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► Neil Tappin tests six of his favourite drivers of 2019 – TaylorMade M5, Titleist TS3, Cobra King F9 Speedback, Mizuno ST190, Callaway Epic Flash and PING G410 plus. Which one came out on top?

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G Man says:

Worst review I’ve ever watched fence sitter.

Superutubeking says:

I tried all of them over a whole day and I got to say for distance and forgiveness the Callaway Epic Flash was the best followed by Taylormade M6 folllowed by King Cobra F9 Speedback

Jay McGillicuddy says:

I would game TS3, F9, & St190. Those are my favorites so far.

kimchicracka says:

Hmm, he really did his best to compare all of these drivers but I would say it really is something personal to each individual golfer.

GamingHorizon says:

Another good review

Andrew Purdie says:

shame you didn’t put up a dispersion map.

justin palmer says:

Tried the F9 and my ball speed jumped 10mph. Love the feel off it

Mike Eastridge says:

I think the TaylorMade looks rubbish like a Slazenger.


Excellent review..Cobra is superb value. One thing to note is that there’s no obvious fade setting on the F9, so for me it was the TS3

Keith Finley says:

Nice work

Rob H says:

Golf Monthly riding Taylor Made’s dick yet again! By far the worst driver of the year. M6 Butt plug!

andy wallace says:

Tried the F9 today, felt heavy in the hand, couldn’t get as good as ball speed at the TS2, which is a shame as I was hoping it would outperform the Titliest given it’s £100 cheaper

Deon Thompson says:

This test means nothing if you do not use the same shaft on each club. The shaft can skew the results on the clubs. Cobra probably would have came out on top if you had the right setting and shaft on the club.

My OpenMind says:

What is that chip (at 1:50) in the middle of the face of your M5 driver?

What was the dispersion like for each driver?

neal terrio says:

Make a lot of excuses for Taylormade… Cobra is a beast when fitted

notformebeaky says:

I always question their “carry” figures on the GCQuad. This guy doesn’t look like his club speed is anything like 114 mph. I’d say about 105 tops. 114mph is what tour players are doing.


Think I wait for 2020 . Then the driver of my choice, will be Half the price.

Mark Taylor says:

No PXG!!

SuperYoda7 says:

Cobra with a higher launch and lower spin is the best club with that ball speed.

DocWilly77 says:

Ball speed is king. You can tweak settings and shafts to get the right launch characteristics. F9 is the winner in performance and value imo.

Bryan Hylok says:

I hit tailormade both M5/m6 and didn’t live up to cobra or ping at all and for looks tailormade might be the ugliest so plain

Station 2Station says:

Cobra all day long. I can’t take the TS3 sound at impact. Granted Neil made a disclaimer on low face strikes, but I would have preferred if Neil corrected his mis-strikes and gave us the numbers with strikes equivalent to the other drivers. That’s not fair because mis-hits are not the clubs fault. Telling us how the numbers were on mishits is the equivalent of saying “I have to tell you I hit a cracked ball with he Cobra but a new ball with the other drivers in this test.”

TP91711 says:

Aside from 3 of the project X shafts being the same or close to same, is it really fair or a reliable test comparison when the shafts are not the same? From my experience, the shaft makes the bigger difference in the fitting and must be addressed to specifically match the golfers swing.

SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

Hmm a new driver or a full years membership lol

Saj Ghafoor says:

In the review of all these clubs and the performance section can you at least advise on the number of mishit and wide shots that have been removed from the totals.For golfers this maybe a good metric to know and good information. Especially when spending this amount of money, this info would help.Thoughts?

Stalking Heron art says:

Looking for a new driver… gonna go with something 3 years old for wayyy cheaper.

Ryan says:

So all the drivers are exactly the same thing, right. That wasn’t predictable… If there was to be a winner, it’s probably the Cobra because of the price, otherwise the Mizuno because they look gorgeous and sound great. #nothingfeelslikeamizuno

Charles Melaisis says:

Great vlog but surprised the New PXG wasn’t in there considering the price point of some of the new drivers

David Harrigan says:

Would like to see you get fitted for the cobra by them and see if it made a difference. Ball speed was highest with that one so would be an interesting test.

Keith Hassall says:

Neil. Thanks for the club appraisal. Why is the new PXG driver being ignored by all the majority of driver testing. Its now very comparably priced, the one test i did see gave excellent results?

Anthony Hegg says:

I currently game the Ping G400 Max driver so I don’t think I will be changing this year, but I did hit the Cobra F9 today and it was fantastic. I also love the look of the Mizuno ST190. I’ll hit that one upon it’s release just to see how it feels.

just sunny says:

F9 is the best looking , performing and price! Driver of the year!!

gregor millar says:

the test is completely useless if they are using multiple shafts that realistically aren’t comparable. the ping had an S flex in it and theres was ten gram differences in some of these shafts. waste of time

Bandit Baker says:

From all the reviews that I have watched over the last few weeks of the newly released drivers, it is pretty clear that the stand out performer is the Cobra F9 and when correctly fit it is a BEAST (check out the Cobra fitting on TXG’s channel)!. Also being at a Price point that is £150 lower than the TM and Callaway offerings IMO it is a no brainer which driver I would choose if I was looking to replace my current Driver.

goodswen mark says:

find another job

spot mfd says:

Every one looking for new driver this year should look at the TXG golf testing and club fitting of the cobra F9. It blows all this other clubs away. By the way this is a good channel but they pale in testing to that TXG channel.

Ben Ross says:

Great review but the difference in shafts and not matching EI profiles has a significant impact on spin rates and launch. With ball speed, club head speed, smash factor, being the same, this confirms what we already know. With the COR limit and CT limit, good strikes on every driver are the same. This test would be better using robots doing controlled mishits all over the face and the same AoA, using the same swing weights and shafts.

Terry Peeples says:

Cobra f9

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