Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review

Is the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Faster Than Humanly Possible?

Alex Etches has a brief look at the lower spinning driver in Callaway Golf’s Epic Flash range.


For the first time, the Sub Zero model features a sliding weight that can be positioned in different parts of the head for fine-tuning.

With the inclusion of artificial intelligence, the Epic Flash Face has been created after a supercomputers sifts through 15,000 club face designs.

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Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review –

Callaway Epic Flash On The Golf Course –

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Point Break reference… The best

Paul Bear says:

Great video Alex, keep em coming! And you should have put the head on your back as an ice pack lol Plus I’m so jealous of your bad back swing that I may need to hurt my back!! Not convinced about this computer design hype though so can we have a head to head with last years model?

Zach Grabill says:

Watching this back to back with your M6 video seems like the numbers are down. So TM for you?

Rob Tait Wobbly Bob says:

Artificial intelligence?? Expected to see Mark Crossfield…

Ennui Golf says:

Song? I know the original. Who did the remix?

Cornejius Barner says:

Yes, who did the song???!!!!

allo cromeau says:

you should smash the xhot 8.5 degree driver to see the difference in yardage and sound….i dont get the carbon drivers…..not at all

Paranoid Android Golfer says:

Flash haaa aaaa your the hero of our golfing universe…….. First Hulk Smash of 2019!!!!!!!!

Michael Munoz says:

After 15k simulations – “This is the BEST version we can make inside the legal limits”….(until next years $600 version comes out after 15k+1 simulations)

Dan B says:

Great review as always but you should have got a Sub Zero outfit like Mortal Combat lol

Steven Rawlings says:

That’s it, you are officially the craziest sumbitch reviewer on the web!

Michael Munoz says:

Another great intro! Nailed it

Paul wags says:

Take it easy on that back.

Steve Coops says:

Love the channel
Cobra F9 Speedback
Taylormade m5/m6
Epic flash
Head to head
I’m backing the f9

William Russell says:

Let’s see the pxg gen 2 drivers review!

Steve Huk says:

How have I not subscribed before? I watch all your reviews, this being another great one. Now that we have that fixed keep em coming!

The CV Shop says:

Loved the intro

ThomasKlarskov says:

“Hey Siri, go straight and long” .. I LOLED

golf007sd2 says:

Enjoying your style of reviews bud. That said, take it easy on your back…been there. It takes time for it to heal properly…so get a buddy to hit the drivers. Cheers…

Col Br says:

Always informative, definitely the most entertaining golf equipment reviews out there. Love the intro and hope the back recovers soon.

iHateYourName says:

The rogue sub zero was maybe the longest driver you have tested. It carried on average 308 meters. It was maybe because your clubhead speed was on average 128 mph… Now it’s only 120.

Matthew Harker says:

if the cobra was the angry wasp then this is the fat green frog of the drivers, AI design still down to mortal humans to make a mess of missing the fairway. forgiveness still the be all and end all for most of us so Flash more suitable for most

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