Wilson DX3 Spin Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Test

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Wilson DX3 Spin Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Test with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark Crossfield puts these two golf balls through their paces. See what the difference is when it comes to golf balls and what they could do for your golf game. Improve your golf with Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction.

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Elim Herr says:

Why do you never review WILSON Irons? They make some of the best irons in the game, but you chose to test/review their balls and drivers instead. Please review some of their “player” irons, I think the “masses’ want it

Andy Wood says:

based on price point,and the Wilson being 1/2 the price of pro v1, would have to be the dx3 all day for most golfers. might give them a try though I still love my chrome soft truvis. love the honesty and on course review as to all the dry ball testing people seem to be doing these days, cheers Andy

Matthew Hoevel says:

Mark Crossfield test Wilson FG Tour Urethane Golf Balls against prov1

1976axerhand says:

love the video. would love to see you do a review on a volvik. golf balls.I see bubba Watson using them now.would love to see the numbers on those thx glenn

Christopher Nelson says:

Isn’t the steering wheel on the wrong side of the cart?

Henry Tuton says:

compression is the difference wilson staff dx3 55 cr the prov1 is around 75 to 80 wilson staff dx3 would take a lesser swing where as the prov 1 regular swing. To me the prov 1 would hold the green on chips around the green where the dx3 lesser swing for chips for the same amount of roll.

Iain Martin says:

Was that drain cover at 262 yards?

Olivia Younger says:

Having lost my prov1x half way round – I Just tried Wilson dx3 in strong winds. The difference was amazing in the wind! The Wilson absolutely definitely stayed much straighter – it amazed me how it wasn’t effected by wind, even on not so good strikes. If you just want to hit it straight – most of us – then it’s a no brainier, the Wilson wins hands down. Oh yes, it also felt better to hit too………..

Marcus Hagey says:

I game those velocities and I really like them. Interested to see that test.

Joe Dubiel says:


T.A. Fossett says:


Milhouse Van Houten says:

All hail he robot

Juan Soto says:

How does the cover hold up on the Wilson? Though my wedges eat every ball cover I’ve played, so it’s probably negligible…

Ryan Maille says:

Are those the new 2017 Pro V1?

Louis Cunningham says:

Surely it would make more sense comparing the Wilson DX3 Urethane to the Pro V1 as the DX3 Spin is not a premium ball where as the Urethane sits in the same bracket as a Pro V

Mike Slater says:

Great vid Mark, If there isn’t a performance drop off it makes absolute sense to try these. I’m sick of losing Chorme softs plugging in wet fairways so I’m going to give them a bash.. Any chance you could compare this Wilson ball to the Urethane version? Just thinking they might both make a good summer/winter mix, or maybe like most others there is ‘no discernible difference’.

Cheers Bruh!

Steve Grimwood says:

Love these tests – Just reminds you it’s the player not the equipment. Mind you, I think if you gave Mark a Coconut and a Hockey Stick he’d probably carry it 260 Yards with 2000 spin!!
Would be interested to see the comparison with an old ball (TopFlite/Pinnacle etc) to see the comparison.

Master Guru Follower says:

My normal name for you is master guru bruh but now i feel like i need to call you MR MARK , them drives had me feel all warm and fuzzy inside , strike is king to get a ball from tee to green and some people think buying a expensive ball is going to help them to get there , might try the Wilson because i have started to like the softer feel ball , keep it up MR MARK

golfboy1989 says:

In fairness to Titleist, in all the ball tests I’ve seen Mark and other youtubers do over the years, I’ve yet to see the Pro V1 be “outperformed” in any department (from a pure data/performance perspective). Granted, it’s only ever fractionally “better” than its competitors, but you can’t argue it is still the benchmark for all other balls and if money is no object I can’t see why you would game anything else apart from based on feel. If Titleist could somehow lower their price point to bring them more into line with their competitors then surely they would truly dominate the ball market more so than they already do? Cheers

Pete Kenny says:

So Wilson will go up in price then ha ha ha ha buy Wilson stop being ball snobs people

Quentin Riou says:

Hey Mark!
Will you try the Vice Golf Balls some day? Interesting price model to compare with other “premium” golf balls.

