Callaway GBB Epic Driver

Callaway GBB Epic Driver reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. The new Callaway Epic driver with its Jailbreak technology is talking about long drives with more ball speed. Mark puts this to the test and talks about who might get the most from this golf club.


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MrPolus24 says:

It really is for the masses. Epic? I mean, come on. Next they’ll bring out the Big Bertha Yolo.

Andrew Sullivan says:

Orange castle tee. That’s a win

Twon McDowall says:

to me it looks very titleist on the bottom. very ping turbulator on top. very m1/m2 on top. have they pinched ideas from everyone?

Stephen Derbyshire says:

Great review, massive hype by Calloway, but no 262 carry! Incident!

Jamie Purvis says:

Mark how much technology can progress a driver to hit further I see none or anything that would say so , in my opinion golf manufacturers are full of shit , if we listened to how much they progressed we would be hitting tee shots 400 yard plus

cobra1995xx says:

Mark I see the sub z is carrying 10 yrds ish farther but is it just landing with little roll?! where the regular epic may be 10 yrd shorter carry but running out farther? what kinds of total yrds or what would you see as more “playable”?

David Fletcher says:

Epic fail in the name department.

Howie Land says:

Good review, Mark, but wouldn’t adjusting the club to a lower loft have provided a better representation of the club’s performance when fitted?

Damir-Alexander Zajec says:

…r the face

Mark Goodswen says:

The sub zero is actually more forgiving anybody with hook it’s perfect Mr skillful

Mario Alvarado says:

What loft were you using and by lofting up wouldn’t that help you more with drawing the ball because you said you were losing more to the right

Greg Boggs says:

500 US dollars for this club here in the states, then in 6 months or less they will say the Epic 2.0 is here with even faster ball speed! However yours will then be worth next to nothing! Marketing rubbish, if you really want to improve go get some lessons from a pro like Mark.

brewster102 says:

The lowest price right now for this thing–$ 500—more marketing hype from a company involved in a dying sport.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

I’m really liking the sound, at least on video. Far too many drivers are, to me, ear-shattering loud.

Robin Beach says:

Knuckle ball!

Llewellyn Griffith says:

Amazing review

JON PON says:


Todd Bridges says:

Mark – I simply don’t understand why you use the stock shaft in your review. The stock shaft could be simply terrible for you based on how you load/unload, spin rates etc.

JoeGolfKing says:

Since Epic comes with several stock shaft options, what shaft model and flex was used?

Ryan Kennedy says:

Good review mark enjoyed it

Owen Moser says:

What setup do you use for dry testing?

K RIFF says:

Nice review. I just bought this driver after testing different loft and shaft combos. Like you I found that shaft with 10.5 put too much spin. I ended up with the HZRDS 6.0 and 10.5° combo and it’s money!

Christopher Whitehead says:

I want to try a persimmon – headed driver!
Yeah, lets go back to wooden heads on drivers and hickory shafted nibblicks!
And where can I buy some Dunlop 65 balls? …, small diameter of course.

Benjamin McCormick says:

Great review Mark. I was kind of hoping Callaway would forget you like Taylormade did just so we could see another hilarious video of you pretending to play golf.

Garth Garthly says:

If I understand aright, people with 85 to 95 mph clubhead speed (like me) are going to find the ball dropping out of the sky with a low spinning driver. So we would do really well with one like this, yielding perhaps around 3000 back spin. As Mark says, it spins too much for his 115 clubhead speed, but that is not so relevant to the average person. Am I right?

Nich Byers says:

I love this driver just got fit for it yesterday. Distance wasnt mch longer than my current driver but i hit it straighter than my current one. I struggle with a slice i hit this driver 9 out of ten times down the middle. NOw that said it was after tinkering with the weight but got it perfect. I hit it at a better launch angle and spin was nice and low. Cant wiat for it to get here!!!!!

Patrick Howard says:

Epic vs M2!!!!!!!

Christopher Whitehead says:

If it’s got Jailbreak technology , I’d call mine “Thin Lizzy”

Glenn Smith says:

Pretty pointless review in my eyes. The technology is there to help the average player who doesn’t hit the centre of the face so they can get the most diatance still. As for his distance, it was carrying in his ‘usual’ range yet was spinning more…maybe he should get fitted and see what it will do then lol

Scottro Mc says:

Looks and sounds like an okay club but there is no way I would game something with such a stupid name.

BF golf says:

with m1 2017 reviews looking unepic I thought that this club would be the big dog, but it doesn’t seem all that epic either.

ethanspedge2K10 says:

Fitted for a driver this weekend. Tried Titleist 917 D2 & D3, Taylormades and this. This had 2mph ball speed more than the others but felt miles more forgiving. Gamed it twice and im amazed at the dispersion. It really tames the bad slicey spinny shots. Great for confidence off the tee.

Bobby Parson says:

Which is more forgiving Epic or Fusion

Ian Richardson says:

From the bottom it looks just like the titleist 915 Woods

Jonny Beech says:

Mark surprised you didn’t mention the price tag on this. American golf are showing pre orders for £469!!!!?!?? :O

Natasha Croft says:

Like how you call out amateurs having 60 yards dispersion, have seen plenty out there on your course vlogs frand!

Tami Beauty says:

gbb dbd and xr fairway best in my eyes, sub zero is awesome too. but again most driver are same just get fit and pick a head and shaft to fit in with your speed and spin characteristics, do love crossfields reviews tells it like it is always.

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