Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying Golf Balls

What are the Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying Golf Balls? Golf balls for high handicaps? Golf balls for low handicaps? Golf balls for off the tee? Golf balls for around the green? In this video I go through my top 10 buying tips when your spending money on golf balls.


WilliamBjerno says:

I am playing Wilson Staff DX2 (Junior 13 years 18 hcp)

Chris Crabtree says:

Just moved onto those TP5x they seem pretty good so far

John Circeo says:

Pro v1 tried them all that is the best for me

James RB says:

I bought 6 dozen of Nike RZN platinum when the price dropped to £17 a dozen £1.40 a ball bargain especially when you lose a few 🙂 🙂

Daniel Silva says:

I’ve tried to get fitted but the pros I’ve asked said just to play with the balls around the greens and see which one feels better, I currently have a the chrome soft and srixon z star they both seem to be ok but I always have the doubt of not knowing what’s a good ball for me


Chrome soft, great spin and I prefer yellow. Will try Vice pro soft soon ,

Adam France says:

Great vid, I use callaway chrome soft on nice days and the yellow and black truvis on dull days, best ball I’ve played. Got some new Bridgestone to try out though

John Whiskin says:

Good vid with excellent points. I had a ball fitting with my pro early this year and narrowed it down to the old chrome soft and pro v1 on performance. He recommended the CS purely due to price difference. Tried the new CS when they came out but don’t like the feel of it at all, so now playing Pro V1.

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

I played the ProV1x for years. But when I was fitted for my 917 D2 almost 2 years ago they had ProV1 in the bay. We spent so much time getting the driver right with that ball that I made the switch to try to get those numbers on the course.

Over the last month I’ve come to realize that X Type balls suit me better because getting height and spin are not a problem for me.

I’m now gaming ProV1x and TP5x depending on wind conditions. The more windy the day, the more likely I am to play the TP5x. On normal to low wind days it’s the ProV1x all the way for me.

Chris W says:

I used Srixon Ad333 until recently I have switched to Callaway Warbird 3s as I like the soft feel around the greens.

Back to your comment on buying cheap balls for beginners, they should buy Dunlops from Sports Direct. A box of 12 is about a fiver I think

Jonathan Lee says:

Just played my first round with Bridgestone Tour B330S and OMG they were amazing, driving, irons and chipping were great

Naga Service Lee says:

I definitely think that Honma 6 layer golf balls is so worth it on a good day. Lol

hbyrdut says:

I play the Srixon Z Star XV Tour Yellow and I have no plans on switching. Its long, durable and spins well on the greens. And yes my 55 year old eyes can see it better.

Mark Sheehan says:

I play the chrome soft normal and find it excellent re feel/durability/price but was thinking of trying out the TP5 normal

matthew hill says:


bdd700 says:

15 Handicap, I play the Srixon Q-Star Tour. Works great for me.

Paul Curotto says:

Hi James,
I’m a high handicapper but Srixon ultisoft have become my favourite ball. They are straight off the tee and soft around the greens.

DirtyDerds says:

Snell MTB Red. Love them. Long off the Driver and get great spin near the greens, and doesn’t break the bank.

Robert Salazar says:

Excellent topic. 1 thru 4 are the most important but I do feel 3 and 4 make the most sense around the green vs distance great review

M Salzberg says:

Very good video; lots of good advice. 12 handicap, currently trying Snell balls. I find the Red has too much spin (fades turn to slices very quickly), but I like the Black. I like the Pro V’s, but, as you say, I can’t justify US$4 / ball. I tried the Titleist Tour Soft, but its cover is not durable (three of the first balls I used got chips – like an extra dimple – all in one round. Basically, 6 holes per ball!). I’ve also used (and like) the Bridgestone e6.

Mil Sneler says:

Srixon z-xv

Tumbleweed Adventures says:

ive never paid for a golf ball but when i have to go find mine by the river i tend to come back with a few in my pocket:) been liking the super soft callaways and the bridgestone b2.

Brad Moulden says:

I find Taylormade Project a are the best ball for my game, 18 handicap. Must be popular ball as keep getting more expensive unfortunately.

allo cromeau says:

Taylormade tour preferred x 2014
But i like pro v1 too….but way too pricey

Thomas Szwaja says:

Comparing $500 drivers, getting fitted for a golf ball….it may be time for me to move on, James. This is all clearly out of my league. It’s not you; it’s me. It has been fun, but I think it’s over. See ya.

Jim Beel says:

You are correct in what you say. I tend use soft balls on a links course and a harder ball for a parkland course.

Rich T Auto Repair says:

pro v 1 expensive but like the quality

Jaesung83 says:

Taylormade tp5

Stephen Shiels says:

I started to use Titliest AVX from TP5x. They go just as far and more durable. Im off a 10 handicap with Titliest 716 MB

David Boddy says:

Great video full of useful info and common sense, well presented, like all your content, really enjoying this style about drivers irons wedges etc, keep up the good work, also your comments about the yellow balls is spot on, I struggle seeing my ball and others in flight and in the rough at times and have pretty much gone to the yellow all the time, makes life a tad easier, cheers mate 🙂

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