Christopher Anselmo says:

Should you compare the Wilson DX3 Urethane to the ProV1, instead of the DX3 Spin?  Urethane vs. Urethane

Larson Fam says:

I work at a course and I find a good number of balls, lots of brand new of every brand brand and type, even obscure and super high price, so I have a giant bucket of good balls, most without even a scratch, tiny scratched ones are seperated for practice. Having all these types of balls on hand to analyze, I have set aside a huge number of possibles to bring out and smack and get a feel of what I might want to use regularly. In preliminary tests I have found there are basically three types of balls, hard, medium and soft. Since they are all essentially a rubber ball wrapped in a varying firmness “plastics” shell, it’s this outside that either stifles the energy of the rubber or let’s it bounce faster and deform further, the top rated balls for the most part, 99.999%, are all medium stiffness, even the extra soft labelled ones are closer to medium, some high end and boutique brands are super hard, and economy brands are super hard or a bit softer then the number one balls. So it would seem that the middle ground medium/soft are the best all around and for most people provide the best feel, and that the super hard balls are for the lesser percent of people trying to really crazily backspin and hear that crack sound on a drive, who like to feel like they are hitting a rock. There is no ball being sold that isn’t good enough to be played, so buy what you like and if it feels right use it, and ill tell you, proV1s and chrome softs etc have about 6 each of different balls that feel excactly the same, I have about 65 different model golf balls in front if me and they are 94% medium soft and 5% very hard, 1% softer then the rest, and it’s not supersofts, they are medium too. If they aren’t “soft and long” they are “X”spin-spin or “tour” hard as rocks, and if those two options don’t suit you, go to a driving range and hit a bucket of balls until you feel the ones that are real marshmallows and buy those. Sorry, I like nice things and scrutinize what I buy and use like everyone else, I just hate how complicated things get and try to stick to *form follows function* and look at things in simpler terms. The feel of a ball is it’s function, you are the form that follows.

NWP4440 says:

Never would have thunk it, yet Wilson balls have made it into both my bag and my wife’s bag. We tested several different ones in a price bracket we were comfortable with. I am playing the WS Urethane, and Amy the WS Duo Spin, or DX3 in your part of the planet. Just a solid product.

zino20 says:

I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t feel stuck in at all. #youhavetosayit

Chris Walt says:

Durability?? That’s the only thing that I hate about ProV 1

Erik Newman says:

Titleist always seems to be one thing in these tests.. Consistent

Mark Kirk says:

Mark, will they have the same result in the crosswinds at Dawlish go?

David B. says:

Wilson have made great balls for years. DX, Duo, F-Tour

Kasperi Sokka says:

Last bought end 2016 with 30 Eur/3 dozens. Cannot get brand lake balls with that money.

Patrick Kelly says:

Average 262 AGAIN !!!!

Seve Sellors says:

Pro V1 priced at £52-55 and the Wilson Dx3 at £19.99 or even the FG tour at £32.99-34.99. That’s a huge difference.
The DX3 has a compression of 40 the lowest for a three piece ball, the FG tour 70 the lowest for a premium ball. Then you have DX2 a two piece ball with a compression of 29 not only the lowest in the class but actually the worlds lowest compression. The nearest competitor is Callaway super soft at 37, everybody else is the wrong side of 40-50. Wilson Staff seriously? Seriously! The most under rated brand in golf.
Hope Mark you will test the new Cortex driver and new Wilson D7 woods and irons.

Graham Tomlin says:

Interesting, Titelist must be looking over the shoulder with “angst”, so many manufacturers catching up fast!

Michael Pope says:

I really enjoyed this review!!! I think golfers are sleeping on the Wilson golf balls. I play the Wilson Fifty golf ball and I would put it up against the pro v1. The price is great and gives me good play around the greens. The Wilson Duo is a good ball and has great distance. You may have to club down with the duos. Really enjoyed the review and good consistent shots on your part. Thank you

Steven Smith says:

How’s the durability?

D Martins says:

Top flight gamer or game pro best ball for the price.

Tony Westwell says:

Looks like a good ball, will have to try some of them. Nice sounding price point too.

David Boddy says:

Have found a few Wilson Duos out on the course and have used them during non comp practice type rounds, been very impressed with them.

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