Budget Driver VS Premium Driver + Old Tom RA91 Golf Driver Review

This video I review a budget level driver from a new golf company Old Tom. Their RA91 driver I test with launch monitor numbers and as always my personal feedback on looks & fell. But I also put it up against one of golfs premium drivers in the way of the Callaway Rogue Driver featuring JailBreak technology and an endless pit of money to work with for R&D & marketing. Whats the difference between these two drivers, watch to find out!

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Allen Wilson says:

I would be interested to see a long term test to see if it holds up to hundreds of hits. A very interesting alternative to the very expensive drivers. It would be interesting to do some bling testing of the Old Tom against a ‘big name’ with all of the logos blacked out so you didn’t know which one you were hitting.

Anthony Foster says:

A pity you could not get an X stiff shaft for the Old Tom. It would be great if you could in the near future.

Matthew Mignault says:

Mike another great video. Interesting flight on the Old Tom. What was particularly interesting for me was that you were not having the best day with your swing. I am not revelling in your struggles but your experience on this day is possibly like many of the rest of us (who experience this much more regularly). How does a 15 handicapper test multiple drivers at his local pro shop when he’s having a sh@! day with his golf swing? He can’t…or he ends up buying the one that made them least angry on the day and then sneakily buying another one mid-season without telling his wife.

George Thompson says:

What shaft? Surely using same shaft would make it fair

Richard T says:

Got to say Old Tom did quite well. 🙂

Rodney Greenwell says:

Mike this is something that really frustrates me about some of your reviews you say you want to show the difference between a premium driver and a budget driver well hers the difference Custom fitting…
Why didn’t you fit the best shaft for you into the Callaway ( To actually show the difference ) all you realy did is commpare a budget driver to a premium driver that is not fitted properly….
Very frustrating…..

Ryan Tout says:

I reckon it’s all about getting the right shaft the heads in drivers don’t make too much difference especially with the big brains

Bandit Baker says:

Interesting to see the Old Tom Driver, I have been watching Wilson’s D vs D2 and I’m amazed at how good Old Tom looks and how well it performs compared with the Wilson contestants. It would be great if Ryan could make up a driver with an XS shaft for you Mike so you could fully test it’s capabilities?
Either way Respect to Ryan and good luck with Old Tom!

Strad 4321 says:

A better comparison might be a 2-3 year old secondhand driver in good shape for the same or even less money. This might also be a good candidate for a component offering. Sell the head, shaft sleeve, tool and weight options and let the customer do their own shaft and grip. I do like the simple look of it.

Chris Waller says:

I applaud the lad for having a go at bringing this driver to market.
however it will remain a niche club with small fan base.
Just don’t see it making it if I’m honest

Simon Hobbs says:

Isn’t this what Orka have been doing for years, but with the benefit of shaft choice. Trouble with all these non branded clubs is they have virtually zero second hand value, so unless you are keeping them long term, newly new bigger brands clubs probably similar value in the short to medium term.

Old Tom says:

Thanks for the review Mike! I’m glad you like the the RA91 driver

Sir TogII says:

I reckon the test would make more sense for a mid handicapper. Still interesting to see that the performance is more or less there.

George Thompson says:

Shame Mike did not have same shaft in both. His preferred shaft in both would have been interesting

Tariq Kamil says:

What test needs to be done, is 2 cheap drivers, same model, and see the difference in performance….same reason why even on a premium name tennis racquet manufacturers cheap models, u may find the perfect racquet for u, but when u need 2 or 3, they usually play like different racquets. For their premium models, if there’s like anything more than a 5% difference in tolerance, the bad apple is destroyed, hence they use better grade materials.
But in golf, major manufacturers don’t produce cheap clubs. They make clubs for different types of players

Chester says:

I checked out Old Tom’s website and one can get this shaft in X flex.  Should this shaft suits one then all is well, but you can’t fit any other shaft.

Gazza Gee says:

Not sure of the point of this video when you’re swing was having a bad day.
Fwiw, after watching your Benross Evolution driver video (the one with your son on the course), I was so impressed I went for a fitting and bought one. Outperformed 400max, Rogue and F8. Budget is not necessarily poor performance

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