Vice Golf Ball Review, as good as a Titleist Pro V1?

Vice Golf Ball Review, as good as a Titleist Pro V1? Today we find out if the claims by a relatively small company compared to the likes of Titleist as true. They state that their balls compare directly with the leading manufactures but at a price point that is affordable for everyone.
Testing in closed data conditions by using what most people understand the most accurate indoor launch monitor available, Foresight Sports GC2.

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Philip Bennett says:

I moved to the Vice Pro + from the Titleist Pro V1x last season, I cannot tell the difference, they perform the same to me. The only thing I did see was that the Vice lost its brilliant white colour quicker, but at the price they are, a new one every two rounds is neither here nor there.

I suppose, if you can get twice as many rounds out of a Titleist than the Vice, then cost would work out the same, unless you lose a lot of balls, the playing Titleist would be expensive, but in my opinion, the Vice lasted about 3 rounds before I would look to change it out because of the colour.

Nice review.

Joe Blow says:

should not be suprised a prov1 cost about 3 dollars a dozen to make the rest is research and marketing. Vice has less research because they are copying a successful product. Their marketing is minimal compared to titleist and we get a great price. They are also selling direct so no middle man.

RyanADillon says:

All the comments a player should make are on feel. All other stats should be done with a swing robot. There are too many inconsistencies in strike to say what the ball is responsible for producing.

Björn Eriksson says:

I played the PRO in 2014 and 2015. But 2016 I moved over to Pro V1’s again, just because it’s not available in stores.

I really like the PRO, did find it carrying a bit further than the V1’s but not much, but the V1’s was more durable. The Vice was really messy after about 12-18 holes, that you “needed” to replace it. (if you didn’t find a water hazard before :P)

Jeremy Reeves says:

Great video, great to see the data behind the comparison. I play the Vice Pro Plus and can’t tell the difference between them.

Eddy Brand says:

The pro plus ball is fantastic long even on mis hits.

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

Another great review Jay. I’m currently gaming the Chrome Soft, Truvis (RED/WHITE). I get them for around $29 on sale here in the states. This is an outstanding performer for me and feels like cotton off the face around the greens.

matsgurkgunnarsson says:

The Vice Pro are truly just as good as Pro V1, if not even better. Been playing them a couple of months now and am super happy with the performance. Hcp 6.

Jeffrey Crisp says:

Could you please do a review of the MG golf balls , Thanks 🙂

Bob A Booey says:

After the Kirkland craze, I figured someone would come out with something like this. I looked at the Vice web site, and they’re not that cheap, $34.00 U.S. for a dozen Plus balls. You have to buy five dozen to get a 50% discount. Where I’m at, I can get the Bridgestone 330R or the Callaway Chrome Soft for $38.00 a dozen. You can also get last years Pro v for $38.00. I personally don’t want to invest in five dozen golf balls if I’ve never tried them. If they want to get their ball out to the public, send out a one or two ball sampler pack before we bite off on the five dozen purchase. Damn, I really wish I would have jumped on the Kirkland train when I had the chance.

Wei-Yu Chen says:

Good review thanks. I am just wondering where the Vice golf ball are made? Could be a factor for the cheaper price. I have been using Srixon Z-Star over here in Australia because they are the cheapest premium balls $37.50 a dozen but Made in Indonesia. Where as Vice Pro over here is $40.20 (5 dozen price). Titleist Pro V1 is $60 a dozen but always made in USA. Chrome Soft $49 made in USA too. Bridgestone B330 series $49 made in Japan. We also have this Australia only version of Vice called Forte golf who has the same price and style. The only difference is they have a 6 piece golf ball but their Pro V1 version is also $40.99 if you buy a few dozen.

Mike Nickel says:

Can you do a comparison of a 6 piece ball like Maxfli U6 against a 2,3,or 4 piece.

Matthew West says:

I like the pro ball too, as for durability imo they’re great, only negative is I find they can discolour on course, turning a bit dull or yellow almost. Far too many positives to outweigh that as you’ve pointed out though.

Nathan Jones says:

Thanks for a honest review and taken together with other reviews I’ve seen these balls look to be the real deal. I’m going to get some , just one thing you forgot to mention these are bought direct from the Manufacturer in Germany.

Stephen Harte says:

I’ve played Vice Pro for 2 years now. They’re great and a fantastic price. The Pro seem to be out of stock so I’ve bought some of the new Pro Soft. I’ve only managed 8 holes with them so far. They are exactly that in feel – butter soft, yet long. Driver distance very good. Iron/wedge/chip play I see no outcome difference but feel is how I like it – soft. Only noticeable difference for me so far has been with the putter – I’ve left a few short, so it seems I need to use a bit more pace.

