Vice Pro golf ball review with Andrew Ainsworth.

I take a look at the Vice Pro golf ball. Impressive results.


Niall O'Sullivan says:

Are they in the Irish market? it’s quite thin especially after bridgestone exited

pez555 says:

Play these balls and have never looked back. Best ball on the market for the price. 5 dozen is 107 quid so about £21 per dozen. Bargain.

Bandit Baker says:

I have just come across your review of the Vice Ball, so sorry to join the thread late. I used Vice Pro+ all of 2016 season, moving from Chrome Soft and had some great results with them. The distance with the driver is very impressive and predictable around the green. I have been bringing them in from the USA via Revolution Golf at a great price point, so can totally recommend them.

Rob Maley says:

Thanks for this review Andrew.  I purchased the sampler box of these over the winter but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet.  US prices as of today are $34.95/dozen for the first 2 dozen, then it drops to $29.95/dozen if you purchase 3-4 dozen, then bottoms out at $24.95 per dozen for 5+ dozen balls.  Shipping is very reasonable at $6.95 for 5 dozen balls.  Hope that helps

Jos den Hartog says:

Played their three top balls and was very pleased and surprised with performance. Perfect feel around the green, lots of check without losing distance on the long shots!

Stephen Haffenden says:

Very close to taking the plunge and buying some of these (currently play the chrome-soft). Looking at 5 dozen for approx £112 (getting their cheapest rate) but would love to hear any more comments you may have on them after putting one in play?

mrkirt116 says:

I bought a dozen of the Vice Pro for a buddy of mine (50th birthday). He was using the Srixon Qstar Yellow, and what we noticed immediately was how active the ball was off the club face. His driver increased in average carry distance of 35 yards. We live in Florida and there is no roll on the course. What you hit is what you get. However the real surprise was his play around the greens. The Vice golf balls are soft enough to chip and pitch from all angles on the course to green and especially from the bunkers. What we also noticed was the impact of these balls with regards to “flyer lies.” I said before they jump off the club face with great excitement. Well that also proves true with flyer lies as well. End result is the other two guys in our group will be buying some for themselves. I will be playing the two layer version of the ball and not the Pro or Tour version. Our review, these are an excellent product and worthy of a shot from any golfer.

Antony Osborn says:

same price point a the Callaway chrome soft which probably offers the same performance, be good to see a head to head.

aces 1982 says:

Good review fella, only just found your channel (its rather good lol!!!). I tried one of these myself the other week (the old man had ordered some). I was equally impressed, tbh i couldnt tell the difference from these to pro v1 (other than the price). Being that i need all my cash for nappies (3 month old lol) i have ordered a box. Just couldnt really justify the cost of pro vs really.

Zachary Chaplin says:

I bought the vice selection pack a while back and was very impressed by the vice pro and vice pro plus. Great feel

Phillios R says:

Just bought the pack of various balls. Tried them all and like them all. Can’t tell much difference between the pro, pro plus and tour tbh. Quality balls I must say

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