Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the 24 Callaway Drivers as possible!


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Patrick Cullen says:

Hi Rick. Just a suggestion Once you’ve decided on the best one. It would be good to do top 5 shafts on the best driver head across the various bands you’ve tested.

Tristan Dennis says:

Great review. I have just started playing golf and picked up a 2012 RAZR Fit. Was hitting 300m-330m at the range earlier. Feel like I got the best one overall. Great channel Rick

Andrew Levy says:

7 yards is a lot. I have seen a lot of his driver tests i’m not sure what he thinks is going to happen? If a driver came out that gave someone 30 yards everyone would have it. It is a lot crazy to think that something big would happen. I would take 7 yards all day

B M says:

You didnt setup the gravity core correctly. Its actually the only tech in the past 10 years which really changes the spin numbers.

Joshua Cutbirth says:

Could you please do this for Cobra too?

Anton Murphy says:

Excellent test. well done. Has to be Callaway next.

UtahKent says:

In most of their ads where I have read the small print, they get their distance comparisons using X-Black as their baseline. Why not pick a couple of these five, set them up to match settings, and put them against the X-Black?

안지환 says:

2014 ( x2hot → high handicap ) & ( big bertha alpha ; blue → mid low handicap ) … very best driver heads ever

One Time says:

It looked like you were visibly hitting the epic softer than the rest. And the club speed reflected this. I think if you hit it as hard as the rest, it would have gone the farthest. Just sayin. I have the Alpha and just replaced it with the epic red tour limited. Big difference. The epic hits much straighter and farther. Can u do the epic red limited vs the regular epic?

Changchun Piao says:

Want to see 5 years different iron test

CG Mat says:

You will wake up with a horses head in the bed one of these days Rick….truth does not sell new kit!

Jim Snyder says:

These are “epic” videos. Amazing information! Thank you Rick.

Lamarcus Brown says:

The golfing manufacturers hate you know lol

Geoffrey O'Brien says:

I just started using my old FT Tour driver after 7 years, thanks to this test. I hit it as well of any of the newer models, and it was just as long and straight. Not bright and sexy though. Makes you wonder! Keep up the good work.

Sumit Aggarwal says:

These companies have focused on making the average golfer better but they really can’t do much for pros. It’s all about what happens on offcenter hits etc. If there was truly one driver that was amazing then all pros would be using then.

Kerry Webb says:

I think the smash factor is a big part that is being skipped over. The newest driver did jump significantly since your swing speed was down but the distance was up.

ibass2 says:

First off, I can’t believe I didn’t see this vid sooner, as I’m an avid watcher of everything you put out. I couldn’t sleep and stumbled across this gem. I must say, I was so impressed with your ability to hit the center of the club, a feat that I fail at miserably. You are a true drive artist. Also, you still have the stamina of youth, which kept you swinging consistently throughout. I got the impression that you even surprised yourself with the results. I’m so amazed that these clubs, encompassing over 5 years, were so close in performance. I actually own most of the clubs in the test. Yes, it’s time to throw some up on ebay. One club you didn’t test ( standard version only) …that is a true Callaway performer, is the XR16Pro/XrProzero. I find this the best club Callaway has produced bar-none. Thank you for your efforts here Rick…..a very comprehensive test, that did a very good job exposing the fact that, we the consumer don’t necessarily need to run out and buy the latest and greatest offering from our favorite manufactures.

Unkieable says:

Really looking forward to seeing Titleist drivers. I’ve been through 910, 913, 915 and 917 but eventually came back to 910.

joe bixby says:

Should I keep my powder dry? Cash stashed? Money in the bank? You have shaded my view of technology and most certainly marketing. Is it the machine or the motor?

If you cannot afford to buy the new technology every year where do you make investments and how often regarding clubs. What is the recommended life cycle. I always kind of thought the Metals technology changes faster than the irons. Am I wrong on that too. What is your recommendation.

Love the videos. Love the way you get to your left side too…….

zoots15 says:

Funny that the 815 performed so horribly yet you had it on your top 10 Drivers 2015 ?? What gives??

Brian why ya gotta be like that says:

A good reminder that sometimes, for some people, the “clearance” rack is where the value may be found.

I bought a “clearance” wedge yesterday sight, and hitting, unseen that the sales person down talked because the club is 2 years old. I tried hitting a current model and for 2x (or more) the price I can’t imagine it is too much different. If it is, I will find out and will get to make that choice. I can always sell this “clearance” one to someone who’s more price sensitive and buy a new one if the difference is dramatic. I just want to putt for a birdie now and again from a 60yd approach.

Raza Khan says:

very very good content trying out models from various brands for the past 5 years … quiet eye opening actually.. hardly any difference in distance and dispersion over 5 years yet the marketing people keep making you thing this is the longest and the straightest driver ever.. and they say it about every model lol!!! thanks for the awareness rick!!

Steven Jefferies says:

Do this with Cobra!!!

Jake Johnston says:

I have the 2012 Razr Fit and just put the new sub zero Epic in the bag this year and it’s like nothing has changed except the sound at impact.

Afdy Clinton says:

do titleist and ping, please!!!

Joe Dubiel says:

I am loving it!!! My XR 16 did great lol. Very nice. 🙂 Great review RIck. Very enlightening.

JDB 4197 says:

Rick, do you get any feedback from manufacturers or marketing people?

Albany Fx says:

Can you make a video on illegal drivers? I doubt any driver will actually make any difference at all. It’s all marketing

kgbov says:

I love this series. Arguably the most informative of any gear reviews.

Jared Decker says:

the fit performed so well because of how fresh you were?

Douglas Ladd says:

Wish I could place a hit on the driver face like that every time.

Why Not? says:

I have the Razr Fit and middled hits go a very long way, but miss center by an inch and it’ll go way left or right and lose 50 yards of distance

Bradford Duttera says:

Very disappointed in the results for my driver the BB Alpha, surprised actually. I hit mine 300 making me think I could get more, thanks for the video!

Arvind Das says:

Very nice compilation ! Very informative !

Goodspeed says:

Makes you wonder when the new Epic series is going to be outdated already… maybe a new launch in a few weeks?

james reding says:

I believe in iron technology more than driver technology

Michael Rood says:

Alpha 815 was horrendous

metamurph says:

good demo of the issue of fit – swap the weights and…. one thing that just came to my thought is a discussion I saw once on conforming/non-conforming heads. The concept is this, a head comes out of the factory “conforming” but as you use it, it will change and become more non-conforming…till the face cracks because it will get more springy on the face. Of course what that would say is that your oldest clubs should have the best smash factor. so that kills that theory. Callaway in particular one of the biggest players in long drive but….people use X Hot often. I think because it performance and it is simple beyond the fact they are custom builds. By sponsorship we should also just buy xhot or krank 🙂

Bryan Thomas says:

I would be interested in differences between razor fit and the low spinning drivers of today like the sub zero

a b says:


Bogeyssuk says:

Pointless test without the same shaft!

Jacob Czech says:

You would have done better with the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond. That is the lower spinning model and if you changed the gravity core, it would suit your strike better since the weighted side is probably in the wrong spot. I don’t think that is a fair performance for the Great Big Bertha Alpha 815 at all. It’s definitely not the worst driver out of all those.

Ken Mosimann says:

like to see cobra drivers tested including cobra ZL

Mreyes925 says:

That was all technical data but you have to add maybe feel to it too!!

Caleb Leonard says:

They all sound the same

Kick Rox says:


j d says:

Do a Nike driver one up to the last year

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