Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for sending me these Titleist Drivers to test!

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Bo Critter says:

Is the audio of the ball striking accurate? If so Its amazing how similar all the different heads sounded. I’ve hit all these drivers and remember them having different sounds/feels. Excellent video and comparison Rick!!!!

#### CritterBo ####

Jackson Snyder says:

Do cobra plzzzzxxx

Kevin McHugh says:

really interesting video, im a massive fan of these new brand comparison videos, does show how technology has evolved but probably not at the rate many would have thought.

Alex Hunter says:

Great video Rick! Seems like there is a small benefit in distance and forgiveness/ability to hit fairways with the newer models from Titleist. Does not make sense to buy a new driver every year or so but it does make some sense to get fitted every 5 or so years for a new driver from what I can tell in this test.

Nathan D says:

So you said that shaft was fitted to you by titleist. Was it fitted to you using the 915 head? or 917, 913, etc?

3st1mat0r says:

test the 905R against the 917 lets see how far they haven’t come!

Jpgundarun says:

I have tried both 915 and 917 up against my 913 on the course and the 913 was better on all occasions. Maybe with such a small difference between the models I was more used to the 913???

Craig Dearing says:

Interesting results, although when you factor in your swing speed compared to most club golfers, the gains would be less noticeable – if at all…
It’s all about finding the fairway more often, get fit, and look at dispersion, not distance.

Mark H says:

Hi Rick thanks for another interesting test – apart from the stat’ data the most interesting nugget was how fairways you hit, shouldn’t this form some element of the “test” ?? – Anyway thank you for the test, enjoyed it. M

Bob Atherton says:

Very nice review…I may have to get a 915 !!!

Jay Mishur says:

That was awesome! Guess I’m just gonna get 3 more yards next year.. lol

Strad 4321 says:

Should have tested the D3 models which would have worked better with your swing. Less spin. The 909 D3 like mine probably would have won. It is non adjustable but has a very similar spec Voodoo shaft.


Quite surprising that there is not much change

Tigers Charles says:

It’s a nice video, you also can use Ben Hogan’s real golf swing secret to hit the ball properly and control where it goes. Go here to get this secret: http://bit.ly/2wUxJTa

Bob Pfaff says:

I am a unashamed Titleist fan but keep the same clubs for 4 years and miss a generation. I wont be parting with the 915 driver though. I actually just bought a second hand one for future use.

Arvind Das says:

Titleist makes awesome stuff but i still like taylormade driver and fairways!

GrandmasterN says:

I’m sad that almost no one tests the 909D3…

Sam Cahill says:

I might be wrong but I think the D2 for the 910 and 913 were the lower spinning “better player” clubs then they switched it round for the the 915

Ratbacon says:

So never claiming to go 10-15 yards further than the competition and not releasing new products at ridiculous frequencies is being “very traditional” and “they like what they like”.

Why don’t you just say it? They don’t lie and talk bullshit when marketing their products and they don’t engage in cascading pricing strategies that fuck over retailers and customers. If more people called out the other companies when they do this sort of thing maybe we wouldn’t have to put up with their constant marketing gibberish.

neal Donlan says:

Top video Rick, I have been umming and aahing about switching to the 915 from the vr red limited edition and seeing the data has convinced me. Great test

Craig Wittig says:

I say test the best of the best for each mfg up against each other. IE Ping, TM, Titleist, Callaway, Cobra, etc. That would be good final show down.

Jacob Weigand says:

Almost exactly what i was expecting….. most of the people that i play with prefer the 915 over the 917. Just look at Titleist players on tour, so many more still play the 15 over the 17. In my opinion, especially with TaylorMade becoming the top brand on the market, Titleist needs to switch it up.

andreas westroth says:

Do cobra next!

Branden says:

Nike please

Justin Rodriguez says:

do cobra!!

3st1mat0r says:

Complete bullshit the 915 was the worst driver titleist produced was no where near the same performance as the 913. How much is titleist paying you for this crap

Jat Mistry says:

Rick, in your opinion would you say spending £190 on the 915 is worth it based on the tech, or go for something newer like the m2 2017 or M3

Alex Williams says:

When is the p730 irons review coming out?

Timucua says:

Now, you will have to do a test of all the winners from each brand…to find to best driver of the last 5 years!

GrandmasterN says:

One of your best videos to date!

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