1998 Golf Driver VS 2018 Golf Driver (20 Year Test)

Rick Shiels tests the Ping Tisi Tec Driver from (1998) against the latest Ping G400 Max Driver (2018) on GCQUAD

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: Do you want me to test the 1998 Ball & Driver Vs the 2018 Ball & Driver?

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Jonathan Melvin says:

I would consider the progression of golf equipment quite slow compared to other things in life. My dad is using a taylor made 380ti think which is 15 years old or more. He still hits it as far as he did when it was brand new. 250yds on average. He would not be able to get any more out of a new club. Except maybe forgiveness.

Timekeeper1299 says:

Skip to 7:05 for speed and carry results.

TVATodd says:

Holy crap I loved the TiSi Tec!! Better than the regular TiSi.

Darrell Wiegand says:

Hit each club with each ball!

Chris Ellison says:

Callaway Big Bertha driver it looked huge! But now now!! Great video keep it up!

Ben Briggs says:

rick i think you and pete should do a course vlog with a full set of clubs from 1998 all ping and then a full set of ping clubs from 2018. 9 holes with each set and then swap over to see who wins.
any thoughts?

Eric Gold says:

The TISI Tec was 2001 FYI

Gerry Collins says:

Talk about labouring a point! Could have made it in under 2 minutes.

Uncle F says:

Old 1 Iron vs a Hybrid would be great to see!

Daniel Jr says:

If there is a 17-19 yard difference (carry/total distance) between a 1998 driver vs. a 2018 driver using a current ball, there is going to be an even bigger difference when you compare the 1998 club & ball vs. the 2018 club & ball.

For a real comparison, try a 1965 driver & ball vs. a 2018 driver & ball and you will see how amazing. It was for Nicklaus to be hitting 300 yard drives with that 1965 equipment.

This weekend during the Wells Fargo Championship telecast, the announcers were gushing over the various players hitting the ball 360-370 yards. The fact of the matter was that the players weren’t hitting the ball that far; it was strictly a function of the equipment hitting the ball that far. Give today’s pros 1965 clubs & balls and they won’t hit it any farther than pros did in 1965.

There is a YouTube video of Tommy Armour III hitting a ball with a 60’s era wood driver and his current driver. With the wood driver he hits the ball 246 yards and with his current driver he hits it over 300!yards. Enough said’

The technology is ruining the game and turning fine courses into virtual pitch & putt tracks. The human species doesn’t evolve over 50-60 years, such that humans today are superior physical specimens. The distances that pros are hitting the ball today is due to the advances in the club & ball technology.

ehsnils says:

I’m just a tech geek and I like when people do compare things like this. Amateur golfers may not really benefit from this as I see it. The old club is just less forgiving so it will show your faults clearer.

Jesper Pedersen says:

Im using a Taylormade R9 which i bought very used. Im on a tight budget because im studying and i am new to golf.

Robert Moore says:

Taylormade 200 steelhead vs Taylormade m1 or m2

Michael Dattilo says:

great video rick. Would love to see 1998 ball and driver vs 2018 ball and driver

Archie Wostenholme says:

Great vid rick

Kyle Krug says:

Then you need to do the 98 ball with today’s driver versus today’s ball and 98 driver! Keep it coming.

azwileetoyote says:

Forgot to mention, TiSI Tec had a 5.5 degree driver also. I’ve only heard of Pro’s playing that loft back in the day. My 0 HC buddy who played the 7 degree also could smash it 300+ regularly. He now drives a Titleist and is an ~3HC lol

Erik Lutz says:

In high school, I used the Taylormade Burner with the Bubble shaft…miss that guy

campfirecation says:

bubble shaft taylor made burner

Donald Robertson says:

Interesting data, although not surprising. Are shaft lengths the same? Would also be interesting to see if put a modern shaft with the old head. Getting the old head “properly” fitted would erase half that difference or more I’d imagine.

olilem says:

I love these old vs new videos! Newer clubs help, but there are still guys with 3 handicaps and 80’s clubs in my league…

Osnola Kinnard says:

I hit the longest drive of my life with a 10* Ping TiSI with an RUS Hosel and an AJ Tech Metal X shaft. The ball was a first generation Pro V1. I drove #18 at The Harvester in Iowa with a 20 mph tail wind. Lasered carry was 295 to the green across the water. I landed in the middle of the green at about 335 and then 3 jacked for birdie!!!! FYI, the TISI was ahead of it’s time compared to other Titanium drivers. The parallel crown and sole plates gave a very strong face that generated tremendous ball speed ‘back in the day’. Great club. I miss mine.

mebrandednotinsane says:

why don’t you try 98 driver and 18 ball v 18 driver and 98 ball?

Chip Graham says:

Nice vid!

Sean Preston says:

this dude shoots 41 over in tournaments, why are you still watching his stuff????

James Hewitt says:

Excellent video Rick. I had the TISI back in the day with a tour stiff shaft 7.5 degree. It was like saucepan compared to my great big bertha. Sounded great but I found it a little bulky looking back then. Same era as the Taylor made TI bubble 2 – another great driver at the time !

brock sperry says:

When I played the two tech in high school my driver was 6.5 degrees. Those drivers were known for high launch angles.. you can see the ball ballooning on the monitor. Bet they would be a lot closer if the launch angle and spin were closer

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