VICE GOLF PRO+ Guerrilla Golf Ball Testing vs Pro-V1

VICE GOLF PRO+ Guerrilla Golf Ball Testing vs Pro-V1


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Andy Endicott says:

I wish someone would do the Z-Star XV vs. the ProV1x but this test is right in line with what I’ve heard from friends who play Vice Balls. Also, they are considerably cheaper when buying them a few dozen at a time.

Jeff Wilden says:

I bought 10 dozen of the Pro + because they can’t keep them in stock as I have been using them for a long time. I’m not going to let another Kirkland Signature scenario stop me from having the ball of choice I want to play! I highly recommend these, this review just solidifies my decision to switch from Pro V1. Great review!

Rhys Owen says:

Loving your work, Pete! Can you add club head speed to your data sets in future ball tests? Obviously your club head speed isn’t going to be identical on each swing, so we lose a bit on context on ball speed without knowing club head speed.

thevloggsquad says:

I am in

Rio says:

Starting at an order of 5 dozen, the Pro Plus costs €2.49 per ball compared to a Pro V1 wich is almost double. If you stick to only a dozen, it’s still “only” €3.49

Geordie Sancaster says:

Hi Pete great review of the golf ball test, I’ve been using the Vice pro for over a year now and find them excellent golf balls, I’m a 6 handicap player sadly going up over the last ten years! But I played the pro v for over 30 years well Titliest brand going back to 90 compression golf balls showing my age yes I know! But for value you can’t go wrong, can’t remember exactly to the penny but I ordered 6 dozen for I believe £114 rings a bell now that’s value. Played golf for 45 years and I can’t see much or any difference in ball performance so I’m a fan of the vice pro ball, yes I agree with the slight colour change but at over half the price you can change the ball mid round if needed and your still better off. Also delivery to your home within 5 working days can’t go wrong really, leather golf gloves are also very good quality definitely worth looking at. Keep up the good work really enjoy your videos.

Scott says:

You are forgetting one key factor for choosing what ball, durability! The Pro V1 is exceptionally good at that which justify the price of that ball.

Stephen Ellis says:

Great video captain!

Adam Vlassis says:

I’m hoping the Snell MTB will be compared. My Guerrilla golf ball choice. Loving the videos!

Bob A Booey says:

I found a Vice Pro and played a round with it, nice and just as good as the ProV1x that I normally play. If you go to their website, you have to buy at least five dozen to make it worth the money, comes down to around $26.00 a dozen, not bad.

Jokerx219 says:

Just played the Pro+ for the first time last week, and it’s the only ball I will play again. The performance was spectacular.

kev Barclay says:

Peter. Kevin great feed back keep up the good work. Im using e6soft from Bridgestone. Where can I get the vice balls from.

William Howard says:

Taking price out of it and doing purely ball-against-ball is great.

MigMug says:

“Nine and two-quarters?” Could have just said “nine and a half,” Pete.

Selkirk Trekker says:

I’ve been playing Vice Pro Plus all summer. I bought 5 dozen for around $130 shipped. They are great balls, exceptional spin and distance for the price. My only complaint is durability. I get about 1 round a ball before it’s pretty chewed up. But, that seems to happen with all premium balls

Hobo Joe says:

Great comparison video!

karncis says:

great review Pete. please review the other guerilla balls. ie Snell, jack nicklaus…please also tell ur pal Rick to do more vids on his ball testings too! its disappeared!

Stephen Pruszenski says:

I’ve watched many gorilla ball videos and it seems to me that most, but not all, of them compare quite favorably with the top name brands. Am I correct in thinking this or am I mistaken? I would play most of them in a heartbeat.

Jay Chung says:

Great video Pete. Clearly this comparison was one people were dying to see. A buddy of mine has been using nothing but Vice for 2 yrs now (he even rocks a Vice Scottish flag hat). I definitely can vouch for the performance of these balls and haven’t really seen any discoloration issues. The only minor gripe I have about Vice balls is that you’ve gotta buy like 5 doz at a time to get a significant discount. The balls are great and you’ll eventually go through them all but still, it’s a large chunk of change to throw down at one time.

Julian Roberts says:

Enjoyed this video Pete looking forward to the rest in this series

Joe Plukas says:

Great production!

RelliKtm says:

Love the angles and the way the video flows.. Great job Peter!!

Richard Marsh says:

Is the Snell MTB on your list ?

Brian McCool says:

Been playing the Vice ball now for several months and love, love, love it. I appreciate you not talking about costs, but the price point-performance ‘ratio’ of the Vice is pretty hard to beat for me at the moment.

