What Golf Ball Will Fly Straighter

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What Golf Ball Will Fly Straighter, golf video with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about how to improve your golf with the best golf ball for your game. Learn some interesting points about golf balls and how they might spin or not spin off line with sliced golf shots. With help from Titleist and GC2 HMT launch monitor Mark provides some data to help you guys understand what golf ball might improve your handicap.


Jay Doe says:

A PGA instructor who has a launch angle varying over 3 degrees over 6 swings? And spin varying over 1000rpm? Stop teaching start playing. The numbers are laughable.

BMC112 says:

Anyone on a budget should have a look at the Nike PD Soft…I think it is exceptional for the money, great off the putter too

B Meach says:

There is nothing statistically relevant about a sample size of six. once the sample size reaaches 40 then it becomes relevant. Also, as good as a golfer you are, you cannot replicate the same swing consistently. six swings, really? hit 50 with each ball, and then throw out the 5 highest and 5 lowest and then you will have some decent evidence.

Michael Ackerman says:

Mark, the last time I bought balls I bought a box of ProV1 and a box of ProV1X. I finally got around to trying the ProV1X during my last round. While the ProV 1X was not recommended for my 90 mph swing speed I found that I got more distance with it. I tend to hit my drives higher and the X seemed to push more outward instead of going higher. It definitely made a difference in my round.

Dan Kavanagh says:

This is true for me until I play in windy conditions. I use chrome soft, but when windy can’t keep straight and go for a harder ball. Is this in my head Mark?

JKEW says:

Great vid Mark and very well explained. Interesting stuff. I’ve been using Pro V’s but have switched as I found them too spinny especially into the wind. Interesting stat there on the difference in dispersion rates! I knew it wasn’t my fault 😉

Colin Brown says:

Hi Mark
Can you do the same test on the Bridgestone RX as these are supposed to be for slower swing speeds but giving good distance as well as feel. Could be marketing b….ks of course.
Cheers Colin

keith williams says:

Agree distance balls don’t go further but around the greens can be a disappointment, not being a great golfer 21 handicap I need a soft ball for chipping and putting that’s where I can make up shots with the right ball

David Price says:


Shedloads of directions for this debate. I’ve been using Noodles for years and Srixon Distance as a fallback. Both are very useable and very affordable balls IMHO and should I loose the odd one I am not so bothered vs. top-end stuff. Quite soft and have no reason to change.

See a lot of starters using any old ball from a car boot sale or £5 a box of Donnays or Dunlops (from Sports Direct as typically are my Srixons and Noodles to be honest).

Stage 3 comparison therefore might be to look at whether these entry level cheap ones are rubbish, assuming it matters if they are going to get lost after 5 minutes by a hacker.

In truth in the distance past I have hit some finders and cheaper brands and got them out there ok. Also remember Wilson Ultras but by comparison with my Noodles these felt like I was hitting a rock so there is such a thing as feel.


Nev Van Clarke says:

most club golfers say 10 handicap or above hit less greens than they think.

Peter Sund says:

– this guy is good…!

Matt Simber says:

@o0zeno0o… I didn’t invest in a high quality ball until I was sure I would only open a sleeve or two at most in a round…when only using one or two balls a round, the cost isn’t so high…

Mike Toth says:

I have been playing Top Flite D2 Straight for 54 holes without losing one. “slippery” cover coating reduces slice noticeably hit a 145 yd 7 iron today hit 4″ from the hole and stopped within a foot. Used a $10 scorecard discount at Dick’s and paid less than $7 after tax for 15 balls. I play 5 days a week and lose a ball or two most nine holes. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. I play in the low to mid 80’s with an occasional sub 40 for nine. Driver slices are staying in play. Fades to the rough are now staying in the fairways. My left to right irons now go extremely straight. Much easier to hit greens now.

StormChaser says:

He correct about everything except about distance balls not going further then soft tour performance golf balls. Maybe certain distance golf balls won’t go much farther then a tour performance balls, but a good old top flite XL by Spalding will go a lot farther then a proV1. They’re the longest balls I’ve ever hit.

Bernd Dreilich says:

Just discovered a Ball that will Fly straighter every Time … Less slices less hook … Polara Ultimate Straight … But not allowed in tourneys … Pls Test it

Mark Crossfield says:

What Golf Ball Will Fly Straighter: http://youtu.be/GbD5hkGFpe8

varment01 says:

Please do the Bridgestone e5,e6 and e7 test.

Thamac15 says:

Here’s a tip for his videos,…as soon as it loads fast forward about a minute or two.

o0zeno0o says:

You have done a couple videos on golf balls and what they are actually doing, but you always stay in the more moderate to high price point. For a beginning golfer who assaults a lot of trees and fish is playing something like a Top Flight XL, Slazenger RAW, or Pinnacle (ie sub $20/15 count) ball okay to do, or is that going to hurt us in the long run? Is there a certain point at which we need to move to the DT Solo, Callaway Hex, Bridgestone e6 ($20+/12 count) ball?

Shane Twomey says:

Cubeist I found that the Titleist NXT Tour ball gives me really good control on the greens and is very affordable compared to the ProV1. I’m in Australia, and I pay $42 per dozen for the NXT, whereas the ProV1 is upwards of $60 depending on where you shop. $42 per dozen may still seem expensive, so the Srixon Q-STAR would be my next suggestion at around $30 per dozen. Hope that helps

Ryan S says:

Very interesting video. Might start taking my ProV1’s out of the bottom of my bag again.

Mark Kirk says:

Hi Mark, very interesting and my experiences would support what you say. Have you done a similar test in windy conditions? I use a chrome soft, for what it does at the GIR side also finding the FIR, in windy conditions. I have used NXT’s but they miss
to the right and playing from the rough makes the GIR goes to pot. What’s your feelings in windy conditions?

tillsy23 says:

well thats a shame I was hoping a low spin ball would slice off the tee a little less. Being a beginner I need a ball that works well with low swing speeds and cheap to purchase since I will be losing alot arounmd my local course, 1 meter into the rough and its into thick scrub and shrubs never to be seen again! I want to use the driver but tend to use the 4 iron and hybrid instead so Im not really developing for that reason

tuomas seppälä says:

It’s almost a shame to collect so much of those newly purchased slice ‘savers’ from the woods which suppose to prevent that happening. But hey if they still can keep the customer.. Golfers can be astonishingly gullible

patleg35 says:

Why don’t you talk about the ‘dispersion’ ? Which seems higher for the prov1 … ie. what people were saying and expecting… ?

adranja says:

I hadn’t thought about it before but it does make complete sense that you have to hit at 100yrds on every hole so why not pick a ball that works well within that distance. I have recently become a huge fan of the chrome + from callaway. Great ball. Buy a sleeve and just try it around the green.

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