Why I Changed To Callaway Chrome Soft, by Mark Crossfield

For product info or to buy online visit: https://www.golfonline.co.uk/callaway-chrome-soft-golf-balls-12-balls1


Erik Woods says:

Does anyone notice the giant spider behind Mark’s head??

Simon Southby-Ryland says:

Totally agree fantastic ball and super value, really has helped my chipping as well, reckon I get more spin although this maybe just a feeling as it is so soft or the fact I actually strike the ball better as I have more confidence with it. Interested in trying Truvis next….

Daniel Zukeran says:

I enjoy the callaway hex black tour balls. Soft feel and supposedly it helps me with less spin of the tee and more green side stop. Either way Amazon has a whole lot of x outs for $22 bucks!

PkGam says:

Missing’ a link in the description. But anyway…

I have heard great things about these balls, I haven’t sprung for any though as I have so many balls as it is… But the price point is something I find quite interesting about them in that you are getting a premium ball at a lower price than a lot of other well-played premium balls like the Titleist Pro V1 line. Plus they even come in pretty neat foot/soccer ball varieties, which is plain fun. 😛 Like, usually premium balls come in 1-2 colors: White and yellow. Typically just white really and white is such a common color that they are considered quite boring to a lot, ha ha! So having the Truvis varieties will probably help sell it. If it gains more market share, perhaps it’ll inspire others to drop their prices and/or provide some more colors/styles.

Matthew Rampersad says:

If buying new I can understand the change. I buy like new balls online and save a lot of money. I get mint condition ProV1s for around $2/ball.

Jason Belcher says:

I think you should do a video to prove to people that there is not difference in spin rate etc

Grimzuhl says:

Same reason that I switched from ProV1x is around the greens and feel off the putter and price is a bonus

Kasperi Sokka says:

I’ ve used Wilson dx3 and like it for same reasons you state for chrome soft. Swopped to even cheaper Wilson dx2 and like also. Both Wilson options are cheaper compared to Callaway.

Jason Purk says:

For the same performance and even a lower price point you should try the Volvik Vivid Golf Balls.

Vincent Coleman says:

Mr Crossfield its well known throughout the Youtube world Buzz man and coach Locky have secrete meetings without you.. haha. Bless Yer Wee Cotton Socks..

Joe Jitsu says:

I need a ball to replace the Nike vapor speed,any suggestions?I ahve heard this ball will work for 90 mph SS,true or false.HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP.Love yur videos.

jimbofatplum says:

price and feeling eh?…….and the prospect of a sky sports ad?     🙂

Kr0pD says:

You are the best Ambassador, period. #MarketingGuru

masfu9999 says:

I play supersoft callaways but have issues putting with odyessey white hot putter and the soft ball not giving a solid strike. Any insight?

Dale Hillman says:

Will you switch to the Chrome Soft X?

Jonathan Ruiz says:

the spider in the backround is making me nervous..

TheMgoofy24 says:

Love your honesty in your videos, brah. Don’t know of anyone else that freely says “I get my balls for free. The companies are happy to have their balls in my videos.”

Jason marks says:

Mark, If it’s not a golf video by you I don’t bother to watch it…I love your honesty and ability to project your lessons so people can understand, I am a single digit handicapper and use the Chrome Soft as well

Jason Marks says:

Mark , My man…Get a can of Raid and gas that damn spider…

Charles Farley says:

They announced they were going to vote you in soon!

ec1275 says:

Behind you!!!

Mike Ziccardi says:

Did you put that spider back there to mess w us hahah. Next vid shot in this room there gunna be a hole in the wall

lambert1702 says:

Mark, is Titleist going to take you back when Callaway discontinues the Chrome Soft in three month and releases a totally different ball. Please go back to the Bunker clothes and ProV1Xs! 🙂

Lou P says:

I honestly prefer these over prov 1s. I agree on the feeling around the greens. I can check these bad boys on a dime from 100 out.

Clinton van Zyl says:

I play off a +3 handicap and have been playing this ball for ages. For me it performs best out of all the balls I’ve tried and like you say, the price is really good. Great ball!

Robby Setser says:

Didn’t hear a damn word he said because I kept waiting for the spider on the wall to move.

JC HD says:

I drive past your shop in Kingsbury every day

Ben Matthew says:

I switched last year too from Pro V1X, mainly due to an issue with Titleist’s poor CS relating to wedges, as I changed to mack daddy wedges tried these too, but wasn’t as lucky as you! I had to pay for them ;), all I can say is WOW as good and better in some areas, more than happy to discover this little gem #thankyouTitleist #recommendtoall

MrKydaman says:

I just picked up a box of Taylormade Project A balls
I haven’t played a round with them yet, but I did practice some putts and they are very soft and buttery smooth off the club face.

Bob Pfaff says:

In Australia Chrome Soft balls are two thirds the price of ProV’s. A material difference indeed.

zak says:

been using them since steve started using them great ball.

Sebastián Opazo says:

nice spider over there

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