gave me more distance but f9 and flash sub best 2 drivers for me this year.

randy underwood says:

srixon 785?

paul garnham says:

Strange… I found it very forgiving, not a great loss of distance on miss hits, the lowest spinning for me and by far the best dispersion.
And that sound…. Omg heaven.
Yes I’ve had mine since the launch

Golf Buddy says:

M5 still king

Tyson Hickman says:

I’d like to see a head to head with the bio cell+(currently in my bag btw)! Also, have you ever bagged a driver simply because you just loved hitting it as opposed to just straight data??

Eric John Ellis says:

Love it and can’t wait to try it again! Def, more forgiving in the weight set back! Thanks James!

Stories with Aly says:

I will try one soon but as I found a driver I like for the first time and got fitted for it (ts3) doubt I will be changing or adding to it. But did like the cobra f8 for what it’s worth so am trying for that reason alone.

Nick Millar says:

Weird. You can’t hit it 300.

Paxton Jarrett says:

What kind of head cover does it have?

Keith Finley says:

Try it with weight in the back

Dave Hanstein says:

Didn’t like this one at first, but she has grown on me. Longest so far for 2019 drivers! Great bang for the buck!

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