Wilson DX3/Duo Ball tested – Load of Balls Episode 5

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Stephen Cutting says:

Good test. As an average golfer myself. I’m not too bothered what ball I use. Do you think the ball you use will directly effect your scores?

gary campbell says:

Love the wilson brand and use the dx2 in the summer and the 50 elite in the colder months will try the dx3 soon . Cheers buddy

M B says:

For a long time I’ve played DX2 & standard DX3 and really liked them, so thought I’d play the 3 Urethane. For me it was like playing a different ball from the standard 3, especially ball flight, which I found to be lower. On the summer greens just couldn’t control the pace. Offered them to a “Wilson Staff” golfing pal and he declined saying he just couldn’t get on with it. His experience was the same as mine. So, interested in your review, but my recommendation to anyone thinking of moving up to a DX Urethane is to buy a sleeve before, as I did, you go straight for a box of 12. Lesson learned.

Michael Rolton says:

Loved the video, Andy. You gave it too us straight. I play the DX2 but I might move to the DX3.

D Martins says:

Top flight gamer or gamer (pro) best ball for the price.

TheGreatDadditelli says:

Brilliant Andy. Looking forward to getting one of those hats

mr Turner says:

I’ve not gone back and checked your other vids but was your swing speed up in the 80 on your 7i for the other balls? More speed more spin.

Les Paul says:

Which dx3 is this in the test? There are 3 in the UK range and duo is not listed as one of them?
Cheers and great video .

Jeff Shawver says:

Another really good fair evaluation ball review. Keep up the good work. Here in the States those are the Duo. Hey Andy do you have the Wilson Zip balls there? A little less compression than the Duo and two dozen here are $20.00. Give them a try a really good golf ball.

Roger Savard says:

In Europe only it seems, here we have about 5 different types of Duo Wilson ( staff ) golf balls http://www.golftown.com/Category_LIST.aspx?CategoryId=24&m=20 . Wilson balls are excellent. Great review Andy.

Graham B says:

Good work again and it’s all balls. Wilson under rated products.

Carlos Melville says:

It’s a good urethane ball ball at a great price, I’ve always used Wilson Dx2 and have been gaming this ball with the original Chrome soft since Wilson launched it, I really like the softer feel off all clubs, never been a fan of a loud clicks ball, I would recommend anyone to get a sleeve an try them.

Kevin Friesen says:

Great vid and the hat looks good Andy!

Randy Mahony says:

Another great video Andy don’t listen to the trolls. I’m sharing your video on Facebook you deserve more subscribers it’s a great chanel for the average golfer!

bmxjake73 says:

Mind that the DX3(DUO, gold sleeves) has a 55 compression and an Urathane cover (softer stick material that gives more spin). The DX2(also Duo but Soft or Optix) has a 29 compression and has an Ionomer cover. (harder material). I first played Callway Supersoft and Callaway Chrome. The Wilsons are more or less comperable, but I now only play Wilson as I love the much more friendlier price tag and me still hooking or slicing an occasional ball, or just losing them in the high rough or piles of autumn leafs. 🙂

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

Love the leader board.

Mark Sheehan says:

Great info again Andy!

Ross Wayne says:

Awesome review Andy give these a try old bean

Robert Morley says:

Good review, but Bridgestone should be No. 3 as there are two ahead of them. Sorry, don’t mind me.

popeye says:

Great video Andy, have you considered doing a ‘how to choose the right ball for me’ type video?

Stephen Martin says:

I’ve said it for years a great ball I did found it cut up but great performing ball. Well worth a look. I also liked the fg tour could not find any difference compared to a pro v1

Hbomb Burgess says:

Love these balls I play with them all the time

doublet91 says:

Finally some love for this ball. I’ve been using it for 2 years and don’t plan on changing anytime soon. If they priced even lower yet it would have it’s own ksig type explosion.

Peter Breen says:

interesting review, have to agree with you on the price setting

alan nicoll says:

Love the reviews.Any chance you could review the new 2018 rbz black driver

Joe Dubiel says:

Maybe I will give them a try. Nice review Andy! Cheers. Spider Dubiel

H Wallace says:

Really good review, Andy. Thanks!

Robert Salazar says:

Love this ball but looking at the box in America its the DUO-U which stands for Urethane and its the only one that has the Urethane cover. the cost over here is $37.99 and its less then Srixon but its still the lowest compression ball and if feels very soft and i am hoping they come out with a new ball since this one is 2 years old now.

Richard T says:

I’m glad you liked the Wilson DX3/Duo. It’s a great ball and a great deal when you compare to similar performing balls like the chrome soft or the TP5. It was the Wilson 50 Elite and is now the DUO Spin in the US. It’s my personal favorite right now.

Good deeds beat bad says:

Fantastic Andy. Your coming in to your own as the guy to listen to for joe public. Wilsonstaff are way under rated and I,ll now be checking out the dx3 against the pro v1. I was put off it because I get a lot of spin even off the driver. This is a great wee series your doing.

NicholsonNutters says:

Greetings from New Zealand. I enjoy your channel, so thanks for all the time you put in to it.

I like these balls (called Duo in NZ). I have trialed several balls recently and as a high handicapper found these very long for irons, but soft around the greens. It’s also significantly cheaper than competitors- around $NZD30 per dozen, which is £15 ish. Callaway Super Soft is around $NZD10 more.

Thumbs up from me.

Persona Video says:

If you notice, Wilson’s balls are setting the standards and then Callaway and other companies follow suit and basically copy their ball a couple years later. Wilson Staff needs WAY more recognition which is coming due to their irons and of course these great golf balls.

Sodthong says:

Been using these, must say they are very good. Wilson balls are very underrated imo. What intro music did you use pls ?

Luis Ramirez says:

Hi. You should create a spreadsheet adding every ball you test for future reference. Great as always!

Golpher Guy says:

Love your rating system! If I may, I would like to suggest an improvement. Adding durability, would increase the value of your tests immensely! Big fan of your channel.

WiseguyDesign08 says:

bias & bullocks … not to be rude…i find that u’re trying so hard to be “mark Crossfield’s” twin …come on mate…find ur own identity..be urself…be honest..oh and “giving unbiased opinions” – seriously? like seriously?

James Bond says:

Nice one Andy ,I’m currently trying out the wilson DX2 optic, find them easier to find at the minute, personally it’s up against the Dunlop dp1v3 and the dt solo(still got a few dozen left).I’m very interested in the comparisons although cannot justify paying for top end balls, this guide gives a few pointers.

keith hacker says:

I think at the price point these balls are well worth a try. Wilson golf gear is underated in opinion. Good review Andy.

Malcolm Evans says:

Thanks for the review. I also have tried these and got on really well with them. A while ago I also managed to buy some cosmetically blemished FG Tour golf balls from American Golf. Couldn’t find anything wrong with them. They were £15 dozen and wonderful round the greens.

The Average Golfer says:

Great video! first one i’ve seen, love the info

mike laverty says:

Intetesting video. Will give them a try.

The Black Rabbit says:

I got a load (144 I think) of duos over from the States 18 months or so ago as I like them that much. For me… I think one should choose a ball based on how it feels and reacts off the putter (as that’s where scores are made or lost) and the DUO feels so “right” off my Cleveland BeCu blade putter. I’m not convinced it would feel as good with an insert putter though. I think that would feel too soft and bouncy. But for me and my old style Napa putter with a DUO… perfect. And a good price too!

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