Cobra F8+ Driver Review – After seeing tons of requests and comments to review the new Cobra F8 series, we’re are getting started with the F8+ driver! Cobra seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of all the new driver releases, so we wanted to find out how their new line stacks up to the Taylormade M3, Callaway Rogue and others!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser, Master Clubfitter


Julio Rodriguez says:

Matt’s got some serious horse power..jeppers… I have a found new repect for Cobra. Thx guys!

Kory says:

Matt – Did you end up bagging the G400 from the longest/most accurate fitting video? Do you prefer one over the other?

beesbadknees says:

Just wondering if you are going to be doing a wilson staff c300 driver review? Keep up the good work

Scott Timmins says:

I’m a sucker for loving blades. Could you do a comparison of a blade vs a small cavity back, like an apex mb vs apex pro. Both would be similar in size. If lofts were the same, I’d be interested to see if there is any difference between them.
Also a video on some of the putters out there and some of the technology they claim.
Normal vs x balls, if it’s just feel or if there is any performance differences for a fast swinger.
I’m really trying to narrow my bag down haha

Peter Gilcoine says:

Great review!  It would be nice to see a mid to high handicapper review these products to get a taste of how it would effect the average player.  Matt is killing it though! Keep up the great work

richard r says:

How was the F7 driver no good? Can you qualify that statement. Is it less good for better players? Would higher handicap players find it still a good driver?

Big Will says:

I appreciate having the variety of hitters you have on here, including Matt swinging slower and fast. They’re in the minority, but there are handicap golfers swinging 110-115 or more who could really get value from seeing the info gained by seeing Matt testing at his normal speeds.

Ryan Maille says:

So “Dynamic Loft” is Angle of Attack (AoA) + Launch Angle (LA) right? So +4* AoA and LA 11* = a Dynamic Loft 15* right?

If someone has an AoA of – 2* and LA of 9* then it’d be a Dynamic Loft 7* correct? It works the same both ways regardless if it’s a +/- AoA.

Just wanted to make sure I’m understanding everything correctly.

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David Challoner says:

If the weights that are changed are most drastic in the weight difference ie (5 & 15 gram vs. 5 & 30 gram), would that affect the rpms more than 200 rpms?

Peter Russell says:

Would love to see you try the earmuffs test you mentioned and see if a tester could judge feel without hearing the hit!

Jerry Martell says:

Why do I so often see 1 dislike? Those competitors just don’t appreciate you!

joe white says:

Got this driver at work, never really a massive fan of cobra but this is a beast. Feels great, looks better, good numbers. Nice to see cobra has gone away from all those loud colours, appeals much more to the better player. Great vid guys

Wayne Owens says:

Thinking of changing my irons due to inconsistency of strike and lack of feel at the top of back swing .tendencies to have quick transaction from top of swing currently playing king forged tec with c taper light 105 reg shaft . Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.grate content and information as always spot on

Kevin Dick says:

Really keen to see Ian hit some balls at some point? And who would fit Ian for clubs? Himself?

B Littell says:

Well, I guess I’m a little chagrined to have just bought an F7 driver on clearance….

Rogelio Ortega says:

Love that you guys are reviewing all the brands. Cobra makes some good sticks. Any chance to get the Mizuno ST and GT 180 drivers on for a look?

Michael Walsh says:

Nice review. I got F8+ about 3 weeks ago but haven’t had chance to really practise much with it as weather been shite. Tried m3 m4 and rogue on sim pre buying and this was the best for me especially for being on line

Anthony McKenzie says:

Great review guys. I like your format vs. what other channels provide. The discussion prior to hitting provides a good setup by outlining the “what” & “why” of the club followed by the “how” with Matt hitting. If you could incorporate an average golfer swing into the process, I think that would make it perfect.

Rodney Greenwell says:

It’s funny you think the F7 was a flop my brother tried It along side the M2 , Epic and Ping and he absolutely loved it and has been playing it for about 4 moths .
His son chose the 2017 M2 and crushes it only not as strait I’m still using the 2016 M1 which I’ll probably be replacing soon ….

