Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the COBRA Drivers as possible!

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Osnola Kinnard says:

Rick, how did you hit the same clubs so much further when you did the original tests compared to the 5 year test?  Is there any chance to get your favorite golf shaft to use and re-do the Cobra test?  Odds are…those clubs did not fit you at all, and it shows.

Jason Price says:

I love my Cobra driver, 3 wood and hybrids. So consistent for me.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

This is the one!

notformebeaky says:

Rick, Once you’ve done all these historical tests, can you please do a head to head between all the winners from each brand?

Thomas says:

Do a Nike one…see how they compare to the other companies.

Brian Feldman says:

Cobra again! I hit the King LTD lol

Jordan Worrell says:

can you so mizuno next

Josh Spangler says:

hits fly z low heel and wonders why….

Thunder says:

No wonder I can’t kick my Bio Cell Pro out of the bag. It actually is a kick ass club. Maybe the F8+ will best it. Great test Rick!

Brad Moore says:

Not surprised the bio cell was No1 since The Project X shaft used was the stock shaft. The stock for the fly z and Fx were Matrix and Fujikura.

mojopa01 says:

The one thing I don’t get about this is tha end of Jan 2015 you reviewed the Fly-Z on its own, and you hit that 277 Carry for a total of 300 Yards with 2316 Backspin… So this makes me wonder, and I am sorry to have to say this… Who got worse, you or the clubs, because I can’t imagine that there is such a big differnece between the two Fly-Zs that you tested. Sorry but it kind of makes me dout your reviews a little, just hab to get this out… But I will off course stay with the chanel since with all the course vlogs, and tips you do produce great content…

R 17 says:

you totally lost me on this review and I usually watch you for
suggestions. To be fair I am a Cobra fan (just feel the best for me),
but your review is way off from your past reviews of each club! Your
review of Fly Z before had you hitting over 300. To quote you ” I think
I’m falling in live with this club.” Watched your F6. You hit the ball 328….FREAKIN 328! and all other shots hovered around or above 300. I also love how you say you
don’t see consistent gains. I watched your other 5 year reviews. Your hitting same distance weather it was 5 years ago or this year with almost all of them. Maybe a 5 yard distance difference with Titliest! C’MON MAN!!!!

Scrap Iron says:

You talk about club speed, ball speed, carry but you fail to mention smash factor. The club with the highest launch and lowest spin gave you the best carry. In spite of your efforts these tests have not provided any useful info to me.

Brendrum says:

Still playing my Bio Cell driver, still crushing it too.

Impo Impo says:

Hi Rick, can you try to clarify something for me the carry on the fly z is 253 and therefore quite short, however on your fly z v ping g30 test the fly z was carrying 294. I only ask because I have a fly z Cheers mark.

Joseph Davis says:

To me this really shows the benifits of getting fit. I have always played Taylormade drivers and this year switched to the F7 with a custom Hzrdus shaft and I am crushing it. The weight forward in the F7 will add 20 yards. I have watched your F7 review and thats your best setting. Can you do a video with the Muzino drivers?

James Stevenson says:

Retest all with an alternative shaft (not the high-spin producing Project X)

Stuzsy says:

Nike drivers :))

Ryan Jurgens says:

Well this kinda explains why I hit my fly z like shit since I picked it up. Came from Nike covert 2.0

Cambell Hogg says:

Do Mizuno next 🙂

OriginalDaVe says:

How does Rick have so many viewers? Every video is the same: full of inane hyperbole; inconsistent strikes; and incorrect attribution of results on the golf club head/equipment rather than the golfer.

coegj says:

Rick, when you did the original test on the Cobra Fly Z driver you used the Xstiff shaft that came with the shaft and you just killed it, most of you test drivers strikes were all or close to the 300 yard mark and dispersion was very good. It was one of the best for distance and direction, now with this same driver head three years later and a different shaft is seems to be one of the worst for distance and dispersion. Just seems strange, I would think you would used an original VLCT shaft like the first test for this later test. Just wondering about this test with this other shaft, the head might be fine but the shaft mismatched.

Jamie Ellis says:

In 2015 your review if the fly z had an average distance of 300 with “one of your longest drives on a test” of 312 and average spin of 2300rpm. Seems strange

Pete Evans says:

Hey i really enjoy your channel and its contents. Question for you on this video though on similar subject videos you moved the weights around if allowed but yet on this video you did not may I ask why? Or did you not think it would change the results

Jason Price says:

For the life of me I don’t understand why dispersion wouldn’t be a part of this.

Hayden Lloyd says:

You should do a low spin version of this video. Higher spinning drivers are good for beginners because they make it easy to get the ball of the floor which gives extra distance. However when your club head speed goes up the distance starts to fizzle out.

absolutraj says:

Rick, great that you’re doing these videos but I believe your fly z numbers are quite off. Here is your flyz vs ping g30 comparison. The Fly Z numbers from that have more than 40 yards more distance and about 1300 rpm less spin. https://youtu.be/5SFfp-tjI80

Elite 33 says:

Would like to see Wilson and mizuno

Kevin Bowman says:

If you moved the weights forward on the newer drivers, the ball would go farther. But you know that

Danny Thomas says:

You didn’t have to wait too long for the F8 then Rick! Haha! I’m a Bio Cell man myself and love the sound and strike off it. Tried the F7 but didnt think it was as good. After you F8 review, i’m really looking forward to trying that. Got any spare??

Scott Smith says:

10:04 Rick, based on the strike pattern you displayed here, you must have had a lesson before this test? In the vlogs before this, you were kind of back to your overdraw, which would ‘generally’ indicate strikes a bit more toward the toe? #golfisfun

chris adams says:

Looking at your reviews the best result would have been with the F6+

Donald Mock says:

Always enjoy your videos. I am not a Cobra Golf guy but this only illustrates that you need to get fit for your clubs more than anything. I am sure there are plenty of golfers that have had success with each of these drivers. I would like to see you fit yourself with all the current drivers to get your best numbers and go head to head with Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, and Mizuno in this same format.

Dustin says:

When the bio cell was new I was between that and the Nike Covert 2.0 and ended up buying the Nike due to the fact I got a really good deal somehow. I now game the Cobra F7 and that has made me regret ever buying the Nike. Cobra drivers have been amazing in the last 10 years and I wish I wouldn’t have wasted 4 years with a sub par driver.

Brian Holle says:

Rick, although you can use the same shaft in the Cobra drivers with the my fly 8, the lie angle of the club head will be off. the my fly will be @ 9.5 degrees but the actual angle will be off for most of the clubs and they will be launching at the wrong angle. So the test is already off. And the BioCell was the best for me, until i got the king LTD.

Sam Matchett says:

I hate cobra products but for some reason I can hit my moms amp cell 7-9 (i think) In the 9 farther than my driver.

Tomsteroni says:

do this with wilson

Peter Jones says:

Rick how do u rate and where would you put the Cobra baffle xl driver in this Group Test
Thanks in advance for reply

Dylan Clanton says:

do mizuno

Chris Kawczynski says:

I don’t understand though if you go to Rick’s video where he tests the Cobra Fly Z for the first time he crushes it. But in this test he’s surprised by a big drop off?? In that video it averages 300 yards compared to 268…so what happened.

kidamazing27 2.0 says:

Nike please

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