Only other notable difference with the neon (my preferred ball) is its a Matt finish in Pro Soft. Unusual at first but actually no difference in visibility and I don’t find it off-putting. I’m playing 18 holes today so I’ll get a better idea re: all round shots and durability

D Seo says:

Nice thorough and honest review Jay. Enjoying your content.

John Glover says:

A very interesting review not tried the Vice ball as yet but have a few friends who have and they all rave about how good they are I really must give them a go …!, Keep up the good work.

Anthony Merza says:

great review! I’m interested in the Vice balls, especially if you can get a urethane cover in Red. Thanks for the review! I think I’m going to buy them when the Pros come out it Red!

mikseymono1 says:

Just been trying out the Vice Pro Plus based on your review…………..bought a few on Amazon and Ebay…….just amazing….they definately go further with the drive..maybe another 5m…and certainly spin better. They do seem to discolour a bit, but if I am lucky I would use one ball for two rounds before it finds it’s own little hidy hole on the course

 I used to play the AD333 Tour…now I am all Vice and looking to get a bumper pack by the end of the year.

Thank you!

Geordie Sancaster says:

Great test, I’ve also tested the vice pro and found no difference from the pro v hence I bought 6 dozen at half the cost of the pro v I’m a single figure handicap player category 1 and I recommend golfers do test these out and change ball if the results show the same result as they did for me, I think golfers playing premium balls over over the last 10/20 years have been ripped off compared to the vice ball. Go and buy some you just can’t go wrong and if you lose one ball on the course get another brand new vice out and your still not paying more than 1 pro v. Point taken I think?

Alan Connor says:

I would like to see a test of the NASSAU Quattro which by all accounts is the Costco signature ball.

Daniel Traverso says:

Ok so zero reason to play pro v1 any more, still hard to believe but I’m for sure going to give them a try

Usee says:

Thank you very much for the elaborate test and honest findings.
Could you please tell me, whether the Vice pro+ spins considerably less, than the Vice pro?

John Turner says:

Nice piece and I completely agree. I’ve been playing Vice Pro and Vice Pro Neon (during winter) for about 2 years now. No reason to buy any other ball


It is just as good. First birdie of the season yesterday with it

Lewis Williams says:

Great video golfnut! Only last summer broke the 100 mark and only last week broke the 90 mark. Urethane cover is non negotiable now I know and see the differences. Liked the chrome soft balls but came across the srixon ad333 tour balls and at £39 for 24 was the best in terms of performance and cost. Have you ever tested them? Was looking at Vice and undecided whether pro or pro plus is the one for me. Prefer a softer feel so probably pro. Thanks for the in depth video.

Keith Newton says:

I’ve been playing vice pro for a year and found no difference in performance at all, but I do agree they are slightly less durable and discolour a bit more than a pro v 1, having said that I played one ball for 4 rounds and shot 5 over on its last round. At £23 a dozen you cannot possibly go wrong

David Malesky says:

Excellent and comprehensive review. I will try these balls as soon as the snow melts.

Matthew Johnson says:

I think it’s like anything. Your paying just for a name. At one point and time scott Cameron couldn’t get anyone to buy his putter now everyone has to have one.

Ken Prince says:

I see you have an Explanar training device. Do you have a video describing how to get the most out of using it? I have access to one at my club.

Dan Moore says:

I have a couple of dozen of the tour that I will be using this week in the Dominican Republic. I will check back in after I play with them. I usually play chrome soft. It seems that golf balls are the hot item this off season. Keep up the good work.

MrBellorofon says:

Great review! Been using Vice Pro since last season, it´s great. Time for the other manufacturers to watch out, otherwise they gonna loose a lot of marketshares.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Were you using the 2016 or 2017 versions of the Titleist ProV1/V1X for this test? Not that there would be that much difference I suspect, but just a matter of interest? I for one, would like to see the comparison you have done for the Vice Pro + and Pro V1X if you could please? I’ve been thinking of getting some of these Vice balls for a while now, and this is close to confirming that I really need to get some!

tom says:

I love my Vice Pros. The only Thing i noticed: When you get in the sand or Play on sandy ground, they get a bit mor scratches on the Surface than ProV 1s. But as Long as i can buy 2 Pros for the Money one Titleist costs, I will definitly stay with vice. Also, I will loose balls to water every now and then (hcp 7, but there are lakes on 15 of 18 holes on the course i Play most)

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