CALLAWAY EPIC FLASH DRIVER REVIEW – 2019 Sees the launch of The Callaway epic Flash range. How will the new drivers for 2019 play? will they go a lot further than the 2017 Epic vs epic flash? what about the Callaway Rogue Driver? Callaway Epic Flash Woods include brand new to the market Flash Face technology which is kinda mind blowing… in this video I go through it in layman’s terms, will the Callaway epic flash be the best driver of 2019? or the longest driver of 2019?. Lets do it…. and lets do it now!


E M says:

Thanks for the nice review. Which works better, flash face or the twisted screw face? Both promise cataclysmic increases in ball speed and approach it from differing face technology. It would be nice to see a comparison between Epic FF and M6.

Shane Mescall says:

First please like

James Harrison says:

not sure on the Irish/south african/australian colouring – aaahhhh you can custom colour it – is that a cost option?

Martin Hewat says:

James I’ve just watched both the reviews on callaway flash and taylormade m6 and both look impressive but one thing … never mentioned price ?? Which club is value for money ?? Great reviews though….

D Nakagawa says:

Would love to see how it compares to the new Cobra F9.

Wayne Douglas says:

Another gimmick in an driver , flash face along with TM red dots Haha. Let’s give them a new paint job too!. Each club manufacture wont drop past gimmicks. Callaway jail break, TM twist face and Pings turbulators. Each driver has a face that’s on the legal limits and has been for some time. So a new gimmick and paint job to extract another £450+ for how many yards gain. Did they improve your driving distance James? Strange how TM staff players have to play the latest drivers, why cos TM don’t want you to see the old drivers are going as far as staff players using the lastest. Probably the reason justin rose has left

staticstephen says:

Wow can’t wait to trade my 6 month old driver in for £150 and put £300 to a new one ( 2 extra yards ) longer .

Cam Dowall says:

Hey look I’m going to try these like every new model that comes out bit still nothing has replaced the SLDR in my bag. But I’ll try anything once

Darrell Watkin says:

James, not surprised you enjoyed it, that is the best I have seen you swing it on those. Great vid keep up the good work.

Liang Chaw says:

Great video!!!

Eric John Ellis says:

That color is just unbearable lol

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

Great review!

The new face is really interesting! I’ve never seen anything like that before. We’ll have to see how much of a difference it actually makes!

Casey Turnbaugh says:

The USGA and R&A regulate COR in golf clubs to prevent manufacturers from making golf clubs that totally overwhelm golf courses with distance. The current COR limit in golf clubs is 0.830. Any club with a COR measuring higher than .830 is ruled non-conforming.

The terms “coefficient of restitution” and “COR” came into the mainstream golf lexicon as ultra-thin-faced drivers began to proliferate in the early 2000s. An effect of the thin faces is known as the “spring-like effect” or “trampoline effect”: The face of the driver depresses as the ball is struck, then rebounds, providing a little extra oomph to the shot. A driver that exhibits this property will have a very high COR.

However, the governing bodies no longer use COR to regulate drivers—they instead use something called “characteristic time” or “CT.” COR and CT measurements do track one another, however. This fact, combined with the fact that manufacturers all build drivers to max out the permitted amount of COR, has caused the term to lose some of its relevance.

But fairway woods, hybrids, and irons are still regulated using COR measurements.

In fact there are no new drivers and never will be any new drivers from anyone that will top what is out there now in terms of face hotness and off center hit forgiveness because every company has been at the limit for these performance factors for several years now.

John Williamson says:

Actually never done this with chocolate…… do you see ink blots as melted galaxy ? Just had a warm chocolate croissant, the interior of which was reminiscent of a hi-Tec Callaway… but that’s just me I’m sure. Thanks for the reviews!


Is the custom colour ordering coming to the UK as it’s been US only in the past?

Kirky 70 says:

Advantages vs the Rogue offering??
Also would like to see it tested against the TS2 would be handy.

Ian Robertshaw says:

Hi James. Can you actually fit and supply these clubs. Thanks.

Joe Perez says:

Color scheme immediately made me think of the Seattle Supersonics. Haven’t watched basketball in ages, but remember all that green & yellow, with black piping.

165 mph ball speed??? I don’t think *my* ball speed could get me a speeding ticket on the New Jersey Turnpike.

blair simpson says:

if u could hit this with a velocity ball u will be like super man ( ball test ) to see if bigger / smaller dimples change the movement

Mediocre Golfer says:

Flash! Ahhhhh!
Saviour of the universe!

Mike Lee says:

Epic trash horrible looking

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