Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the PING Drivers as possible!

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golfmonke says:

Can you test the Ping Rapture V2 , I’ve yet to find a Ping to knock it out of the bag. Would be interested to see how you hit it.

Tyson Beebe says:

I still have a K 15 head kicking around. That club was a cannon, I should put a good shaft in it and use it. The I25 was very good also.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

That’s G20 has home made turbulators, The Rupert Murdoch style of driver…..SKY

SuperStevejack says:

I have just bought the Ping g30 sf tec driver. I believe the club is magic because it made my slice disappear. I LOVE IT

Keith Jones says:

Nice to see somebody call out these companies on their deceptive marketing practices and wildly exaggerated claims.

Joseph Imbesi says:

G20 is incredible. I started golf late and it is almost impossible to make a bad shot..its surreal!

MrCefink says:

So the moral of the story is new drivers are all about marketing (color, turbulators, sound) as the technology doesn’t change year over year, or even over 5 years. Just purchased a 2009 Ping Rapture V2 to replace a broken Adams driver. Your video reminds me why i don’t pay $500 for a club. 🙂

Hemang Saini says:

Next test could be of the srixon range maybe or of the Mizuno ones

Josh Webb says:

Hey bud love your videos, super informative. If you are so inclined. Please do a Nike 5 year test I would love to see how they hold up against each other and against these other brands.

Ace Golfman says:

I had a PIng 7.5 degree driver with a Matrix shaft that I really liked….until the head snapped off

pcbmastbbxq says:

like every smart person knows…. it’s not the club it’s the person hitting it. hence why there is no diffrence in distance

golf drivers review says:

Another great review! I hope to read more of these throughout the year

Arvind Das says:

Good job ! On the tayormade , callaway and ping 5 -7 yrs review. So what these guys are marketing is bull shit! The old tech is as good as new ! Shaft variation hasnt made much of a difference . So what has changed my friend . Probably we have slowed down or aged or swing speed has reduced ! But thats not critical you can still hit it long ! Not all is lost . Its not the equipment its you !

alexandre cassini says:

Would love to see a test between the best performing drivers of each major brand between 2012 and 2017!

camelCase says:

Went out with a buddy yesterday who plays with a G20 and he was absolutely crushing them.

Ed Montpas says:

Would love to see how the ping G10 would have performed compared to the newer ping drivers.

Big Dog Jr. says:

Cobra next please my man.

Drake Warrener says:

could you redo all of these tests with a mid to high handicapper Gains in forgiveness would also be interesting to see

Rhodri Davies says:

Hi R, first time post. Avid watcher. Videos are great. I’m a big Mizuno fan, currently playing the 650. Would love to see a 5 year test on Mizzy. Mp 630, 650, 850, 900, 180. Looking for a possible purchase but other vids suggest there isn’t much in it if you Have the right launch an soon rate already :-). Love the 650 head, would need a fair bit of convincing to spend 400 quid to upgrade. Love your input. All the best, Rhodri.

Shawn Kislenger says:

Great test. This really makes me want to game a Ping driver in ’18. But, which one? I guess the one that best suites my eye.

lawrence shadow says:

Nice… I just got a new g25 in 2018. Kind of happy to know it stands strong with the others.. Feel like I saved 200 bucks. It was 160 brand new at second swing.

denmark39 says:

I’m keeping my G10..lol

Daniel Castresana says:

sport the g20 and love it nothing has hit better.

Matt Warren says:

Wish the g10 would have made the cut. Many believe it to be a better club than the g20. Also, it would be great to get the same shaft and length in all the heads.

Addie Cal says:

Would love to see this test with irons and hybrids

Aidan McGale says:

Can you do this test in 3 woods over last 5 years great review of drivers

Gavin and Jack Tucker says:

Great video Rick. I have ordered a new G25, it should get here in about 5 days. I can’t wait to hit a ping driver for the first time. Saved about $500.00 by watching this video. Cheers!!

Doug Seaberg says:

I got fitted for the first time last year for Ping G. It changed my game. Shot 75 for the first time in 15 years this season

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

i15/G15 would have performed as well as any. I’ve gone back to my i15 hybrid as it outperforms anything currently on the market for me.

Rafael Gutierrez says:

After watching this video I called up my local Edwin Watts today to see if by some chance they had a used G20 in 10.5 with a stiff shaft. The actually had it! $100 later and now its mine. Very excited to test it against my old Taylormade R580 that I’ve had since high school.

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