Drew Gillette says:

Amazing video

Peter Finch Golf says:

For anyone asking why I used the ProV1 as comparison and not the X remember the 2017 ProV1 is the most popular selling ball and spins LESS than the 2017 ProV1x, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY
The comparison/review is not to show which one is better (because my impacts will not be different than yours, and yours will different to someone else etc) but to give an impression of how the guerrilla balls compare to the market leader. There will also be a video coming where I reveal the prices. In this series I tested three guerrilla balls initially.

mArsch Hans says:

@pete did you tested several balls or just this sleve?

metamurph says:

They are great balls and the price especially in bulk is awesome. Service is great. While I have new custom fit titleist irons…they will probably be hitting vice balls quite regularly.

Julian St. Pierre says:

Cut Golf next!

TheRealChetManley says:

Great balls…been using them for a few weeks

Matthew Priestley says:

Thank you so much for conducting this test. I’m a Brit who now lives in the US so not only is it wonderful to hear a familiar accent, the increased spin off the driver with this ball means I can play the M1 440. Previously my spin was too low to use the M1. I appreciate I am out of the ordinary but I tried all the premium balls to no avail. I can also confirm the Vice Pro+ is only very slightly behind the ProV1 for me with a 6 iron and for $25 a dozen when you order 5 dozen, a total no brainer.

If you get a chance, it could be fun to try the Honma 6 piece TW-G6

LR7 skillz says:

Can u do a putting competition that you r only allowed to box the putt

Tim Schafer says:

Peter Finch Golf. Can you please tell us if you experienced excessive wear/tear with the Vice Pro+ Ball? There have been comments made that they wear out fairly quickly, thus keeping me on the fence with purchasing. Possible 25 shot durability test your partner in crime (Rick) does with his golf ball reviews would work for me. Thank you for your time. Fully enjoy yours and Rick’s youtube content.

enluzenment says:

Wow. Production value is aces! Very impressive, thats someone putting the extra effort to separate themselves from the herd of people now doing reviews on launch monitors. Respect.

Brad Newman says:

Tasty production value! Well played Mr Finch, quality content.

jjoeyj83 says:

Interesting that you used the vice pro plus against the prov1. The pro plus is comparable to the v1 while the pro plus is comparable to the v1x. So essentially, you used pro v’s highest spinning premium ball against vice’s lower one and got identical numbers. Also, the vice pro plus is a much harder golf ball than the pro and is marketed as such.

Dylan's Outdoor World says:

New camera? Or editing software?

Johnny Penso says:

At 56 I’ve finally got my game to a place where I think it’s worthwhile for me to play a premium ball. I’ve got some Callaway Chrome Softs and some ProV1’s and a couple of other premium balls and like them all. Found a Vice Pro Soft the other day and played it for nine today. Distance was the same as the other balls and it held the greens well, even my 6 hybrid out of the rough hit and stuck within 4 feet. GW to 7 iron out of the fairway hit and stuck within a foot or so. Can’t speak to the durability of the ball since I only played it for nine but otherwise it’s a very good ball and a good replacement for the tour grade balls IMO.

Gavin TK says:

I like the channel and your content Pete but I think it’s a little disingenuous to say I haven’t looked at the price of the Vice golf ball… I don’t want it to impact my thoughts on the product.
These balls have been around a while and anyone who is half the tech head you are has pretty good idea of the price… I just can’t believe you wouldn’t know? maybe not to the cent but a couple quid either way wouldn’t be a big ask of you surely.
There may be some lesser known balls out there where this statement would ring true, Barrys little whites made in a garage in Timbukto and sent in blind… i get that.
Vice, Snell and maybe Forte are the internet-based ball manufacturers most would recognize, even I have checked them all out at some and have a pretty fair idea of what to expect in $$ charged.

Bennett W says:

Pete, can you do a TP5 vs Pro V1 test?

Joel Hassell says:

I currently play the Vice Pro Plus balls, and I am a pretty big fan. My two complaints about the ball, it does tend to turn off-white quickly, and the durability is not up to the same level as the ProV series. But overall, price and performance is tough to beat.

Dan Wood says:

At $25 a dozen, it’s a no brainer. I play them and they’re great.

Kevin Schlegel says:

Try reviewing Snell. I play the Snell MTB and really like it. In my experience it has a little more distance off the tee than a ProV but has a little less check up on the green. Definitely like your reviewing these types of balls. If more people start using them the big guys will have to lower their prices.

Luis Ramirez says:

Great test!

Chad Allon says:

Wow the balls have that much of an effect on distance ? I have been playing for around 6 months and didn’t know there could be such a variance just from ball technology! Interesting!

dg says:

9 and 2 quarters, is that a thing??? lol, aye its 9 1/2

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