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► Neil Tappin tests six of his favourite drivers on the market in 2018 – the TaylorMade M3, Ping G400 Max, Titleist TS3, Callaway Rogue Sub Zero, Cobra King F8+ and Srixon Z785. Which one came out on top?

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roul3688 says:

Titleist TS3 in my opinion. Had to buy one, it was that good. And I’m a stingy mofo.

Mitch 1977 says:

Looks= titleist sound= titleist feel= titleist distance= titleist Not a hard choice for me. I did like the sub zero also! That’s a straight shooter! shit just gotta get the ts3

Jacob Streiff says:

taylormade and Callaway in Australia are the same price, ping is more! 699AUD to 750AUD. that’s what puts me off Ping, not in my budget

Willem Parshley says:

In terms of overall value, it must be Cobra, right? Performed as well as any others for 170 pounds less than the Titleiest. Call me Ricky.

pcbmastbbxq says:

kind of feel that simulater Is having a laugh with him with the 290 carries. swings like someone who hots 260 at best. only reason it would travel that far is if he had perfect strikes every time and they were far from

David Hargreaves says:

I’ve got a ten year old Ben Sayers budget driver…I can hit it 300 yards…best driver I’ve owned since my old Wilson Staff Persimmon tourblock!!(lol)……….dont need to spend £250.Most golfers need to spend 90% of their time PUTTING AND CHIPPING…that’s where your game changes……

Eric Bohlig says:

If I had to choose one to get I’d pick the Callaway Rogue SZ because based off the stats it seems to be the overall balanced one and one that can lead to a good score.

Jim Saddler says:

Glad to see you chose the “right” driver. 🙂 I figured the looks and feel (sound) ratings would be low, but it’s the distance and forgiveness aspects that lower your golf scores, and I KNEW it would get high ratings there. I love the looks of some of the other drivers, but that G400 Max driver could be pink, or purple, or psychedelic in color–I wouldn’t care! It is the best driver
I’ve ever owned in 45 years of playing golf. My confidence level is sky-high with it and I am hitting more fairways now than ever. I liked it so much I added the G400 5-Wood and G400 Hybrid to my set as well. Great video!

John Hipp says:

the fact that mizuno is not on here is the reason I will not watch this video. theres been countless videos/tests/numbers showing the mizuno performed with the very best this year.

Bandit Baker says:

Earlier this year I went through the same process (apart from the TS range) and reached a similar conclusion, I ended up buying the G400MAX and just love it’s performance out on the course. I find it consistently long and extremely forgiving even when I don’t find the centre of the club face. But the thing I love most is the towering Ball flight, it just seems to take off and FLY!

안지환 says:

mizuno st 180 … awesome driver

Station 2Station says:

When everything is good, and everything is long, I look to sound and shape. TS3 tried to sound like the G30 from 4 years ago. Shrill. Piercing tonal timbre. The shape and sound of M3 is perfect to me. Callaway SZ was similar but slightly too muted like a rolled up wet newspaper. My findings are the Callaway and Titleist were the largest dispersion and the Cobra and TM were the tightest. Oddly the PING was a mess for me – tried 3 different shafts and settings but it was all over the place.. And loud.

AnneMa Drou says:

G400 max is the best

Baresi says:

These prices are getting ridiculous now. £500 for a driver… But don’t worry ‘there’s something out there for everyone!’ The Cobra is ONLY £329…

Stephen Kenny says:

Great video,perfect amount of detail given.At 10:09 is it a misread when it said you were nearly 9 degrees up on the ball?If not do you have any
Sort of a bad miss with that delivery?

Ed Mc says:

I have the Ping G400 Max and played it for the last 6 months the best it does get up high and then flatten out no ballooning I use the same shaft Tour 65 great club.

bloodfox567 says:

looks are completely irrelevant and shouldnt even be talked about when doing a performance comparison.

Jonbek says:

I’m a pro. Took the tm rbz out from the bargain bin yesterday and it beat all the new drivers.

Jack Kelf says:

BENROSS gold? jack in spain

Alistair Wooster says:

Clear concise test. Nice not to have to watch lots of repetitive swings, instead you focused on discussing the results – good job!

Anthony Dao says:

The TS3 is just so pretty…

Konstantin Scharringhausen says:

Nice test! Would be cool if you would do a review of a Krank driver !

hbyrdut says:

Why the g400 max and not the LST?

Max.c says:

Good review, but it would be more accurate for the forgiveness if you left them in there neutral and if they all had the same loft

K.A says:

The poor callaway shot was a high wafty fade that finished 25 yards right of target.

Anton Borysenko says:


Matthew O’Neill says:

There is no danger that the TS3 higher pitched that the 915D.

Keith Gopez says:

You need to hit the Mizuno ST180. Comparable to Callaway rogue/epic

Lee Osborn says:

Great review, just bought one myself with the Kurokage shaft. Have you tried that shaft?

Charles Melaisis says:

Just wondering if your numbers would have been different using the Ping G 400 instead of the Max

Adam Flynn says:

No mizuno… Very good drivers they have right now too

Christopher Wilson says:

F8 just had it’s price cut. Got the F8+, with the shaft I was custom fit for as well as a GPDMC grip, for $283 USD shipped. Cobra offers an incredible selection of custom options at no up charge. Definitely ideal if you can’t foresee yourself paying $500 USD on a driver.

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