Donnie Davis says:

I’m glad you guys did the f8. I tested the epic sub against the f7+ and was consistently longer and straighter with the cobra. Both playing the same Rogue silver shaft. Keep up the good work.

steve kemlo says:

Ive got the F7 driver and its a fairway finder but does spin a lot into the wind up here in the north east of Scotland haha

Nate Buyze says:

I would love to see you guys do a hybrid vs. driving iron video as that’s something I’m trying to decide with in my bag. Also, would like to see Ian hit some too! Great video as always, my favorite channel on YouTube! Keep up the great work!

Lennie Clark says:

Love the way you all present the info and ask the questions like variable face vs constant thickness and the aero engineering effectiveness. VERY informative. Equally, I love the club fitting videos as I have recently found much enjoyment in club building. Keep them coming!

Ed Mc says:

Would like to see a comparison of the Ping G 400 LST vs. the G400 Max with Mat hitting them with his shaft and setup and then set the same two up for a 95 to 105 mph golfer.

cwugrad396 says:

You guys really do a bang up job with these videos – quality with a capital K

James Wilson says:

Are most club heads made in a factory in China? Are all the manufacturer in the same building in China?

Rodney Greenwell says:

I was watching a video today from club champion and they are claiming the shaft pure every club they make is this a gimmick or is it actually a valid procedure in club building…..

Mohd Sharef Abdul Rahman says:

Ian & Matt, as always, interesting and informative. Matt hits the ball miles quite effortlessly. I’ll get fitting advice from you Ian and driving advice from Matt..he he…keep up the good work guys. You deserve more subscribers and views….I’m sure over time that’ll be the case.

John says:

Can you tell us where we can get a fitting like you do in the New York area actually on Long Island

John says:

Outstanding as usual

Miguel Garza says:

Matt you said you were the only one there that could hit test shots currently. What about Ian? i know i just heard Ian say he hit the F8 and it felt hard to him. How about you two flipping roles for a video and see if Matt could fit you Ian? It appears like Matt is trying to learn the fitting side of the buisness. I think it would get a few views.

D Nakagawa says:

Great honest review, would love to see a comparison with the F8 in the draw position

NWP4440 says:

When I tried it, it felt like hitting a giant iron. Not a bad feeling, just s different one.

maxim götze says:

I would love to see Ian hit a few

doublet91 says:

I’m wanting to test these, G400 line up, and the ST180. I’ve now watched this and the Ping fitting… ST180 next?

Nick Thomas says:

I’m disappointed to hear you guys didn’t like the F7 range! I actually play the F7+ and I love it! I’m now debating on whether or not I should switch the the F8+! Great video as usual

Adolfo Zayas says:

Great review again. I definitely like the look and the sound as Matt hit those drives. I like the cnc idea. I know it sounds silly but when I practice and use impact tape you can see the center and also feel the shot. The center of the club would give me the incentive to see the center.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

Great vid as usual guys, thanks for sharing. Just a few comments. 1. Why was smash factor so low? Or is this a common trait for Matt’s impact? Would a different shaft have given a higher smash? 2. Have you guys tested the new Mizuno drivers? Would love to see a review. Mizuno highly underrated when it comes to drivers but this year’s offering is surely a must test!! 3. Could you do a head to head vid? Say Matt hitting all the low spin drivers? Say ST180, M3, G400 LSTEC, Rogue Subzero, F8+, etc. Would be good to see…. Thanks

Corey Pendergraft says:

Never too fast!! Keep on swinging!! Love it.

Nino Azurin says:

Owning an F7, i’ve been justifying a switch to F8 or F8+ for a while, thanks to my fitting session with you Ian almost a month ago it helped me a lot to decide to keep the same setup. As you’ve said, current setup works maybe a switch to a little heavier shaft. Played couple of rounds already and I’m still hitting more fairways even with bad hits, I blame the club hoe in me wanting for a switch! Thanks again Ian

Mike Cook says:

Nice review! Seems a little demanding for me but I love the info!!

Rob C says:

Love the format of the review, good two way discussion followed by drmo

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