Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the TAYLORMADE Drivers as possible!

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Maddie James says:

Where is the Ping one of these?

Drew Eldeen says:

I play r15

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey everyone thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the video! If you did drop it a like and if you haven’t already subscribe to my channel for free so you don’t miss any videos. Plenty of comment below have asked for the Callaway video. If you haven’t seen it already here it is –

Ozi Ramlan says:

Hi Rick, great videos btw. Just wondering if you’ve ever done a comparison of old illegal COR drivers.. be interesting to see what is the longest… also how these faces would affect ball speeds.

Ryan Jurgens says:

Great test! Can you do a cobra driver test?

Ronald Irwin says:

No RBZ, a waste of my time

Goodspeed says:

I feel like I should just go buy a new driver from 2012 off of eBay… mint condition heads for like ~$45 dollars now.

pinoy287 says:

I have the M1 driver from 2016. That will be my driver for a really long time.

bob smith says:

Lets see the titleist drivers!!

Joe Perez says:

I expected big gains with the “M” line over the R11s and R1.

Alex Kangoo says:

Can you do the last 5 years of irons from taylormade

Andrew Levy says:

For most of these tests the first years club you hit you hit really well. Is it because you hit it first? Every test has the same tendency.

Hobo Joe says:

Great production and analysis.

Roger Westlake says:

Fascinating test, great content. I guess its ballistics in the end, if you put the same amount of energy into the ball it becomes about optimising the trajectory to achieve the best distance. I guess this is what the drive for low spin is about?

Roberto Garcia says:

Test the titleist

Arvind Das says:

You know in business they have something called margin velocity . Taylormade follows that thir r &d is under so much pressure and the marketing guys are always shitting bricks bcos they have to keep selling the drivers! They make good products so do others i think even if u had hit the r 580 xd or r9 u would have got somilar results . The question is of the right fit ! Shaft head combo ! The weight orts were there in r5 dual the carbon crown is not a new tech cobra had it so did titleist and so did callaway! So whats new .The twist face so they claim everything you hit comes back to center ! Man thats bullocks ! And all the pga guys who are hitting it far and long are fitted by the company ! So in one line dont buy retail get yourself fitted.

Arvind Das says:

Rick could u get some data from r 580 xd, r5 , r7 and r9 and the m1 , m2 2016 bcos they in all probability more stable than the m3 and m4

David Nouch says:

Was the aeroburner driver introduced during those years?

Michael West says:

Hi Rick, can you review a 2007 Taylormade Burner to compare the improvements made in 10 years? I see plenty of casual golfers still with this burner model, including myself. Would love to see the stat comparisons and would be quite compelling. Thanks!

jb500bhp says:

Great video

I like Toyota Tundra 333 says:

Try out Callaway. Why not? You’re the man Rick.

golfbuddy1969 says:

Interesting video. I have played R15 for a year and a half, I “lofted up”, and sometimes it feels like I’m cheating. There may be some that are longer, or some that are more forgiving, but for me, no better combination of the two than theR15. Halfway through my rounds, playing with whomever, they always want to see my driver.

Aaron Dela Cruz says:

you should do this series with irons!

Brody Hodge says:

I’d like to see 5 years of all of the Taylormade irons

Kyle williams says:


Grant Mather says:

Hi RickI’m a big fan of the TM M1 2016 drivers, but have notice that the paint on a number of head start to crack on the white crown. Is this just a bad paint job or has TM ratified the problem in the 2017 range? I currently play M1 2016, 8.5 – 430cc head .

PWL1371 says:

Very informative video . I would have enjoyed seeing the Aero Bruner tested in line with these others . Think the out come may have changed .

Chris Balmer says:

Rick, how about a Cobra test? They’ve been a “dark horse” favorite and probably a Top 5 brand, behind the Big 4 (Cally, TM, PING and Titleist). The time has come… 5 years of Cobra drivers!

Roger Westlake says:

Fascinating test, great content. I guess its ballistics in the end, if you put the same amount of energy into the ball it becomes about optimising the trajectory to achieve the best distance. I guess this is what the drive for low spin is about?

Greg Babcock says:

Can you do a comparison of balls? Including tour vs distance balls. What launch monitor do you use? Can you recommend one for lower budgets? Thanks.

Joshua Cutbirth says:

Could you please do this for Cobra too?

SiouxPreme Golf says:

You should do 5 Years of mini drivers!

Alan Hand says:

How about getting the oldest drivers from GB?

ddss6 says:

Rick, do you think that driver technology has become somewhat maxed out in the sense that we’re not really going to see any major gains no matter what else the manufacturers try?

MotohUS says:

Did he do the original burner?

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