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Matthew Mignault says:

Rick and Rob. I really like your testing approach; Rob’s current gamer vs tested club. I feel you might want to get Rob to hit more than 3 balls (realise he’s testing multiple clubs at once so he could get a little tired). My reason for saying this is an average of 3 shots is not much of an “average”. For instance, ball speed for XR was fine except for the 3rd shot which appears to be a poor one, his best drive with epic had significantly different launch characteristics that the epic average. Anyhow, keep up the great work.

Rodney Mounsey says:

When your on the monitors how do you know when your hitting the ball what actual target is?

Dan8 Tavi says:

cn u do p770 with rob

Sebastian Martinez says:

253 yds? lol

Kevin Shaw says:

Just the review I was looking forward to. Thanks.

Charlie Hawtree says:

This thing is overpriced Chinese made garbage.

Carl Broadbent says:

Rick, can you compare the new m2 driver and the m2 D TYPE? I would love to see if this so called Draw driver is much difference. There isn’t much on youtube about the D TYPE and Taylor made are not promoting it as much and I wonder why?

eddie brown says:

I tested a Callaway Epic Demo @ the course yesterday. Actual playing conditions. Regular shaft, neutral setting @ 10.5 degree. My swing speed is around 85-90. I did hit it pretty well, not any longer than my Cobra Amp Cell pro. Has a weird feel coming off the face at contact, you never feel you hit it solid. Sounds hollow…… I checked and I was hitting it right in the middle of the face. Personally, I wouldn’t pay $500 dollars for it, absolutely no way. My Cobra cost $149 new and hitting maybe one more fairway a round isn’t worth $500 dollars.

Paul Brunt says:

I just purchased this driver and kept the same shaft out of my GBB (previous model) black Kuro Kage stiff as it gave me good numbers on the simulator. I have just taken it out on course and I’m easily 10-20m further. My side spin numbers are in the low 100’s and even when I miss hit it the results are ridiculous. Unless I do an absolutely awful swing my miss hit still go straight and good distance. I do think this club is well worth a look.

J Roc says:

It’s called Epic because a synonym of epic is “long” and although the word “epic” is not popular in the UK, they couldn’t name it the Callaway Cunt.

Johan Melander says:

I really enjoy what Rob is adding to the “show”!!!

Michael Quinn says:

9/10 for looks from a guy that hated green equipment last season. 9.5 for accuracy from 3 shots, 2 hit fairways. He doesnt give a ten but wait and see what the rating will be for a driver that hits 3 of 3. Feel 9/10 because it feels springier, oh really?

MrChittyChad says:

so sick of seeing the grenade commercial. why would you even show it on your channel after they told you to get lessons from crossfield? very rude social media employ

Ryan Goodson says:

someone rate this guys belt please, it’s driving me crazy

Kevin Maloy says:

Rick, have you ever thought about reviewing Your Edge Exotics Products

Nick says:

Rob should get 5 shots. 3 isn’t enough

JFor Reals says:

Im American and all of my american friends absolutely hate this name.

Robert Dillon says:

please mention what golf ball robb is using, also when you are testing , i think it matters to a senior golfer like myself, although im a 6hcp,, thanks

Russell Smith says:

Has Rob reviewed the new M2? Would like to see that.

Alan Waterworth says:

It´s a fair point about the name, are the next range going to be called “AWESOME!” and “F AWESOME!” ? but then again is it any more silly than “Aeroburner” ? must admit I prefer the Titleist system of a letter and number..

Patrick Howard says:


Wim Graven says:

Great test. Overall score 27.5, that’s high. But changing already my XR16 driver for the Epic? I don’t no. I will see if I can try it somewhere.

Derrick J. Holmes says:

I want one!

spookyfish says:

Interesting to see and hear comments about everyone being longer with Epic. I had a fitting with Callaway this week and they couldn’t beat my current driver (TM Aeroburner TP) or my 4 wood (Callaway x2 hot). Both of those where fitted and it just shows the importance of a good fitting, it will ensure best performance and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. New and shiny doesn’t always mean better

Josh Martins says:

Rob definitely not getting ENOUGH spin for his swing speed. Smash factor not that great either…

James Flynn says:

FYI, I do not use the word epic.

sean craig says:

What happened to Rob’s aeroburner driver?

Jeffrey Bodine says:

Cmon Rob … 9 for looks ???? Callaway ruined this driver with the speed bumbs on top , so Ugly ! Its sad because this looks to be a hot driver and callaway went with the johnny carnival design and turned a lot of people off . Looks good on you though …;

Martin Moore says:

is this your highest rated driver rob?

Jason Drury says:

Wow what a suprise he likes a Callaway product…

Sharon wooster says:

10 balls would be better than only 3

J Roc says:

Looks a 9.5? lol. That is one of the ugliest crowns ever made. To each his own I guess.

Andrew Levy says:

Hey i’m from the US don’t love the name but it works so what does it matter Also don’t know why they went back to the old green

Thomas Rædkjær Pedersen says:

Ha ha 5,39. Did you just Fart in the swing Rob :-)That was what you needed!! super drive from you!

Sodthong says:

Epic bloody price…

foredogg says:

Rob what was the shaft flex and brand?

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