PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the new CALLAWAY EPIC SUB ZERO driver against the VERTICAL GROOVE DRIVER on GC2 & HMT to see how these two driver compare to each other.

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Brutus ofTroy says:

There is a difference between straight and at target. The important thing is it performed THE SAME as the Callaway, the vertical groove driver is as epic and cool and the epic sub zero it seems, love it, got the VG driver in my list for the next big stick. Gotta be worth thinking about before pumping 500 large on the Callaway!

Bobby Scarboro says:

Rick you are the GOAT. You give us golf addicts something to do when the courses, golf stores, and ranges are all closed

viperr007 says:

Would vertical grooves on irons work?

Bombastic Elastic says:

Rick will eventually test diagonally grooved clubs. I wonder that they’ll piss him off as much as the vertical. Stay tuned.

MacClellandMan says:

VG looks like a gimmick. So does the jail break bit. Nothing beats getting custom fit and hitting many clubs to compare.

changin500 says:

Ok Rick. From your initial test on the vertical, can I conclude you like the feel and sound of the vertical more than the muted sound of the epic? I’m sure the looks of the vertical will turn some people off but I like it. Always been a fan of having a bag full of clubs nobody has seen or heard of before. Then, beating them in a match. Hahaha.

Digiphex Electronics says:

From an engineering standpoint, a vertical groove will accentuate a slice.

Harry Rose says:

Fadey McFade

Travis smith says:

Rick love all thw videos… can you get a hold of a krank driver? i wanna lnow how they actually conpare to others…thanks!! keep up the awesome videos

Paul wags says:

how is verticle groove a ridiculous name? it has verticle grooves. sheesh

B. Christopher Williams says:

I’m interested to see what toe and heel shots do with the Vertical Groove Driver in terms of straightness…

Robert Daugherty says:

Seems like vertical grooves and very soft low compression ball could turn a banana ball into a boomerang;-)

Nic Geldenhuys says:

Could you please do a comparison between the EPIC SZ and the 917 D3?

adonis159 says:

one thing that certainly isnt straight is the framed flag behind you on the wall 🙂

TJ Shine says:

Great info, for $100 less they are quite comparable!  I would love to see Rob Potter hit them both with his mortal swing speed!

Jamie Purvis says:

Hate the vertical drivers looks , but credit due , I’ll be interested in when they bring s second driver out

Adam Flynn says:

can we move on from “jailbreak technology” its not technology nor is it clever or amusing…its childish crap from a company rapidly becoming as bad as TM

Jaime Mantel says:

The data we are seeing is from the his ball and club face monitors. What is actually happening to the ball as it is hit down the range. Those monitors do a pretty good job but really do not exactly represent what is happening. I tend to hit draws but in the hitting simulators they always show my ball going to the right like a blocked shot. The reason I am bringing this up is because maybe for actual ball flight the vertical groove driver really does create a straighter shot.

dan smith says:

interesting video like the look of the vertical grove but will always be a callaway man so personal preference will go with the epic

Wim Graven says:

Always Fun to watch. But what I ever want to see is old versus new. For example XR 16 driver VS Epic driver.

stefon dai Thomas says:

hi Rick you said the epic was your current drive so does that mean it’s custom fit for? and was the VG driver custom fit if not it would be interesting to see what the results would of been. as we all know sometimes it takes a bit of time to get use to a club etc. good review though cheers

dean house says:

Callaway would be my choose!..

ThingsAreLookingUp says:

Rick, you seem to be losing distance. Swing changes?

Darth Fader says:

Vertical Driver looks better in my opinion, the Epic looks like it’s trying to hard with its design. How it hits, well that’s up to the player as it seems like very marginal differences

andrew o' brien says:

There is no difference between these two how much is the vg driver? All modern drivers are v similar

Travis smith says:

pardon my horrendous typing…

Adam Greenmyer says:

I would redo the test on another day hitting the callaway first and see if that changes your data. Could have gotten in the groove with the first 5 shots so theoretically the next 5 would be obviously straighter


U said your normal shot is a lil to the right?? I’ve always seen u hit draws. So what is your normal shot shape wit your driver??

Denzi008 says:

interesting comparison but the vertical groove driver looks cheap and awful

Jake Loge says:

So basically it really boils down to the price difference at this point lol

gaffs82 says:

Not sure about that music!

G. H. says:

When you’re talking “straightness’ of drivers you have to take into acct that one driver is 10.5 the other 9.5. If your tendency is left to right the VH driver will go further right. Also reverse the order in which you started, and see what happens. When you’re warmed up you’ll tend to be more reliable.

raymond hill says:

Like the one I can afford. Have Mark Crossfield test it. At least he will take it out on the course. Also if don’t like it send to me.

paul entwistle says:

Nice one again Rick.

Daniel Racine says:

Hang on. Did everyone miss what really happened here. So busy talking about the effect of grooves it wasn’t noted that the pre eminent, newest, very expensive, heavily advertised with all the tech Epic got done by a smaller, greener version made by a start up company!! Why didn’t this review spend a heap of time debunking Jailbreak babble rather than making the point ‘it’s all marketing. Pick the one you like the look of, there’s nothing in the numbers and the manufacturers are all full of shite when it comes to claims about tech!!!

Michael Rodriguez says:

Would you try The Callaway first then the Vertical and see if that makes a difference Please. Sometimes you can be a little warmer in your body which can make a change in the way you hit the ball, and maybe alternate clubs.

The BBQ Jerk says:

Grroves on drover dont really do anything. They are for cosmetics.

John Anderson says:

I want to see you hit the M2 2016 vs your Epic.

Mike Goppert says:

Rick, what tracking system do you use? What system would you recommend for home use and training for intermediate players? I was looking at SkyTrak, but I don’t think it gives you club head angle analysis. Thanks and love the videos. Great job.

Louis Becker says:

Just curious, why did you change from a draw to a fade?

Jinsok Kraybill says:

long drive challenge with the vertical groove and m1 please!

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